Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Smarter flyer, I am

Smarter flyer, I am.

How many of us actually pay attention to the air steward/stewardess (unless they're pretty and handsome) when they do the safety briefing? How many of us will actually know how to operate the aircraft door in case of emergency and the cabin crew is not available? How many of us actually know how it feels like being in pitch dark environment filled with smoke?

I had the privilege of experiencing this today through the MAS smart flyer safety training. It was well worth spending the whole day at the MAS training academy.

The day started with a couple of hours of classroom training where we were briefed on all the safety precautions on board. We were then ushered to a room where we got the chance to perform CPR. Do you know the 5 basic steps of CPR? Just remember DR ABC.
D- Danger : make sure that you and victim are not near any danger
R- Respond : call and tap on shoulders of victim - if there is no respond, immediately call for help
A- Airway : Tilt chin back, push forehead, check for breathing
B- Breathing : Pinch nose, maintain head tilt, give two full breath
C- Circulation : Place one heel of hand in the middle of the chest, lock hands and give 30 check compressions

After CPR, we head down to the 'smoke' house. This is where we got the chance to extinguish fire. Two very important things to remember - aim at the base of the fire and do not hold the gas cylinder as you risk getting your hands frozen. After the 'hot' session, we then have to find our way out through pitch black and smoke.

The most interesting and fun part is jumping out of the aircraft. Yes, with the inflatable slide of course. We were taught on how to open the door in case of emergency. And then jumping out. It was really scary looking down the slide but after a couple of times, it is fun! Well, of course, you do not want to be in a real situation where you have to actually do the slide.

Last session is the swimming drill. We learnt how to inflate the life jacket, how to stay warm in a group in the water and how to attract attention when rescuer are near.

It was a very good training (with our pretty and ever so funny trainers) but of course, I hope I will not be in the situation where I have to apply what I have learnt. After all, they say flying is the safest mode of transportation. :P

Sunday, December 04, 2011


DECEMBER. My favourite month of the year.
Christmas songs playing, malls decorated elaborately for the occasion, people going on long leave, school holidays, which means less jam during peak hours. 
How time flies! I felt like it was only yesterday that I stepped into year 2011. It has been a fruitful and exciting year. I am feeling melancholic eventhough there's still a month left of this year.
It's still early in the month of December but I feel like writing about what a great year it has been. Blogging doesn't come easy nowadays. Maybe it's the lack of time or it's just plain lazy.
2011 - I travelled a lot this year. On and off to Melbourne, to some cuti-cuti Malaysia locations and to New Zealand (twice!) which I had the best holiday there, so far. Sad to say, the excitement of travelling alone is not there anymore. The adventurous me is dying! :( I still love travelling and exploring new places, just that I crave companionship.
Workwise, it has been a challenging year. Completed a project life cycle! yay! Nothing to feel excited about actually. It's a never ending learning process. Ups and downs, feeling motivated at times and feeling so low at another, I feel like giving up. Well, new year, new projects, new challenges. Hopefully, I will survive another year. 
On a personal note, big plans in store for next year. And I don't even know if I am ready for it, honestly. It's just a very mixed up feeling that I can't explain. I just let nature takes it's course...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


愛是永恆- 張學友

It's a little too early but can't help it!


Saturday, October 29, 2011


As I sat at the waterfront, enjoying a freshly baked bagel, I can't help but feeling lonely. As joggers and people walked pass with their dogs (cute dogs alert!), I am secretly hoping that I have someone beside me to share the view.
I am washed up with emotions these few days. Maybe because of the too much 'me' time. I've been over thinking. I don't know what's wrong with me. I should be excited about being in a new place, exploring it. I still enjoy it but I wish that I can share it.
I've been wandering around the city and walking for 4 hours non stop at one point, soaking in the culture and enjoying the breeze, well strong wind to be exact. It's always a passion of mine to explore and I used to love doing it alone but it's not the case anymore now.
Well, maybe age is really catching up.

Enjoy your weekend everyone....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Real deal

I'm not sure if it's the aircond in the cinema or it's the great ending to the movie that gave me goosebumps. But I would recommend and give 2 thumbs up for it.
To be honest, I watched it because of Hugh Jackman. But Dakota Goyo steals the show (but Hugh is still yummylicious). Dakota plays Hugh's son in the movie. Initially, I thought that it'll be only another movie with machines and technology but I was wrong. The movie touches the heart and almost made me cry at certain scenes.
I'm not going to spoil the movie any further. Go watch it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nasi Lemak 3.0

I've always like nasi lemak. I know I's fattening but it's not too much to eat it at least once a month, right?
My mum can cook a kick-ass nasi lemak. I still remember when I was a very young kid, she used to open a stall selling nasi lemak but unfortunately, it was not successful because she didn't apply for a license, thus, always have to be on the 'run'.
Last weekend, I managed to coax my mum to teach me how to make her kick-ass nasi lemak.
My mum is a firm believer that making it the traditional way - no using the ready made chilli boh and no blender. So, I have to manually grind everything *muscle sore*...
 This is the first time I heard of buah keras (candlenut). It's suppose to make your sambal thicker.
I'm not going to do a step by step (come to my house and I'll teach you!). And this is the finished product! It was hard work but worth all the effort.
Not bad for a first timer, right? (of course with mum's supervision, nothing can go wrong).

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Il Divo - Amazing Grace

Saw a friend posting this in FB. My favourite gospel. Just so beautiful.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Moo moo

I'm a beef person. As much as I love pork, if given a choice, I would definitely choose beef.
Shame to say, as much as I love it, I barely know much about the different cuts of beef except the famous few like sirloin or t-bone. Nor do I know what's the different between normal beef with angus or wagyu.
And so, after the enligthening in NZ where I got to see a real angus beef, I want to learn more. And so Google I did.

For the description of the different parts, please go to:

And what's the difference between wagyu/kobe and angus? The latter is found mostly in US and AU and has lower fat in the meat.

And so as a summary, order porterhouse/sirloin or filet mignon next time you crave for a steak. They're the most tender and also burns a hole in your pocket.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekend no enough

Weekend is never enough for me. After work on Friday night right up till Sunday night, feels like just a few hours for me. Like my dear always says, it would be nice to have a 2 work day and 5 rest day policy.
Saturday started early for me, as usual. Went for a morning jog. Feels good to sweat it out.
Breakfast was at Hutong Lot 10. I live the BBQ pork and duck. And the Ice Kacang too!
We went to watch Wu Xia. The story line is a bit slow at the beginning but it's a unique storyline nonetheless. I am attracted to Takeshi's character. Yet again, Donnie Yen portrays a family man who tries to stay out of trouble but trouble wont leave him alone. I like the movie. (and I secretly fantasize of Donnie Yen as a perfect husband-though he's not that handsome, he just gives me a sense of security).
 That evening, we finally met up for a game of badminton after talking about it for ages. It's funny because as we enter the hall, there are many pro players around and we wanted the corner court so that we'll not be the laughing stock! It was an hour of fun, laughter and sweat. Love it. (I guess the girls was angry after being 'attacked', hence the angry bird photo below.)
Sunday was grocery shopping day! Things are getting more expensive nowadays. Barely a few items costs above RM100. Sigh.
Since I missed all the durians in the office, I got a treat to 'Eat all you can' (eg. stuff yourself as much as durian until you puke).
And coffee after a 'durian' session is not recommended! I can feel my tummy starting to bloat and immediately upon entering the house, I have to spend some time in the toilet.
 Sunday night ended perfectly with dinner with a view.
You see now why weekend is never enough?

Saturday, August 06, 2011


A friend sent me a personality test. There are nine pictures in the email and I need to choose the picture that is most appealing to me. And this is my result. 
You come to grips more frequently and thoroughly with yourself and your environment than do most people. You detest superficiality; you'd rather be alone than have to suffer through small talk. But your relationships with your friends are highly intensive, which gives you the inner tranquility and harmony that you need in order to feel good. However it is no problem for you to be alone for extended periods of time, without becoming bored.

I think the result is accurate.

Monday, July 25, 2011

"'Til I Hear You Sing" [Taken from Love Never Dies]

Captivated by this song.

The day starts, the day ends
Time crawls by
Night steals in, pacing the floor
The moments creep,
Yet I can’t bear to sleep
Till I hear you sing

And weeks pass, and months pass
Seasons fly
Still you don’t walk through the door
And in a haze
I count the silent days
Till I hear you sing once more.

And sometimes at night time
I dream that you are there
But wake holding nothing but the empty air

And years come, and years go
Time runs dry
Still I ache down to the core
My broken soul
Can’t be alive and whole
Till I hear you sing once more

And music, your music
It teases at my ear
I turn and it fades away and you’re not here

Let hopes pass, let dreams pass
Let them die
Without you, what are they for?
I’ll always feel
No more than halfway real
Till I hear you sing once more

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Improvement please!

Since my bro in law had the operation, I have been driving on and off to work as my sister car pools with me in the morning and sometimes after work. I park near the MAB. It's about 10-15 minutes away from my office.
So, from my car to office, I need to walk through the bus/taxi pick up/drop off point in KL Sentral.
Now, I am not sure how many of you have been there. Walking through it daily, I just feel that someone should make that place more presentable. It's the hub for transportation in KL, for God's sake.
1. There is only ONE escalator going up and ONE staircase going down. So if the escalator malfunction, people will need to climb up the stairs. Imagine if you have a 15kg luggage with you. Now, imagine if you have TWO 15kg luggage with you. Or imagine people with physical disability.
2. Fine. If you have TWO luggage, you think you can just take the elevator. There is only ONE elevator and it's small, smelly and dark. And best of all, it has been down for like a month now.
3. OK so there is a signboard saying that porter is available. But of so many times I walked pass, there's no one standing nearby to offer any help.
4. You finally manage to get to the bottom of the staircase, to the sight of rude and loud bus conductor, asking everyone if they are going KLIA/LCCT. Taxis and buses waiting by the roadside, emitting smoke from their stalling vehicles.
5. Then you crossed the road to the other side of the walkway. A SMALL walkway, attempting to dodge people coming from the opposite traffic. Imagine a person, pushing a baby cart or lugging a big suitcase in front of you and you are rushing for time. Good luck on trying to overtake them. Also, it's very inconvenient for the blinds as the raised pathway for them is right in the middle of the small pathway. So everyone has to dodge and avoid bumping into them.
6. Sometimes, the roadside has pools of water, either by the rain or the construction. Better avoid the side of the walkway unless you want to get splashed by the passign taxis and buses. Oh, did I mention that it's poorlit lit as well?
Just hope relevant party will take action to improve the place. It's the first place some tourist see as they arrive from the airport. It's a shame to the country indeed!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Second half

Time flies...
We're already on the 4th day of the second half of the year. Feels like it's just yesterday that I had my year end trip to Taiwan. Still reminiscence the time we spent there.
For the first half of the year, I'm struggling to fit in the new environment, new work challenge, new colleagues and new culture. It's been an eye opener and what I've learnt is - to say no at the right time. There were times when I feel down and demotivated but I've always manage to kick myself out of it. But then after some time, it happens again.
I think it's a cycle. Sigh...

So anyway, these few days were pretty interesting. I've learn something new about somebody (eventhough I've known this person for few years now) and it changed my perception towards that person (positively).
I went to a Spa in Aman Suria and gosh, it was an experience...It's not recommended at all. I shall not speak about it more. Who knows I might get sued (you know with bloggers being sued over their bad remarks on food, etc).
Met up with some ex-colleagues last Saturday. It's always good to talk about old times.

At night, the gang and I decided to go 'ronda-ronda di Putrajaya'. It was not a disappointment. Putrajaya is actually really beautiful at night, with the lightings on the buildings and bridge. Wonder when the government will actually do more to promote it as a tourist attraction.

Sunday was 'Transformers' day. Sad to say, not having enough sleep for two nights in a row, I nearly dozed off in the first half of the show. (or could it be from the full Sakae lunch I had?)

Something funny happened today. I put a RM50 note in the KLIA transit machine and guess what...all my change are in coins...I feel like I hit a jackpot. But luckily, I had it changed to notes at the counter.
So, what have you been up to?
Whatever it is...ENJOY the rest of 2011.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Food review:Lookout Point Western Food

Lookout Point, situated in Ampang, is a place also known as little Genting. 
Situated 300m above sea level, it has a fantastic view of the city and one can enjoy a beautiful sunset with the backdrop of Twin Towers.
There are a few restaurants here but we headed to Western Food because of the voucher we bought. 
I would not say the food is great but it's not too bad either. I guess the view and the yummy-licious carrot milk compensate the rest.
I had Lamb with sausage. The lamb was well marinated but too much fat to my liking. Half of it is wasted because it's too fat.
He had Cordon Bleu which is more expensive and more delicious. Cheese was practically oozing out.
It was a hazy day thus, the view earlier was not too good but it got better after the sunset.
 The place was crowded when we left. So it's better to go early and secure a place for good view. The road going down is poorly lit so be extra careful.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I hate archery

I don't like archery. Period. 
Imagine how ashamed I felt when an aunty next to me (and yes, it's her first time too!), have better on-target hits than mine. My arrows are all over the place.
And by end of the 20 minutes, my arms are sore and I am sweating like mad. It doesn help when my partner has a few bulleyes and I have none. Hmmmppphhh!! ><
The trainer said I didn't pull the string tight enough. The more I tried, the less energy I have. And the more I aim, the more off target I have.

So that's it. I don't like archery. Period.

Friday, June 03, 2011

As usual

As I sat here, time approximately 7.25am, I'm surrounded by peacefulness. One look across the floor, I can only see one or two early birds like me. Not many people bustling around, no phone ringing, no keyboard typing sound.
The cleaner lady is vacuuming while humming a song. She's always so cheerful despite the hard work that she's doing.
In a few minutes, after my cup of morning coffee, I will be starting my 'hard work' too. Not physically demanding, yet, mentally exhausting.
Sigh, I know I should not be complaining as there are many out there in a worse position than me. But yet, I need to vent it out sometimes. The only way to help me stay focused is to think about the things I like to do. Traveling and photography, food and blogging, reading a good book while listening to Lee Hom. Those are a few of my favorite things.
Day in , day out, work is beginning to be so 'as usual'. I need something to put me at the edge, something to excite me again. I've been involving myself with the company's newsletter team and also putting an initiative in a small improvement project. Will this be enough?
I don't know but I know what I don't want to do.
I need courage and I need the support. How do I even start?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Designer phone

If you are filthy rich, and I repeat again, FILTHY rich, how much would you spend on a luxury phone?
Guess the price of the phone above.
It's RM15k above. Yes, you read it right.>RM15,000.
That's the price for the phone above. Don't believe it?
Walk into a Tag Heuer shop and you'll be amused! Even a blardy bluetooth headset costs near to RM1,000.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song this....totally what I need on a Sunday morning

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

battle of the bubble...tea

What's with all the bubble tea shops everywhere nowadays? They're growing like mushroom after the rain.
With Chatime and Gong Cha from Taiwan, you can see people lining up to get their share of the drink. While Chatime has a lot more choices compared to Gong Cha, I still prefer the latter.
From the way they make the drink-with the milk on top, to the taste - you can actually taste the smooth milk combined with the refreshing strong taste of the tea. Chatime is a bit too normal. I discover Gong Cha in Mid Valley Gardens by accident as it's not really located at those prime areas. One should try their signature - green tea as well as winter melon.
So, go get your cup of bubblelicious tea now.

Food review:Celcius, Fahrenheit 88

Celcius is a restaurant + bar. Located in the middle of the golden triangle, it's a crowded bar at night. But during the day, it was quite a quiet restaurant.
Food served are not that bad but they are not excellent also. We bought the MyDeal voucher, so it ain't that expensive. But if I were to spent on the normal price for the food, I'll think twice. Here's what we had (if I remembered correctly):
Crispy royal romaine tossed in Caesar dressing topped with garlic crouton, crispy beef bacon, boiled egg and shaved parmagiano
Creamy wild array of porcini, girolles and portobello with shaved parmagiano and pesto oil
Chargrilled chicken breast with honey mustard, roasted vegetable skewers with balsamic vinaigrette and mashed potato
Crispy battered fish fillet served with steak fries, chick pea cur-sal and tartar sauce
 Hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Mango flavoured custard with caramelised sugar

Monday, May 23, 2011

where to next year?

at least AA now has an option to save friends' details in a list. especially useful for us. Agree, girls? we dont need to blarrdddyyy key in everything again if the booking didn't go through or time out.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Good and Bad

Quote of the day:
I would rather do the right thing and be cursed than do the popular but wrong thing and be applauded ~ Tun Hussein Onn, third Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There's good news and there's bad news. Good news is I won't be traveling in June due to project testing delayed, bad news  is I wont be able to see Melbourne in Autumn (well at least the end of autumn)...
I've been there in summer, will be there in Winter and spring, so the only season I missed out is autumn...:(
I love autumn, though I've not actually experienced it. Falling leaves which sets the perfect scenery for some photography shots and the cool weather (not too cold). Sigh...
 Photo: Craig Abraham
And I am going to be away this year on someone's birthday in August. *sob*
Well, on the bright side, I'm expecting my new toy this Saturday. Any guesses what it'll be?
*hint:I have the talent but don't have the right tool*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


No prize for guessing who's the producers for this movie...

Post Towerthon

Results are out. I scored a 37.08 mins. Not bad eh? But not great either. At least I don't have muscle pain the next day.
This is my 2nd Towerthon and 3rd time scaling up KL Tower. The second time was the most memorable. It was unexpected as it was a challenge in one of the treasure hunt I joined. We were quite shocked when we're asked to climb the 2058 steps of the tower to get our clues.
Anyway, one thing I realized about Malaysia - we are so poor in crowd control. We waited soooooo looooooonggggg to come down after the race, even longer than actually going up the stairs. That aside, we were being pushed into the lifts. No queues, no authority to control the crowd, no civilization. Imagine hot, sweating bodies, pushing at each other, waiting for the supposedly 4 lifts (which 1 malfunctioned) for easily half an hour.
It was bad. We should have just taken the staircase (which was only open up after they realized that the crowd is out of control).
Sigh, so another Towerthon for me next year? After the bad experience, maybe not.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

eat, poo, eat, poo

Me:The slimming specialist said that a healthy person should shit as many times as he/she eats a day. For example, if I eat three meals, I should be shitting three times a day. If this is not the case, it means my body needs detoxification.

Mum:Then that healthy person must be very busy everyday. Eat, then shit, eat again, shit again.


But true also...Makes sense.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Did you know that elephants often have this rhythmical behaviour of moving/swaying their head and body from side to side? We noticed that during the trip tp KK. It was fun watching them do that. This is apparently a comon behaviour called weaving.
From this source, weaving is often displayed by elephants in captivity. The elephants in the wild are preocupied with daily survival that they do not have time to develop this behaviour.
Why do elephants weave? If its movement is being restricted, an elephant may weave until it reached its goal, eg. getting physical contact with another elephant. Elephant in zoos/circus lack everyday challenges in the jungle, therefore, they might develop this behaviour also.
Talking about elephants, fans of Robert Pattinson will be thrilled that his movie will be out soon. The name of the movie - Water for Elephants...(-_-"). Well, at least no more heavy makeup for him.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You've grown

Look how big you've grown....
Kitty then...
Full grown adult now...but yet still playful as ever... 
And newest addition to the family- your second batch of brothers and sisters... 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting is a long process

I hate waiting and I hate going to the hospital. I bet every patient here will ask the same question, 'Why me?'. When I was admitted last time for the cyst on my wrist, it was a minor surgery. And yet, I hate the feeling of waking up after the anesthetic. Made me dizzy and nausea.
I can't imagine how my brother in law feels like now. He just had another operation as he has fluid in his lungs. That's the cause of his irregular heartbeat and breathing difficulties yesterday night. He's still in the ICU as of now. I am sure he has the same question - of all people, why him? No one can provide the answer.

I've already accepted the fact that life is unfair. But like the famous saying goes, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it. I'm sure he will recover and live another ha;f decade more, at least.
We can't imagine the pain that he's gone through. The best we can do is just to be positive. I hope he will too. A positive mentality really helps.

Nothing is more important than health

I hugged my sister yesterday. I cannot recall the last time I did. Or if I ever did.
My brother in law (BIL) was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday. He was having some breathing problem two days before that led him to do a check-up. The specialist admitted him on the day of check-up itself. They found that his right artery was blocked.
Doing a 'balloon' process is not possible. The only option is a bypass. So, the operation was on Monday and it went successfully. They took his leg's vein for the bypass. This is a common procedure. To know more about it, refer to:
And so, after the operation, his condition was good. He soon can sit up and eat solid food. We were very positive and happy to see hom recovering so fast.
But yesterday, he was transferred to normal ward from ICU. We went to visit him and was surprised to see his pale face. His heartby is very irregular and he is having difficulty breathing. They have to give him another bag of blood and air mask. He's not having appetite to eat and drink.
It is heart wrenching watching him. And my sis cried as she's too worried. I know how it feels. Watching the person you love suffering and you cannot do anything much to help.
The other day, my sister mentioned that she has take up the responsibilities that were handled by my bro in law previously. Tasks like paying the bills, maintenance fees or fixing the leaking pipe in their house. I know she misses him.
The last I heard this morning, he vomited few times. Is this normal after the procedure? He was sweating cold sweat from time to time. I just can hope and pray he will be ok.
To the rest of us, do take care of what you eat. And most importantly, find time to exercise. It might not 100% guarantee that you will be healthy but it is at least a prevention. Nothing is more important than health. We might think that money is more important now, but if you are sick, lying on the hospital bed, no amount of money make you feel better. And also, buy medical insurance.

Milky Straw

Saw this in Melbourne and could not resist the temptation to buy it.
It comes in a variety of flavour. Strong flavour but too sweet for my liking. Still, it's something unique.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I gave my mum a scare the other day. It was on the plane ride back from KK. Extremely exhausted, I fell asleep as soon as the plane took off. Not long after, I felt dryness in my nose. I rubbed it a bit and felt liquid dripping out. I thought I caught flu. When I look at my hand, it was covered with blood!
Blood keeps dripping out and lucky me, I have tissue just conveniently located in my handbag. I called out to my mum, who was also sleeping at that time and she was shocked. I used up few pieces of tissue. And thankfully the bleeding stop. I didn't know that I should not tilt my head backwards. I should have just apply pressure on nose.

Did a little googling (from Wikipedia) and here's something about nose bleed.

Epistaxis (from Greek ἐπιστάζω (epistazo) to bleed from the nose: ἐπί (epi) - "above", "over" + στάζω (stazo) - "to drip" [from the nostrils]) or a nosebleed is the relatively common occurrence of hemorrhage from the nose, usually noticed when the blood drains out through the nostrils. There are two types: anterior (the most common), and posterior (less common, more likely to require medical attention).

The causes of nosebleeds can generally be divided into two categories, local and systemic factors, although it should be remembered that a significant number of nosebleeds occur with no obvious cause.

Local factors
-Blunt trauma (usually a sharp blow to the face such as a punch, sometimes accompanying a nasal fracture)
-Foreign bodies (such as fingers during nose-picking)
-Inflammatory reaction (e.g. acute respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or environmental irritants)
- Anatomical deformities (e.g. septal spurs or Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia)
- Insufflated drugs (particularly cocaine)
- Intranasal tumors (e.g. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma or nasopharyngeal angiofibroma)
- Low relative humidity of inhaled air (particularly during cold winter seasons)
- Nasal cannula O2 (tending to dry the olfactory mucosa)
- Nasal sprays (particularly prolonged or improper use of nasal steroids)
- Otic barotrauma (such as from descent in aircraft or ascent in scuba diving)
- Surgery (e.g. septoplasty and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)
- Leech infestation

Systemic factors
- Allergies
- Infectious diseases (e.g. common cold)
- Hypertension
- Drugs — Aspirin, Fexofenadine/Allegra/Telfast, warfarin, ibuprofen, clopidogrel,prasugrel, isotretinoin, desmopressin, ginseng and others
- Alcohol (due to vasodilation)
- Anaemia
- Connective tissue disease
- Blood dyscrasias
- Envenomation by mambas, taipans, kraits, and death adders
- Heart failure (due to an increase in venous pressure)
- Hematological malignancy
 -Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
- Pregnancy (rare)
- Vascular disorders
- Vitamin C or Vitamin K deficiency
- von Willebrand's disease

I think mine was due to the low humidity of inhaled air. Hope it won't happen to me again or I will just have to wear a black shirt the next time I board a plane.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

bundle of joy

I find myself rushing back home after work nowadays. Rushing home to a bundle of joy....Just before I left for Australia few weeks back, mummy cat gave birth AGAIN. Not that I'm complaining as I have fieve little kitties to play with. Watching them grow day by day is a joy.
For the past week, I've been diligently cleaning them alternate days. They have flea. And cat fleas are not easy to get rid of. Every other day, I have to spray them with anti-flea spray which is mild enough for kittens. Their eyes are infected as well causing them to be red and swollen. I have to clean them with mild antiseptic.
Now, they're beginning to grow into a healthy bunch. They can eat rice. Watching them playfully running here and there, I really feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness.
Soon, I'll have to put them up for adoption. It's not going to be easier this time. I felt so attached to the last batch, it's hard letting them go. But I'm glad they found good owners.
Pics to come soon.
So, anyone wants to adopt a kitten?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

the end is near?

I had a very interesting question thrown at me today. Do I believe the 'End of Days' is coming?

My answer: Yes and no.

Now let me explain.
I do believe that the signs are showing. Mother earth is angry. VERY ANGRY. Whether it's human's fault or not, natural disasters is inevitable. Look at the earthquakes and tsunami recently. Christchurch, China, Japan and the most recent -Myanmar. All within the short span of few mths. Look at the casualties, over 10k of people died in Japan. These are all unpreventable. The radiation in Japan is like rubbing salt to the wound. Man-made disasters. Look at the issues in Egypt. Look at the wars created by human. I did a quick search online and found a few prophecies in the bible on signs that the end is near.
DON'T get me wrong. I do not have the intention to promote anything related to any religions.
Just found the article interesting enough to share.
On the other hand, I believe that we still have a long way to go before the end comes. IF it does (contradicting myself) come...Human can at least TRY to prevent manmade disasters. A nation affected by the wrath can bounce back stronger and with a renewed spirits. Even if the end does come, it might not be for another 100 decades. No one can predict what the future holds.

Lesson of the day:
Treasure all you have today. It might not be the end of the world, but who knows what tomorrow migth bring?
I also learnt a very strong word today. Agnosticism. Google that.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Idiot guide to creating a wholesome sandwich

1. Wash vege (i like a lot of them) and toss with balsamic vinegar
2. Pop meat (i prefer salami than leg ham) in microwave for a few seconds...
3. Toast bread
4. Put a slice of cheese on toasted bread and melt in microwave for a few seconds
5. Cut up a fresh tomato
6. Pile meat, vege, tomato, mayo, dipping sauce, pepper on the toasted bread with melted cheese
7. Dig in
8. Wash it down with yummylicious juice....