Sunday, February 19, 2006

Herb chicken@DOME

Ham and cheese@DOME

Tumeric chicken@DOME

Finger licking good?

Yu Sang- damn nice

Food, food and more food....(mum's dishes-I helped out too)@CNY comment(HiTea@Verandah)


Nice backgrounds...Muahahah (HiTea@Verandah)

Mai...enjoying the fruit tart...i challenged her to eat it up in one bite and i actually lost....:) (HiTea@Verandah)

Never feel alone...

It has been a fun January and February.....With CNY and some outings with the gals....Thanks for always being there when I needed you all....Hope the fun will continue one....Muakkksss....

Great time and not forgetting delicious food. The dessert are delicious.....

2) CNY @ home....
Tradition every year since I can remember...1st day is to my Ku Mah's hse, 2nd day is our open house, 3rd day is for friends and will visit my Kam Poh which is 90+ year old.

3) Mamak session and CNY LoSang with friends....
This year, I've loSang for so many times....So, hope i wish for will come true

4) BTS and DOME
Initially, wanted to go for the rides but i chickened out....Sorry Mai and Su. Anyway, had a great time at DOME.


People change...yes they depends on whether they change to the better or worst. I've been to church last Sunday.Really don't know what prompted me to go. Deep inside, I feel lost and I want a sense of belonging. I do not know where to start and one of the church commitee told me to look for God with all my heart and I will be ok. I hope so. I've wanted to change but sometimes, factors are pulling you back. It really depends on one's courage and determination. I wanted to learn Mandarin and have said that like n years ago but never did learn. I've wanted to learn guitar since college time but never push myself harder to do it. I will complete all these this year. Wish me luck and pray for me.