Thursday, September 27, 2007


Could have finished faster ....

Lust, Caution - anyone?

Malaysia's Censorship Board took 10 minutes off the movie.....*Cry*Cry*
Who can resist watching Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Wang Lee Hom in the same movie? Although Lee Hom's hair is a bit errrrmmm...
So, anyone wanna join me?
More on Ang Lee's latest film here....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bali posting

Hmmm....Friends asked why I have not posted anything on Bali...Maybe no inspiration yet....
We took a lot a lot of funny pictures though....Please do visit Cy's and Andy's postings....When's our next trip??

I love Sunday

It was an interesting Sunday last weekend. Bukit Gasing in the morning....Must try trekking 2 rounds next time....Followed by our dose of breakfast at the local mamak. As usual, it's either roti canai or tosai, Malaysia's favourite breakfast.
Had lunch at Quan's Coffee and Ice Cream house in Pandan Indah. I found a new place to bring you guys next time. The food is not bad at all and the environment is nice. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. We ordered Fried Mee Sua, Buttered Prawn rice (Lai Yao) and Fried Abolone Mushroom. Buttered prawn is yummy....
Then, went all the way to Shah Alam's Xian Leng's Aquarium. Didn't know there's such a big aquarium here...Learnt a few tips of how to spot a good arowana and sting ray, thanks to my personal guide....:P
What intrigued me most are the big fishes like Arapaima Gigas, one of the biggest freshwater fish and the Mekong catfish. I have seen Arapaima before and is still very fascinated by it.


Giant Mekong catfish

Friday, September 21, 2007

Movies and movies....

Movies I've watched these few months....(actually, no idea why I am posting this)

Harry Potter (Luckily, it's not a 3-hour show)
Die Hard (Bruce Willis still rocks and Maggie Q is sexy)
Flash Point (Donnie Yen is yummmyyy....but not enough fighting scene for him in this movie)
Epic Movie (Gross....)
Eragon (Yawnnnn....)
Vacancy (Pretty good effort but towards the end it's a bit sickening)
Simpsons (Doh...)
Rush Hour 3 (Funny...)
Evan Almighty (I like this one....Tries to send a meaning to the people to protect the environment)
Dream girls (Nice....)
Ratatouille (Finally watched it yesterday after sooooo long)

Coming up:
- Hair spray
- Lust, Caution (OMG, Lee Hom!!!)
- Bourne Ultimatum
- Resident Evil

Gum pain, sorethroat and a crime

Came back from Bali........More updates on the trip later....
Terrible terrible gum pain at my wisdom tooth leading to a terrible terrible sorethroat these 2 days...
Decided to take half day to pay a visit to the dentist.
As I was walking past the shoplots, noticed that a few people arguing and then, a guy tried to run away. Few people chased him and tore off his shirt. Then, out of no where, someone fired a gun. I was shocked and everyone around was dashing inside the shops. Luckily I was just outside the dentist's shop. Didn't know what happened after that but a lot of people came out and gathered around. I guess it should be police chasing after a criminal. That's enough action for the day.
Hmmm...As for my tooth, needs to be extracted 1 week from now. Just normal extraction and no minor surgery needed. Thank God for that.
And to that someone who owes me a meal, I can still claim it after my tooth extraction ya....Be prepared. Hehe....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Terry Fox Run 2007

Got to know this meaningful run from Andy.

Dear friends, join this run. It will be a great outing for the whole family and we can do some charity.

More info :

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My firsts

Hyatt Regency, Kuantan

- first time to CTS away day
- first time to Kuantan
- first time getting drunk and puking
- first time getting drunk, puking and sitting on the toilet flr
- first time getting drunk, puking and sitting on the toilet flr, holding the toilet bowl for a long time
- first time walking the hotel's compound and beach at 4+ am
- first time watching Pucca cartoon and fell in love with it
- first time sitting in a bus journey that lasts 6 long, ass numbing hours...

It's definitely a trip to remember...

Monday, September 03, 2007