Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food review:Tim Pun/Tong Sui Kor Kor

Well, the name doesn't really sound too appealing but the desserts there are very good. We ordered:

1.Mango hor fun - mango wrapped in soft-soya like hor fun - just nice for dessert after a hearty meal.

2.Mango Lolo - not too sweet and full of coconut milk.

3.Durian pancake - one word : AWESOME.

4.Read bean+black sesame paste-good combination and again, not too sweet.

5.Tong yuen in 'fa sang wu'-fa sang wu is nice but the tong yuen...nothing to shout about.

6.Curry fishball - not worth trying.

Total damage:RM34++
Location : Kepong, one of the shoplots behind Carrefour

Friday, October 16, 2009

Keef's Top Ten tips to visiting Langkawi

1. Only hire a car when you arrive at the airport/ferry as they offer cheaper rates there and it can be bargained. MAKE SURE that the car is in good condition and the air-cond is not blowing out hot air. Else, you'll be in a car oven and when it rains, you can barely see the road ahead.
2. Do not pump full tank petrol as you will not be able to use all for a 3 days/2nights trip.
3. Visit(or trespass into) Four Season's, take a rest(or a nap) and enjoy the serenity of the place.

4. Do lots of jumping shots at the beach and 'kicking water' too.

5. Visit the pasar malam on Saturday night in Kuah town for snacks after a sumptuous dinner at the corner chinese restaurant.

6. Trek up to Seven Wells (preferably in the morning), bring change of clothes and just jump into the crystal clear water on top of the waterfall. There is no better place to enjoy a natural water spa and enjoy the view.

7. Pay RM15 for a cable car ride to the top of Mt Chincang and enjoy the cool air. Walk down to the hanging bridge but DO NOT attempt jumping shots there. It's risky...

8. A visit to Langkawi is not complete without a visit to Dataan Lang. It's extremely hot in the afternoon so opt to go in the evening. Night time is a disappointment as the place is really dark without enough lights. It could have been a beautiful night spot if there are enough lights to lit u the Big Eagle.

9. Buy lots of liquour/chocs/snacks and have a drinking session in your hotel room or go down to beach and have a fun time there....(though it will be very dark).

10. Last but not least, remember to bring lots of sunblock, drink plenty of water and have a crazy time with your pals.

PS : This is my 5th visit to Langkawi. It is almost a must visit place for me annually.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Food Review:Sun Ming

This is my favourite local Chinese shop on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Although usually jam packed with people, a visit to this shop never fails to make me happy and I went home with a full stomach (and extra pounds). Although, famous for the roated duck, my personal favourite here is the char siew and siew cheong. It is by far, the best that I have tasted. The meat is not dry and it is well marinated. The siew bite will leave you craving for more. We normally have siew yuk too and the skin is crispy yet, the meat is tender. Have them with a bowl of steaming rice, it's simple pleasure at it's best.

Total damage : A platter of char siew, siew cheong, siew yuk + 2 rice = RM17

opppssss...forgot to mention that it's in Tmn Connaught...same row as Domino's

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Period sucks or rather PMS sucks. I always thought I am in control of it but last week, emotion was a roller coaster ride.
Woke up one morning with high spirit. Went for a jog and feels great. Went to work later on with such a bad mood and this continued to the next morning. And then many mornings I woke up with nightmares and abandoned my jogs most of the days because I could not find the motivation. And I feel worse everytime I am in the office (or maybe it's because work sukcs too????). Tried to make myself feel better by tuning up the volume of my headsaet and just feels like drowning myself in music.
And yesterday, I was so lethargic towards the end of the day I can barely think straight. And the blarddyyy headache on the first or second day of that time of the month. Hmmmppppphhh.....
On another note, Episode 3 into Supernatural Season 5 and hell it's boring...Should I just abandon it? But I guess I would continue to watch just because of Dean...Yummy..