Thursday, November 11, 2004


It all started last Thursday. Body temperature very unstable, shivering all day in the office, fingers numb from the coldness...Tempted to take MC but did not because I was on EL on Wednesday. Had a high fever when i went to the doc that evening. Even the doc and nurse was surprised that i did not consult them earlier. It was such a suffering experince. Doc said to rest for 2 days and come back to do a check up for dengue. And the following few days was terrible. Fever on and off and sometimes feel so down i cried a few times to my mum. Up till today, I still feel a bit woozy due to the medicine and I've actually lost quite some weight due to lost of appetite.
Those few days made me realise that health is very very very important. Not only me, myself sufferring, I've put my family through it especially my mum. She's the one who wakes up a few times at night for my medication. She's the one who put cold towel on my head when my fever is high, she's by my side all the while. I'll never want to put her through all that again. I also realise tha love and TLC is what I needed most through those few days. Thanks mum for being there for me. You're the one who stood by me through good and bad and i promise to treasure every moment with you and our family.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Worth watching for those craving for some romance... Posted by Hello

"With every great love comes a great story"

Nowadays, watching a romantic movie will certainly make me feel all sentimental inside. Watching this movie made cried so much. It's such a great movie. Definitely will look for the novel....