Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy moo moo year

keef is wishing everyone a happy moo moo year ahead.
to family -> only two things i hope for : health and happiness
to friends -> may we have a crazy, fun filled year. hopefully, more good news throughout 2009
to colleagues -> may we have a great time working together. hope we'll get through the tough challenges in store for us
to dear -> may we be as open as always and talk things through and of course more wealth for you....kekekeke

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

one year wiser

Instead of one year older, I shall re-phrase it to one year wiser...

I remembered a MSN chat with CY. We were talking about growing older. We've come to a point -> It's either we grow old worrying about those strands of white hair and signs of wrinkles, or we choose to grow old 'gracefully'. Well, by 'gracefully', we have to accept it when children address us as 'aunty' or when sales people call us 'si tau poh' instead of 'leng lui' (haha) or when relatives ask us to get married soon as we are not young anymore (damn annoying leh). Just kidding. Aging gracefully means we accept that age is just a number. We still feel young at heart and soul, do you agree my friends? There's so much more to experience and to explore.

Tomorrow, I will be a year wiser. Age is definitely catching up but it's not slowing me down. This year, my wish is very simple (and no, not getting married k?). I just wish to spend more time with people I love. Family, friends and my dear. Hopefully my wish will be fulfilled this year.

Friday, January 09, 2009

toot toot toot

I lost my cool again yesterday. I think I've added a few wrinkles and white hair by stressing my self out. And the person I hurt most is the person who love me. After years of working, one thing I failed to learn is managing stress. It is so hard to keep a sane mind when the workload is so crazy with non-copperative team mates and lead. Sigh...
Sorry *to the person I hurt*. I still remember a phrase someone told me before. Why do it when you know you will be sorry later? This is one of my new year resolution and I will try to keep cool now onwards.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Can anyone get me the other version sang by Harlem (i think...). fell in love with this song...

Friday, January 02, 2009

2nd day of 2009

2nd day of the new year
and my resolution to lose weight is already down the drain. had a sumptious dinner today. (well, i still have 363 days to achieve my targetted weight anyway....)
i realise i've been drinking a lot lately. beers especially. it's nice to have a chatting (or gossiping) session with colleagues while drinking cold beers after work. certainly a stress reliever.
well, cheers to a new year.