Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making prawn crackers

Besides all the ang paus, new clothes and clear roads, my CNY will not be complete without mum's prawn/ fish crackers. She's been making this every year for as long as I can remember. And shame on me for not keen enough to learn or even helping out...until this year. And boy oh was not easy at all.
Peel and de-vein white medium sized prawns - use only 'whitish' prawns as it will not make the crackers too yellowish. DO not buy anything smaller than your pinky finger as you will have hell of a time peeling and de-vein-ing them.
Step 2:
Mince medium-sized white prawns until it become paste - this takes like forever until both my arms are tired. My mum doesn't use food processor as she said it will make the paste watery and taste different wor...
Step 3:
Add in salt, sugar, pepper, baking soda and a little msg...
Step 4:
Mix the paste with tapioca starch and a little bit of water
Step 5:
Knead the dough (and toss it and turn it and squeeze it) - and this is again a tedious thing to do...poor arms of mine...
Step 6:
Roll the well-kneaded dough (ermm...when it is a bit tough and getting harded to knead) into logs of the same size
Step 7:
Steam the logs for hmmm....until they are cooked
Step 8:
Once cooled, put them in the fridge and refridgerate overnight for it to harden
Step 9:
Use a sharp knife (very important) and cut them in small pieces
Step 10:
Dry the slices under the hot sun for several days - watch out for cats/ monkeys for they will steal... 
Step 11:
Lastly, fry them in hot oil and put them in tin cans...or straight to the mouth (which might cause sore throat the next day).

I was guided by my mum all the time (and maybe she helped a bit....ok ok...helped a lot). I make a promise to myself to make it all on my own the next time. :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can't really figure this out....Can you?
Pic taken in a lady's restroom outskirt of KL.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remembering you

Sounds of the fire crackers reminded me of Lucy. During CNY every year, she will try to find every possible way to get into the house. She's so scared of the sound of fire crackers that she will tremble and tries to snuggle to any of us hoping that we can protect her. I miss Lucy.
Indeed CNY should be a joyous time but it should also be a time of remembrance. Treasure your loved ones, be it your parents, relatives, spouse, friends or even your pet/s.
Pic 1:Was looking forward to come home everyday to these cute puppies
Pic 2:Lucy-miss you deeply
Pic 3:Kitty who jumps to our laps and loves it when we sayang him...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year + Valentine's Day

Wishing all a Happy Happy Chinese New Year and Sweet Sweet Valentine's Day....

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Walking down memory lane

I'm supposed to be in Putrajaya now, sweating my pants running the night run but due to some personal reason (yeah, that time of the month and it shhhucks), I am home-bounded. With nothing better to do, I dug up some old photos and took a trip down memory lane. Some made me laugh, some made me smile and some brought back bitter-sweet memories. Following pictures are taken in New Zealand. It was one of the best trip I've had so far. I remember waking up to the sound of chirping birds, cool wind and green pastures everywhere.
Pic 1:Seagulls in Queenstown
Pic 2:Seals sunbathing in Milford Sound
Pic 3: View of Mount Cook
Pic 4:Sheeps and more sheeps
Pic 5:Blue skies and sea
Pic 6: Whale-watching in Kaikora
Pic 7: Sunset view in Mount Cook
Pic 8:One Tree Hill, Auckland
Pic 9:Breathtaking
Pic 10: Robert Burns statue, Duneidin
Pic 11: Tasman Glacier
I miss that country.
Looking back at all the photos, I wondered all the what-could-have-beens and what-ifs...And I wondered how you are getting on now. Well, it's part of the past. And I am glad that we shared it.