Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Girls and guy?

Bagan Lalang@sunset


Hot and tired.....

My fave 2

My fave

Waited so long at midnite for this.....@Melaka


Lantern festival@Bukit Jalil

Our leng lui sis with the cake

Our leng chai bro witht he cake

Karaoke + Foong Ling's birthday

No one can pride the microphone from my hands....Muahahahah

Karaoke + CY's birthday....

No idea actually why we can laugh like no one's business sometimes.....Hahahahhaha......

Waiting in line to go up Twin Towers' bridge

These past few months......

It's been some time since I really put my thoughts here. I know it's a bit lame to put lyrics in a blog but those lyrics are representing my heart and emotions at times. A lot of drama has happened lately. Things that I would not imagine myself doing, happened. Things I regret doing and things I regret not doing.It has been a very turbulent ride and I nearly did not survive. A very sincere thank you from my heart for those who stood by me through thick and thin.

These past few monhs, I have learnt that I do not want anyone to cry for me now. But to cry for me when I am no longer here. When you watch people you love cry, you feel the pain and hurt they are feeling. I am sorry for making all that loves me cry.

Well, guess it's time to start anew. My heart is very very restless and wants to travel all the time but many things are pulling me down-expenses, job and companion. Since my last update, there has been quite a number of outings-Melaka makan trip, Bagan Lalang seafood trip, karaoke sessions (I am totally addicted), treasure hunting in Golden Triangle area....Will definitely post the pictures later.

Upcoming events? BBQ, more karaoke sessions, Cherating maybe? And I am planning a solo trip to somewhere...:P

And I won an IPOD Nano!!!Cannot believe my luck. Thanks to Foong Ling for everything. Owe you a meal.

Damn sleepy now.I am working shift now- 4pm to 1am. It's not as easy as I have expected. I cannot sleep past 830am everyday and it has taken a toll on me. One thing good is I manage to loose some weight doing this shift....And I want to loose more.Driving home late at night daily has become a norm. It's nice actually. To see the city so quiet. Going to miss all these soon. Well, time to concentrate on work though it's so so tough. Good night and sweet dreams.