Saturday, November 29, 2008


Disappointed as the movie is not what I had imagined it to be. Not as good as what I read in the first book out of a series of four from Stephenie Meyer. Maybe they shouldn't have made a movie out of it. I must admit it was more enjoyable in the book. Maybe some stories aren't suitable to be a movie. Unlike LOTR which I would prefer to watch the actions rather than cracking my imagination through the thick books.
I just finished Eclipse, the third book. I was so engrossed that I finished the book in less than 3 days. The fourth book will have to wait till my exams are over. Crap...That reminds me that I need to start studying from this moment on...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Food Review:Wendy's Bistro

Wendy's Bistro had recently changed it's name. I couldn't rememember the new shop name though.
Food here is pretty similar to Euro Deli's but this shop specializes in pork belly. Not to be missed is their grilled pork belly. It can be a little too fatty but the taste is really good. It is well marinated and grilled to perfection. The pork chop is a let down. The meat is too dry and tasted bland. The different types of German sausages is worth a try. Once you've tasted these sausages, normal ones you can grab from the supermarket is nothing to be compared. It's almost as good as the sausages in Euro Deli's.

Contact Details
20 Jalan PJS8/18,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-5630 1699

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The What-Bug-Me Tag

The rules

List out 6 things that bug or annoy you.
Tag another 8 persons to do this.
Strictly no tagging back!

1. Unable to book cheap flights from Air Asia because of the congested servers during 0/ low fare promotion. KNS!

2. Stupid drivers who overtake you without signals causing you to brake suddenly and nearly having a heart/ panic attack. KNS!

3. Annoying colleagues who come and talk to you non-stop when you are in the mid of something urgent and you are squeezing your mind trying to figure out how to solve the stupid problem. It's hard to concentrate when you are blah-blah-blah-ing ok? KNS!

4. Filling in pages and pages of forms - any forms - be it pre-employent/ government related/
registration forms. Even more so when spaces provided is so limited to fill in all you need to
fill in. It's wasting my time ok? KNS!

5. Aunties pushing and shoving you in the market/ supermarket/ during sales. By all means I do respect elderly but it doesn't gives you the right to be rude. Stay in your line aunties!! KNS!

6. Rude sales assistants/ cashiers. It doesn't hurt to flash a smile and say thank you even if I do not buy anything in the end. Instead of showing that bitchy and arrogant faces. You will not get my business like that ok? KNS!

There...I've completed mine...I'm suppose to tag 8 people but I am lazy. Please feel free to vent your frustrations.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Food Review:Italiannies

I loveeeee the pasta. It is a great idea to have a set with 4 different choices of pasta so we will not have a hard time deciding which flavour to choose. The serving size is just nice, not too filling. I guess we were hungry that time (or I was) as I can't remember the 4 flavours we picked. As for the grilled chicken set (forgotten the name), it's not up to expectation. The baked potato is nice though. And not to be missed on the menu is of course, the mouth-watering Strawberry Cheesecake. The strawberry sauce is not too sour nor sweet, just nice to end a satisfying meal.

Xiao sheep

Arlo...I am Xiao Sheep...Mek mek's other half...Although I am fatter than Mek Mek, I am twice as adorable as she is.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are you the one?

"I've spent all my life waiting for the perfect guy but you're nothing like him."
That's a movie line that caught my attention.
I am a big dreamer. I have the picture of the perfect guy in my head-a so-called template. I guess every/ most girl does. But not many of us will get to be with that Mr Perfect.
I always believe that once we fall in love, we will learn to accept the flaws of that person. And I do believe also, somehow, love is blind. No matter how thin or fat, tall or short, handsome/pretty or ugly, we will learn to accept that person with our heart. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. point of writing this? I don't know. *blink blink*
From past experiences, relationship can be very tiring. Relationship can be so fragile. Relationship can be about everything - feelings, the money, the religion, the communication.
So, to all who has found that special someone, treasure them. Do not turn them into who you want them to be. Just love that person for who they are. And for those who haven't found the special person, have faith that he/ she will appear one day.Till then, live life well.