Thursday, July 31, 2008

F1 Explorace - Cyberjaya to Melaka

9.00am - As soon as we were flagged off at Cyberjaya, we scrambled to open our first clue - match 13 pictures of F1 driver to their names and get the name of our next destination. I admit I am clueless on F1 and unfortunately so were most of my team members...but we managed to get to the next destination - Sepang Circuit - with some luck and smart guesses. There, we had to pose for our creative photo challenge with umbrellas and a flag.
Our next destination - Seremban R & R and the challenge is to pump RM 6.88 worth of Shell petrol. We managed to get RM 6.89...This is where we got our tulips and made our way to a eatery in Seremban.

Here, we took up another challenge aptly named - the F1 Squirt...Using empty bottles for chilli sauce (you know, those green and red ones found at restaurants), we have to squirt air and push a ping pong ball through a track. We had lunch here and got our next destination clue - by deciphering codes using 'dictionary' on our hands aka our handphones...

After some u-turns and wrong ways (due to technical error in the tulips), we managed to get back on track to Eagle Ranch near to Port Dickson. The go-karting challenge is easy but what came after that, I would never be able to forget.

It reminds me of Trailblazer sans the mud and jungle. 3 out of 4 team members have to work together to climb through some logs. After much huff and puff, pull and push, we managed to go climb through (sorry CK for leaving you behind), then to the swinging planks...and through a tyre and at one point we have to eat cili padi and wasabi and the last challenge is to dress up one team member in boots, gloves, helmets and jackets and feed him/her water without him/her doing anything and then finally help him/ her over a high wall. Not easy at all but it was fun!!! Laughed our ass off at some points. After completing these, it's time to make our way to Melaka with the tulips and the hunt questions.
4.00pm - We finally arrived at Jonker's street. The final challenge is to dip our hands in a tank of eels to collect pebbles to spell a word. I volunteered to do it. I didn't know why at that point I didn't feel nervous. They are slippery and slimy...That's all. If it's a tank full of insects, I will be screaming my lungs out. The final part of the hunt is a walk hunt along Jonkers. Lacking in time, we just collect whatever answers we can get. And at 4.49pm, we submitted our treasures and questions to the marshalls and headed towards Everly Resort.

Tiring 8-hours of journey followed by a dinner. It's amazing we still can find the energy to play some card games and have a little drinking session. And I didn't get drunk this time round...:P

Some random pictures taken...

Maiden @ Everly

Famosa fort

Just imagining...


Some IMPORTANT tips on being a navigator:
1) Read the tulips and instruct the driver which way to go (RIGHT or WRONG way, it doesn't matter, refer to 3)
2) Ensure driver is ALERT and AWAKE (you MUST do anything to keep him awake-including slapping him)
3) Be VERY confident on your direction (even if you are on the wrong track, APPEAR confident)
4) Ensure all your car members are ALERT and AWAKE (very DIFFICULT to achieve!!)
5) And last but not least - make sure yourself is fully ALERT and AWAKE (failed!!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Music Man...-_-"

Can't wait for the dates to be released for M'sia or S'pore. I will not miss this for anything...(though it sounds a bit cheesy-Music Man- but nonetheless, i love him).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dream, love and hope

Friday was a happy day for me.Simply because you were there. The sight of you gave my heart a little flip.My stomach filled with butterflies.I couldn't help giggling and smiling.I felt like a teenage girl falling head over heels with her first crush.It has been a long time anyone can leave a blush on my face.Well, if only what I dreamt of will come true.If only someone as perfect as you is within reach.If only you are reading this and feeling the same way.Nonetheless, I will wait for the day.When the sun shines and the stars twinkle just for me.The day when you appear in my life again.


One of the best local coffee

Kluang is a town in the middle of Johor. Kluang comes from a Malay word 'keluang' which used to be plentiful in the district years ago. I haven't been to this place before. But I definitely has been to Kluang Station (kopitiam) that has sprouted around town.
It is said that a coffee shop at Kluang Railway Station, serves the best coffee in Malaysia (plus the shop’s specialty “Roti Bakar” - toasted bread with half boiled eggs). I do agree that the local black coffee served at Kluang Station is nice. Really thick, aromatic and perfect for a coffee lover like me...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight

I've never watched any Batman movies on the big screen. In fact, I don't even remember the last Batman movie I've watched. And yet, I was actually waiting for yesterday night for the preview of The Dark Knight. Simply for one reason: Heath Ledger.
I am sure many people out there will watch this installment of Batman because of him. And I must say he gave a solid performance as The Joker. Realistic performance that deserves an Oscar, many highly acclaimed critics said. But too bad he's not here anymore. A loss to the movie industry.
Anyway, The Dark Knight is a great movie. Lots of twists and turns in the plot. Makes me want to watch Batman Begins. And, surprisingly, Christian Bale is quite hot in the movie...Yummy...

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne aka Batman

Heath Ledger as Joker

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sexy pout

She definitely has the sexiest and cutest pout...Thanks to me who taught her how to do that pose. And of course not forgetting the signature pose - peace loving pose...

What's the name?

Absolutely love these two photos taken in Bukti Tinggi...The combination colours and shapes make this flower so pretty...Anyone knows the species/ name of this plant?

PS: Currently feeling stressed and damn 'tu lan' at work...need some pretty pics to cheer me up...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

I remembered when I was young, I fantasise of being like Belle...Beauty with brain...(LOL). She has always been one of my favourite Disney's character. Thus, when we saw the banner for this broadway musical, without hesitation, I know that I will not want to miss it.
So, after half a year's wait, finally, 28th June came . I had to forego the company's annual dinner and Gary's concert for this. But sadly, it is not up to my expectation. Comparing it with Chicago last year, Beauty and the Beast: Broadway Musical came out a bit flat and boring. The show started half an hour late and there were some technical glitches towards the end, right at the climax when the Beast was about to turn into the prince. Well, despite these, there were few hilarious moment from Gaston (wuth his funny antics) and Lumiere. They were the highlights of the show.
I would say the money spent is worth more for the experience and the environment rather that the show itself.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I just realise that I missed my month end posting for June. I've got a drowning feeling lately...with work. Even my fitness level has deteriorated. Feels short of breath after jogging just a couple of laps. And there's no inspiration to blog much. Sigh...Hopefully, things will get better after this month. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hunters at work

Looking at the first question - 'Strange Tin Year', I know we are heading for more brain-cracking questions. Started from PJ (Kelana Jaya) all the way to Pulai Springs Resort in Johor, the hunt took us 8 hours. It was my first experience and I totally loved it. Though we got most of the answers...WRONG, it was a fun ride. And most of all, we only paid less than RM 100 for a one-night stay at the 5-star resort with breakfast and dinner provided.
The next day, it was our personal food hunt to Melaka. Didn't eat that much this time round. Most satisfying is the Melaka 'cendol'. I hail it as my all time favourite local dessert. And we had our movie-watching experience in Melaka at the newly opened Pahlawan Square's GSC. Nice, new and big cinema.
We will be back next year, hopefully...:P

PS: BTW, the answer for Question 1 is Ayer Hitam....