Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007...what a year it has been...

is coming to an end...
it's the time of the year to do some recap on 2007...
time to reflect the good and bad, the right and wrong and try to make 2008 a better year...Sounds tiring and boring? Hehe...I seriously think I need to have some quiet time to think and make some changes in my life. Change for the better. Every year, I am unable to meet my resolutions (yeah, I do come up with resolutions but sadly, can hardly fulfill them). Let's see what 2007 has been for me.

Let the places do the talking...
- Penang
- Taiping
- Melaka (3 times)
- Bali
- Cameron (twice)
- Langkawi
- Genting
- Cherating, Kuantan
- Bukit Tinggi
- Singapore
- Pulau Pangkor
- Day trips (eg. Aquaria, Eye on Malaysia, trips to Bukit Gasing)
- and NUMEROUS makan outings which I really enjoyed...(despite the increasing number of my waistline)...Thanks to a bunch of fun friends (crazy and wild bunch - you know who you are *wink*wink*) and colleagues. More to come next year? Definitely....

Well, it was quite a turbulent year in thsi area. A couple of crushes and flings I would say. Nothing more....:P One thing I learn is letting go at the right time. Everything happened for a reason and I believe that what are supposed to be, will be. Most of the time, what we wanted, we will not get so we need to learn to accept it. It's a learning point this year. Thanks. I am still waiting for my Prince Charming...
But one thing for sure, I am still in love with Lee Hom.

It has been a year + here in Shell. Occasionally, I still miss the time I was in IBM. It was a challenge then and I have really put a lot of effort and hardwork. But no point looking back. It was a great experience and here, it will be another great challenge. I can't say that I have built a career yet, but I will make a plan for it, starting next year.

Family-wise, it has been great. we finally had our family trips and outings which is really quality time spent together. My dad is not working anymore and thus, I feel the responsibility of taking care of the household. It has been stable so far, thank God for that. Looking forward to 2008 which I have already plans to have more time with them. Sometimes the thought of losing them is really scary but I know it's a fact of life. So, I will treasure them now.

I did not manage to shed the extra kilos that I aimed to from beginning of the year. Sigh...But it's definitely a healthy year for me. Built up some stamina by running and joining marathons. It's a new interest. And I realise I like trail running as well. And jungle trekking. One of the most memorable event is Genting Trailblazer. It was fun getting dirty...Hehe. Will try to lose some weight and be fitter in 2008. More marathons to come...:)

Misc highlights
- I got to meet two singers I really like in real person - Lee Hom and Jacky Cheung
- Went to a few concerts - really like the feeling of love performances
- Went to an actual play
- Few good friends got married

There are so much more to 2007 that I can't possibly write in here.
Overall, it has been a great great year. Thanks again to everyone (especially to great friends to share those special moments) who has made it so memorable.

Love you all, muaakkkkssss.......

See ya in 2008!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Love this song so much...and it's a surprise he sang it at Star Live Concert just now. One of the songs that can make tears swell in my eyes.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I am emotional again....
I feel sad for no reason....
Woke up this morning, feel crappy so I skipped my daily jog....
Didn't do anything the whole morning....
Don't feel like chatting, don't feel like going to work, don't feel like doing anything.
Just don't know why.
There's so many things I need to get done, so many things I need to put down before end of the year, so many things I want to say before I start a new happy year.
Now, in the office, I don't feeling like doing anything....
I feel bored. Bored with my life, my work....
I just feel like doing something out of the ordinarily sometimes. Something crazy, something rebellious and wrong....But the consequences, I am not courageous enough to face it.
So it's back to being the boring me....

Barbie oh Barbie

Look what we saw in Timesquare yesterday!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

彩虹 Rainbow [Cai Hong]- Jay Chou 周杰倫

I really love this. His new album rocks.

Video taken from xaznxchickx2604.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Great mid-week day....

It was a boring weekday on Wednesday....Working as usual....Planned to skip lunch ( becauseiwanttoloseweight)....
But suddenly, me and a colleague had a spontaneous urge to eat Sushi King (well, actually, that's not the main reason to go all the way to Taman Equine)....(sotheregoesmydietfortheday).
12 plates of Sushi (combination of prices) for only RM 16/-(unlimited green tea included). Cheap eh? Firstly, it was buy 1 free 1 from a mobile voucher and then the cashier made a mistake by charging us on 50% of the total. So ended up, we only pay RM 16 for the meal.
What a great way to cheer up the day....


Guys in pink is a definitely no??
Come on, it's the new age....It all depends on who the person is...Some look really attractive and macho in pink but some just don't make the cut....
But I certainly do not think it's wrong for guys to wear pink....

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Congrats to Mai...
May you have a wonderful life ahead...
And I don't mind to be an 'aunty' next year...(*wink*wink)

Dream wedding?

The last month of the year...

is full of weddings...

This month alone, I have attended or will be attending - a Malay wedding, an Indian wedding and a Chinese wedding. Cultural, isn't it?
People asked me before, what's my idea of a perfect wedding? I have never really put my thought in that before. Honestly, I do not know what I want but I know what I do not want...:P thing that pop in my mind now (if you were to ask me the same question) is to have a wedding by the beach...It doesn't have to be big and it doesn't have to be grand...Just close family and friends for a ceremony by the white-sandy beach, with decorations all in white and flowery, with the sea breeze in my hair. (dreamingggg....)
I know this seems almost impossible but hey, it's a dream wedding...:P Who knows my dream will come true one day.
I will want to be involved in every nitty gritty detail of my wedding, from the decorations, to the guest list to the wedding dress to the type of food to the type of songs to be played to the details on the wedding card.
I have this little obsession of organizing events and I tend to get a little too deep into it once I get started. And so, yeah, I want that perfect wedding that I organized myself...:)
And I once had that crazy idea of having my own one-stop wedding planner business. :X

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Whimsical Christmas

Themed Whimsical Christmas, Orchard certainly attracts a lot of people. Be it local or foreigners, it was 'people mountain, people sea'. Can't imagine how worse it will get, nearer to Christmas....But I love it anyway.....The lightings, the people, the malls.....Really gave me that Chrismassy feeling....

Azabu Sabo, Singapore

The below pictures are toooooo pretty that I will certainly want to post them.....

Location : Marina Square
Total damage : SGD 29.90 and extra pounds....

For more info click here->Azabu Sabo

Fat loading.....

Porridge steamboat (revisited), Cheras
Fulfilling steamboat for dinner after a nice movie....That's the way it should be....

Noble House, Jalan Imbi
It was my dad's birthday on 23rd Nov. And we celebrated on 25th Nov in Noble house in Jalan Imbi. Although it's a branch of the Oriental Group Restaurants, it's not as nice as the branch in Jaya Supermarket, PJ. Positive side is, there's not a lot of people and you can take your own sweet time to take all you want to eat. Had something I've not eaten before-pig ears....I didn't know it can be eaten till that day. Tasted funny though and the texture is a bit cruncy and chewy at the same time.Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to dad....Hope he will stay healthy and strong.

50% discount for ladies...Can't resist the temptation...Highlight of the night - UNLIMITED Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins...Someone just stop me please....

Singapore International Marathon 2007

My third official run...
The highlight of the trip is of course, the run. Tens of thousands of people participated. It was really a big event. I've never experienced running with so many people. The tag line for the race - run your own race. I love this phrase.
My time is rather disappointing...Really need to build up more stamina. Who knows I might really run for 21km next year. :P
But anyhow, it was running for fun. Must enjoy without stressing myself too much.
We had some fun in Orchard road the night before the race. Bumped into Daniel Lee and I regretted not asking for a photo with him. We saw some really tall people....As in REALLLLY tall. Basketball players...They even have to duck their head to enter to McD. The lightings along Orchard road is really pretty. Wish it is as pretty here....
We stopped by in Seremban for dinner on our way back. Finally tasted my 'ketam bakar'. Not as nice as expected. I prefer other flavour like cheese baked or butter crab.
My position - click here
For some pictures - visit Andy's bloggie....

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I got a comment the other day...

That I am IMMATURE particularly when it comes to relationship...

I FOLLOW MY HEART too much...In other words, I don't think much but act based on my EMOTIONS...

Am I?

Well, honestly, I've been through some ups and downs in relationships and I think I've sort of grown up or learnt my lessons...Hmmm...Will blog about this in my year end blog entry.

But, I will be careful not to get myself burnt. :P...

I do admit that I am selfish in a way. There's this side of me that only want some thrills and excitement and just want to have fun. I've not thought of other parties eg. my parents. Sigh...

Lately, many people have been asking me one same question...What do I look for in a guy? My standard response -> tall, dark (ok, ok, maybe I should change it to TANNED), handsome, with 6-packs, loves me more than I love him, has that rugged bad-boy look and rich is definitely a plus point. Am I IMMATURE for asking too much? Kekeke...

Of course, I am just joking. When it comes to the matter of the heart (yeah, there I go again, always following what the heart tells me), it's very hard to be certain. When you like someone, you will learn to accept his flaws (or maybe he seems flawless to you).

Watched Enchanted yesterday...I do believe my Prince Charming is out there somewhere..Am I IMMATURE for believing in that?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

On fire

Many things happened since last weekend and I think I am playing with fire once again....
Some of the times we thought that certain things happened that were really not in our control but come to think of it, we could be in control if we want really want to....Hmmm.....What am I mumbling about.....
Can anyone hand me a glass or even a bucket of water to douse the fire? Please?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me

Love this fact, love all the songs from Bon Jovi....

Monday, November 19, 2007

My diet for the weekend..

My 'DIET' plan for the weekend:-

17th November (Saturday)

1. Nasi lemak with Rendang Chicken for breakfast
2. Complete 10 course meal lunch at Pantai Seafood in Kelana Jaya (the seafood is very fresh)
3. Ikea curry puff and ice cream for teatime
4. Famous PJ oldtown Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh for dinner
5. A flavoured greentea to end the nite

18th November (Sunday)

1. Coffee (coz I only got about 5 hours of sleep) - then it's off to Melaka (supposedly for my project but ended up as an eating adventure)
2. Wan Tan mee for breakfast in Wan Tan mee shop in Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock
3. Chendol in Jonker88 in Jonker street
4. Hainanese Pork Satay in Jalan Laksamana (after wandering and walking for miles)
5. Chicken rice ball in Chung Wah
6. Tai Chong homemade ice cream in Jln Bunga Raya (but sadly they are not making it anymore so I had ABC instead)
7. Malacca white coffee (really need it as I was feeling so tired and sleepy at that time)
8. Mobile famous popiah stall in Jonker
9. Nyonya dinner at Nyonya Makko
10. O'chien in Jonker street (the ochien is so tiny)
11. Magic Ice in Sarsi flavour
12. A Geographer's Delight special in Geographer before heading home for the night....

So, for the next two weeks, before my Singapore run, I have vowed to take less meat and more vege and have a HEALTHIER diet than the above...But, it was a satisfying weekend, despite all the calory and sugar intake....I really don't mind to do have a guilt-free eating adventure again....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do you have any SECRETS?

I absolutely love the song by Jay.
And finally watched the movie. Love the movie too. It's not bad for a directing debut from Jay. And I love the duel scene on the piano, where Chopin was played...Really mesmerizing.
Another thing that captured my attention is the way the girl expressed her affection towards the guy that she loves. Seriously, I think she's a bold girl.
Despite the unusual ending for this love story, I think it's worth a watch. It has a similar concept to Lakehouse, which I didn't expect before watching it. For all those helpless romantics out the movie...
ps: Do you have any secrets you want to share with your loved ones? Or you prefer to keep it as a secret?

Common thing

One common thing between me and Kenny....

The colour of our shirt!

"OMG, they've killed Kenny!!"

"You bastards!!"

Friday, November 16, 2007

A change?

I am very tempted to change my hairstyle after reading our "short-hair advocate". Should I?

Should I go short?
Straight (again) but stick straight? Or wavy?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Muscle sore...

Genting Trailblazer registration - RM 178 per team
Reebok sports bra for the event - RM 89
'Sang har' Yee Mee lunch after the event - RM 46
Thrown-away socks (as it was too muddy to be washed) - RM 15
Handyplast (for the scratches, kekekeke) - RM 5
Sweat, muscle pain and EXTREME satisfaction - Priceless

We started the journey to Awana at 6 am....and reached KL about 4 pm....
It was a first experience and it was fun (though tiring) all the way!! We climbed up hills (slopes, muddy and muddier slopes) and basically slided our way down hills, crossed streams (washed our shoes only to get mud all over it again), climbed across big fallen tree trunks and most challenging of all, went through the man-made obstacles towards the end. Jumped down to muddy water pits (many of them) higher than our waist, climbed wooden planks 60 degrees up and down, overcame many sand-hills 3x as tall as us, crawled on our knees and elbow through the rough ground and waded our way through mud water with mud as high as our knees below....That's where I got my bruises and scratches....

Despite all that, I will definitely be back next year.

Thanks Andy for hauling me up the slopes many times....Else, I wouldn't have made it through....
And now, me having muscle difficult to walk up and down the stairs....

Chicago, The Musical

Stress and tension was running VERY high as I know I will be extremely late for Chicago due to the roadblocks by police all along the way. And they really know how to choose "locations" for the blocks (eg. on Federal, just after the cable bridge towards KL, which caused a MASSIVE jam all the way to LDP.)
I can't stop myself from KNS'ing those people....And I really HATE (I repeat, HATE!!!!) reckless drivers and bullies...Just because I am a girl, doesn't mean you can cut into my lane WITHOUT signal, FORCING me to the next lane...At that point, I really was so furious I gave a deadly look to the driver and showed my middle finger...I hope that's the first and last...
All that aside, Chicago The Musical is really enjoyable. It was a great experience. My first time entering Plenary Theatre in KL Convention Centre. Seatings were arranged in a way so we were able to view the stage clearly. So, can't wait for Beauty and The Beast musical next year....Anyone wanna join?