Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food Review:Pork Noodles, Jalan Imbi

Corner lot which sells hot from oven Siew Pau s. Well known for it's pork noodle + pork porridge.
Simple breakfast, satisfacton guaranteed. You can have it dry or with soup. As usual, dry is still my choice anytime. Comes with soup + pork balls and 'siew chu cheong'.The coffee is just the way I like it. Thick, full of aroma and best of all-not too sweet.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Not much inspiration to blog lately. Might be too caught up with work. New take-ons, new projects and the pressure to perform is overwhelming. But as the management ALWAYS mention-worklife balance is important. NO work after working hours but yet I find myself not complying to that.
I've finished my exams but still have to start on my final project. Shit...I better start working on it.
Went to Bali a couple of weekends ago. It's my second time there and I still find myself very much in love with that place. *and I secretly wish to be back there for a relaxing honeymoon*My fave place is still Uluwatu (sans all the aggresive monkeys). This time round, enjoying the view with someone I love is a different feeling all together. I wish we can spend more time there. Just sitting by the cliff and listening to the sound of the ocean below. *dreaming*
I've been a little bit obsessed lately TRYING to lose weight. I've no idea why I gained so much. I eat moderately and if I am to cut down on food, I won't be eating anymore. I jog almost 5 times a week. But yet I am still gaining. Yes, it could be muscle but then what about the extra fat around my waist? *stress*Sigh...Must must must do more sit ups...
On a lighter note, I will be seeing Lee Hom again this weekend...Wooo hooooo....and the next weekend I'll be off to see one of the seven wonders of the world...And after that, it will be my first run of the year-15km some more...KNS...I've not run much lately, just the occasional jogs in the morning/evening. Hopefully, I will complete it smoothly.
Till then, live life abundantly...:P


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Bali - Isle of Gods in pictures
#1 Kuta beach
#2 Lake Buyan from Bedegul
#3 Ulun Danu Temple
#4 Taman Ayun [The Royal Family Temple of Mengwi]
#5 Batuan Village Temple
#6 Goa Gajah Temple
#7 Mount Batur from Kintamani
#8 The making of Balinese coffee- the traditional way
#9 Wood Carving
#10 Batuan Village temple
#11 Art village#12 Silver making
#13 Jimbaran sunset
#14 My fave place - Uluwatu

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lee Hom @ Solaris

After almost being crushed like sardin in a can, finally finally finally, got up close and personal (well, ok maybe not personal) with him...Yes...none other than Lee Hom...Music Man himself!! I was secretly hoping that there will be less people this time round as Solaris, Mont Kiara is not so accesible but how wrong I was. The huge crowd of fans were wild and full of excitement. At one point, people started pushing and went almost uncontrollable. After much huff puff and sweat, finally got his signature. BUT...the feeling is not the same as the first time I met him. Gosh...am I really getting old and this phase of idolising an artist is almost over? I didn't feel the excitement and that kind of rush anymore. :(
But nonetheless, I still admired him. Music Man.., we'll be there.
On another note, Solaris is really pretty and cool...

Monday, April 06, 2009

I love Lucy

I had many many many many pets before. Since young I grew up loving the stray dogs and cats at the back of my house. I still remember coming home from school sometimes and go straight to the backyard to play with the puppies. I had endless supply of puppies because there was a female dog that we named 'Pak Kao' (white dog -as she has white fur) which gave birth many times a year. Those were the days before I got Lucy.
Lucy has been with me for more than 10 years...She came from my sis's friend. I still remember the first time we saw her, together with her brothers and sisters. I knew instantly that she is the one. She stood out from the rest, not only because she is white but she is the tiniest of all. First few weeks of taking care of her was not an easy feat. She was very tiny and quite weak. We fed her milk from baby bottle and when she was strong enough to eat on her own, we gave her bread soaked in milk. She has small appetite, even until now. She barely finishes a bowl of rice sometimes.
Lucy never caused any trouble. During teething, of course she did damage a few shoes and chewable things. She is not exactly the most mischievous dog but she has her own fair share of mischief. She likes playing tug-o-war. She will go crazy whenever you throw a cloth at her and started tugging. Most of the time, she wins. One of her weaknesses is she doesn't know how to avoid moving vehicles. She got us chasing madly after her when she got excited and ran out. But after a few 'coaching' sessions, she doesn't dare to do that anymore.
Everytime we were about to go out, she sat and stared at us with sad eyes. And when we came home, she jumped happily as if she hadn't seen us for a long time. Lucy seldom barks at strangers and therefore she cannot be a good watchdog. Oh ya ...Lucy is extremely scared of thunders and firecrackers. Every Chinese New Year, she will spent half the time inside the house and this drives my mum up the wall.
But as of late, she doesn't do those things anymore. She moves slower now. No more tug-of-war, no more jumping around. I've been spending much time with her. Her breathing seems quite unstable at times. She's old but I know she has lived this 10 years happily. I am spending more time with her nowadays as I know there won't be another Lucy for me. She might not understand but I am grateful she has brought many happy moments and memories for the past decade.