Saturday, January 30, 2010

Growing old

Finally after may hours of labour, I finished wrapping all the chicken floss with a pack of popiah wrap. You don't need to be a genius to do this - just cut the popiah wrap to small squares, put a bit of chicken floss and wrap them ala popiah style.
But mind you, it was no easy task. NOT easy at all. It took me almost 5 hours in total, spread out to 2 days. I remembered making this for CNY a couple of times few years back but half way through it, I gave up. It was my mum who finished the task. But this year, I am proud to say, I have the determination to finish what I have started. No matter how tiring it was, I managed to psycho myself to keep wrapping - thinking of how nice the end product will be...
It got me thinking. The younger me would have complaint a lot. It's so tiring la, so boring la...etc etc...But I do feel I have a lot more determination to carry on through a difficult task as I grow....errmmm...older more mature.
Speaking of growing more 'mature', it's hard to believe that my age is coming to a big x0. At times, I still feel very childish inside, reacting stupidly to situation which I could have taken control. So, resolution number 6. To be in control of my fear/emotion/difficult situation (aka act like a grown up).
Then downside of growing more 'mature', my shoulders/back/legs are a bit sore from the hours of sitting and doing the same repetitive thing....(+ spring cleaning + shopping, etc etc)
Muscle rub, anyone?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food : Tony Roma's

I finally had a chance to dine in Tony Roma's. Not sure why I was so craving about it. We ordered:
1. Crispy Onion Loaf - onion rings that is served like a tower with their special sauce. It's really yummy when it's served hot but after a few mouthful, we feel like it's too much for two person.

Pic 1:Onion loaf - top view

Pic 2: Onion ring - side view

2. Grilled chicken ala something something....Served with rice pilaf (rice browned in oil, and then cooked in a seasoned broth) and brocolli. The gilled chicken is quite tender but nothing to shout about.It's not served with any sauce thus, a bit dry.

Pic 3: Grilled chicken

3. Smokin’ Burger- beef burger patti topped with cheddar cheese and crispy beef bacon strips. I love this but somehow, I got full after half of it... Too much of meat.

Pic 4: Beef burger

4. Apple Crisp a la Mode - A delicious blend of apples, cinnamon and sugar, baked to a golden perfection with a granola topping. What I like most is the vanilla ice cream, drizzled caramel topping...But it's tooooo sweeeettttt...

Pic 5: Apple Crisps

My verdict? Hmmm....not so satisfying...But I heard that their steak and ribs are not disappointing (as well as the shrimp cocktail). Staff are not so friendly (well, maybe only one of them). I like the environment (The Curve,Mutiara Damansara branch) as it's not crowded and suitable for chit chat over lunch/dinner.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am a hoarder

Hi everyone, my name is Kee Fong. I am a hoarder. I like to keep things. I keep everything from pretty labels of clothes, bookmarks, tickets, newspaper cuttings, magazines, etc etc...I find it very hard to throw things away.
I keep things that I think are memorable. I keep things which are unique and pretty. I keep things that others might find it useless and think that it should be in the rubbish bin.
Once in while, I took out some boxes of the things I keep. One reason I like keeping things is because I find it very amusing everytime I look back at them. Certain things bring back sweet memories. It might be a souvenir from somebody, or a movie stub for my first date or the air tickets of my first out of country flight or the appreciation gift from my company a few years ago. I know that 10 years down the road, I will still smile when I look at these again.
Not so long ago, I attempted to sort out all my 'collections'. It's futile and I gave up after 15 minutes. There's just too many things!! So, I just chuck them away in boxes, neatly stored in the store room.
So, not to worry. All your souvenirs or cards or gifts are still in good condition somewhere hidden in those boxes. Now, only if I can get more space for my future collections...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Food:Sushi Zanmai

Making my way in a rush towards Sushi Zanmai in Gardens, MV and saw the long queue in front of the shop. First thought-wow! the food must be great to attract so many people. And I must say, the food indeed does not disappoint.Although a bit on the pricey side compared to other sushi restaurant like Sakae Sushi, Zanmai's menu is a lot more extensive. The salmon are fresh, the softshell crab are very crunchy (i'm not a big fan softshell crab but I really like it now) and the enoki wrapped in thinly-sliced beef is mouth-watering just by looking at it. The service tends to be a bit slow, not surprising with the non-stop amount of customers. Will definitely go there again, off-peak hours, that is...

Pic1:Wide variety of food

Pic2:Fulfilling bento set

Pic3:Soft shell crab wrapped in sushi

Pic4:Variety of sushi

Pic5:Enoki wrapped in beef slices

Pic6:Scallop with mayonnaise (expensive)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What have you done so far?

It's the 6th day into the new year. What have I done so far?

1. Skipped my jog routine - checked
2. Eat unhealthily - checked
3. Being irrational and emotional at work - checked
4. Being irrational and emotional at home - checked

Aint so much into my resolutions huh.....Well....I still have almot one year (minus 5 days) to fulfill them...WTH...