Wednesday, July 28, 2010


While reading the article, I feel like taking the leap. I'm not sure if it's just me. I've been encountering signs and hints for me to take the plunge. Magazine articles, talks with colleagues, environment @ work...but should I take the risk? Following my dream and passion but earning peanuts? Follow the brain or follow the heart? Sigh...

Read here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

讓我歡喜讓我憂- 周華健 (Emil Chow)

suddenly on a emil chau craze...listening to his songs over and over again...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Different people different lifestyle

I admired people who spend on luxury items. A little envy too. Spending more than a few thousands of Ringgit on a Prada bag or killer pair of Jimmy Choo's stilettos or that sexy BCBG Maxazria dress. Not everyone is willing to depart with that amount of money for designer goods. Not me definitely. It's not that I can't afford it (I can just swipe my card and empty all that month's salary in clearing the debt),but I rather use the money for good food or for travelling.
In a way, I'm glad that I am not into branded stuff. They might look so good but I'm still reluctant to spend so much on it. The most expensive bag I got is my laptop backpack which costs about RM200+. LOL. Also, I'm a very fickle-minded person. I want varieties to choose from. What if I got a LV handbag and got tired of it after 2 months? I definitely cannot afford to buy new ones every now and then. So I prefer to stick to cheaper brands so that I can buy a variety of them (NOT a good habit either, but at least it's a LOT cheaper)...

Speaking of shopping, I noticed that I can resist the temptations compared to last time. I wanted to buy things but by the end of the day, I just went home empty handed. And I feel proud of myself *pats self on the back*.
Back to the topic, once a colleague told me - 'To have a branded bag is every girl's dream. Is that yours?
Well, different people have different lifestyle.
*cough* unless someone wants to sponsor me, I don't mind getting the items in the pictures above geh *cough*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lee Hom - 柴米油鹽醬醋茶



I am sick of living my life based on people's expectations. I am sick of thinking too much on what people think of me. I am sick of making myself suffer because I want to make a good impression. For example, in work, sick leave is given for a reason, so who cares if I utilise them once a month? Who gives a shit if I don't take them at all? I'm always punctual to work but thinking of it, am I stupid to follow by the rule if everyone else is not doing the same? Why do I need to work hard to impress others when I am not enjoying what I do? Why do I need to care if people doesn't know me by name even after I've done them a favour? Why do I care so much of taking care other people's feeling? Just so sick of it. Wish I can run far far away and live the life I want. I want to be selfish. I want to be carefree. Can I?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 things to do on a day off

1. Sleep in - I don't get this luxury anymore. Heck, I even woke up earlier on weekends compared to weekdays. It's been a long time I did not hug Xiao Sheep in the morning liao...
I miss Xiao Sheep
2. Bake - One of my resolution is to bake and cook more...but sadly, this is my first attempt this year...
It's delicious...Looks ok bor?
3. Make konyakku jelly - I know dear likes this so I made lots and lots...unfortunately, i don't have the suitable mould, hence, I used ice cubes moulds...Improvise ma...

With laici
4. Eat breakfast with mum and dad - I don't get to do this as often as last time as I am not working on shift anymore...It's a good time to help mum at the kitchen. We made spaghetti...Yummylicious...
5. Play with mr nottie
nottie boy
6. Play with kittie...abuchiak - no, it's not dirty, his colour is naturally like that...
7. Go shopping - or should I say window shopping.....:P
8. Watch a movie at home - Did you hear about the morgans?
funny movie
9. Do mask - with cucumber on my idea why I got eye bags nowadays...hate it!
10. Read a good book - currently reading : Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society...
somehow the girl on the cover gives me the creep...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Food Review:Alexis, Gardens

It was Jo An's wedding day on 10th of July. As usual, the gang of 'ji mui' is up early in the morning to prepare for the games and challenges. It was a successful event and we got a 'reasonable' amount of red packets and the amount is just nice to cover our lunch @ Alexis. LOL, reward for our hard work for the day. (thinking of it, actually it was the 'heng tai' which did all the hard work.)
Initially, we wanted to go to Old Klang road for this famous pork burger. But looking at the map, it was pretty tough to find our way. (I know I know, time to get a GPS). Alexis in Gardens is one of the biggest of its outlets. The environment is cosy, until our friend here feels like dozing off.
We ordered quite an amount of food. And not surprisingly, the plates were all clean at the end of the meal (we're big eaters, no?)
1) Salad Nicoise
Combination of tuna sashimi, cheery tomatoes, potatoes, a yummylicious soft booiled egg, green string bean (so fresh and super crunchy!) and olive. I didn't like the tuna sashimi. It's a bit hard and does not have the fresh tuna taste. But the rest of the combination is great.

2) Fish and chips
Fried to perfection. Most important, the fish is fresh and the fries are really crispy.The greens that came with it are rockets which is Soon Yeng's fave but I find it a bit bland and hard to chew.
3) Chicken escalope
Chicken meat, de-boned and flattened, then fried with breadcrumps and thymes. Served with roasted cherry tomatoes and more rockets. I like this dish but it's better dipped in ketchup.

4) Linguine pasto
First time I tried pesto was in Delicious and I fell in love with it. Pesto sauce is made from basil leaves, pine nuts, etc. I prefer the peto here compared to Delicious as it's more flavourful.

5) Sauteed button mushroom
I love button mushroom. But I would not normally order a dish of just button mushroom. Thanks to Sook Yun who ordered this. I really love the creamy sauce that comes with chopped parsley and bread that goes well with the sauce.

6) Penne carbonara
Somehow this dish is not so appealing. The carbonara lacks the ooomph that makes you want to eat more and more...I like the crsipy beef bacon, though.

7) Pizza in 2 types of flavour
Forgot what's the flavour we ordered but I love the pan pizza. Would definitely come back for more.

8) Infamous tiramisu with cognac
Coated with caramelized mixed nuts, the cake has a heavy taste of coffee liquer. Soft and melts in your mouth. Satisfying!

9) Banoffee pie
As much as I love both banana and coffee but this is a little too bitter for my tastebud. I still prefer my desserts to be sweet and satisfying.

Total damage : RM 300.15
(thanks Jo An and Seng Kit for the wonderful lunch!! :P)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July

Did anyone look up at the sky this morning?

Girls just wanna have fun....

The day started out by sleeping in after the Toy Story marathon...Blissful Wednesday of 16.06. The day three of us took leave from our stressful and pathetic working schedule as it's the 'princess' birthday...Wakakaka...
We decided to spend the day just hanging out and shopping and of course great food.
Our venue changed from 1U to Sunway Pyramid because I wanted to try out FullHouse...:P.

There's a story behind Fullhouse

Spaghetti carbonara with ham and mushroom
Not bad...but not the best carbonara I've tasted.

Mushroom soup
I like this! Creamy with the perfect combination of almond...

Wok-Sear Chicken Chop
Grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato, daily vegetable and black pepper raisin juice. The sauce is nice.
Smooties-Fruities Fish
Pan-fried butter fish infused with passion berries fruit reduction and sun-dried tomato. It's a unique taste-sweet. I kinda like it but the fish has too strong of a fishy smell...
Small and expensive...

So anyway, our 'shopping' day ended without buying anything. LOL...But we did try out a lot of clothes, hairbands, specs and shoes...
New look?

Oh ya...and we had some pretty bad tasting dessert. Note to self...Do not try the desserts at Coffee Beans. It might look nice but taste horrible...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bad boys

I'm attracted to bad boys. And I do think most girls have the same thoughts whether they admit it or not. I find Chuck Bass' character very appealing. Those who have been following Gossip Girl will know who I'm talking about. He is only interested in sex and money. But towards season 2, he got serious with Blair Waldorf and we see a whole different side of him.
Only started watching GG from season 3, and I fell in love with the pair. They are wicked and twisted in a way and that's what make them interesting.
While we may dream or fantasize about this type of guys, I doubt that we really want them as a lifetime partner.

*below are taken from*

There are typically four reasons good girls fall for guys like these:

1. The impulse to perpetuate what’s familiar.
Many women attracted to rogues had a father who was a little wild and rebellious. Because many girls idealize their father, they may seek a partner with similar traits. This usually isn’t a conscious decision; much of the allure happens below the level of awareness. Girls may also choose these boys on the assumption that Dad will be impressed.

2. The urge to redo the father-daughter relationship.
The motivation is an attempt to revise a troubled or distant relationship with their dad. Often, attraction is fueled by unmet childhood needs from the opposite-sex parent. So if a woman chooses someone reminiscent of her father, her motivation may be to remedy childhood hurts.

3. The drive to rehabilitate or “save” a wayward man.
Simply put, many women are rescuers. It’s a challenge for them to reform an incorrigible man. These women think, Sure, he gets into trouble, but I can change him! Ego is involved as well. It’s inflating when a woman feels like she is the only one who can transform a man.

4. The appetite for adventure.
Other women like the excitement, thrills, and sense of danger bad boys bring. This is especially true for those who have been “good girls” all their lives. Perhaps they grew up in a family that demanded conformity and compliance with rules. So they’re intrigued with men who scoff at rules and shrug off responsibility.

How do these relationships usually turn out? In a word, poorly. That’s because bad boys won’t change unless they want to—no matter how long-suffering their partner might be. Further, despite initial attraction, most women get tired of bailing a man out of jail, wondering if he’ll make it home from a party, or catching him with another woman. Women who sign on with bad boys enlist for endless conflict and turmoil. Ironically, the very thing that draws good girls and bad boys together is usually their undoing. Many women have learned the hard way that bad boys make bad dating partners--and even worse spouses.