Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I just witnessed a crime....

I saw this guy on the bike making a couple of rounds at the playground while I was jogging just now....Felt something not right as he looks so suspicious. My first instinct is to go near houses with people and wanted to make my way back. When I was just about to turn and head home, I heard a loud scream. Thought it was a group of youngsters playing nearby. Then I saw that guy. He was chasing a girl few steps from his bike, pulling the girl's bag. The girl didn't let go, and the bastard pushed her to the ground and slapped her hard a few times before forcefully pulling the bag and took off with his bike.
I didn't know what to do. I was scared. I was numb for a few secs and the girl ran towards the row of shops, crying loudly. I wanted to chase after her and help her. But I was too shocked. I saw people coming out to help her and I just ran all the way home. All this took place just about 100 metres from me.
I will never jog there alone anymore....

Friday, June 22, 2007

little prayers

i might not know how to pray but i hope God can hear this...

i pray for my dad to be well soon and have many more healthy years to come
i pray the same for my mum
i pray that dad will listen to us and not work anymore come end of the year - dad, you are not as strong as you were 20 years ago
i pray that our family will be always happy and in harmony
i pray for my dear friends - may all go smoothly and even if they don't, be strong, we will always have each other to rely on
i pray that i, myself, can be strong in difficult times
i pray for Andy who is going to conquer Penang Bridge this weekend- ROAR....
i pray for our Foxpro netball matches tomorrow - may we get pass to the finals
i pray for all whom i loved and still love dearly - i pray for you, happiness and luck
and lastly, i pray for lucy, my dear dear lucy....may you be with us for many more years to come....

*i just felt a bit emotional now....haven't felt like this for quite some time...allow me to cry tonight and may this be the last time for a long long time*

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fulfilling day....

It was a fun trip to FRIM last Saturday (to celebrate CY's birthday, hehe)....Our initial plan was to Sg Gabai but we ended up in FRIM. Main highlight is the Canopy walk, but it was shorter than expected....We did some charity as well, donating blood - to leeches and mosquitoes. :P
On the way back to KL, as usual, any of our outings will not be complete without food. Had a cold cold Sago Lolo in Kepong. It has a branch in Jalan Imbi - the stall is Gei Dak Sik (literally translated as Remember to Eat).
The dessert is nice. We had some snacks as well....
Followed by a karaoke session, we sang our lungs out for nearly 4 hours....And then a steamboat dinner. CY, great way to spend your birthday ya.....

Canopy Walk

Can anyone guess what is that?

Going up

Honey dew sago lolo


Healthier body, healthier mind

I've been quite healthy nowadays ( except for my addiction to coffee- will try to cut that)....Going for walks and jogs....eating less meat and oily food....Even went to Lake Garden, Bukit Gasing and FRIM. Landed on my butt twice at Bukit Gasing because it was slippery and muddy.....:P....I was amazed at some senior citizens. They have more stamina than me...
Joining my first run, since secondary school, on 5th August...Adidas King of the Road...Hope I will be able to complete the run.


Finally finished the Heroes series within 1 week .....Each episode ends with a cliff-hanger which makes me want to watch the next one. Powers I think is the coolest (in order or preference):

1) Ability to absorb others' powers
2) Ability to manipulate space-time continuum
3) Ability to be change shape and create illusion
4) Ability to talk to machine
5) Ability to be invisible
6) Ability to heal

Imagine the things that can be done if you possess one of those powers. But, with great power, comes great responsibilites.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Little Vietnam

Place : Little Vietnam (near to GSC Mid Valley)

Well, suddenly crave for Vietnamese food so went for Little Vietnam...Ordered the Spicy Beef Pho (famous dish in Vietnam). Not bad at all. Not too spicy and sour. The beef slices and beefballs is delicious. Tender and not over-cooked. The noodle is something like 'mai fun' aka rice noodle but it's a bit thicker. For dessert it was a beautifully made 3-coloured drink. But I prefer cendol.....:P

Hidden treasure

Place : Behind Timesquare ( I forgot the name of the stall)

It was pouring cats and dogs, but that didn't hinder us to go on as planned. We waited in the car when we reach the back alley of Timesquare as it was raining too heavy to get to the stall. I was surprised that there were many people despite the downpour. It was my first experience also eating in a stall in such rain and with the ground below me flooded. Well, a bit unhygienic as it may sound the food was nice. Famous for it's curry 'san chu yuk' (wild boar) and the 'kao yuk mui choy' (pork with salted vege), it was a satisfying meal. It was perfect weather for a hot, herb chicken soup in coconut also. The meat is very tasty but the salted vege is too salted. Nice if it is eaten with a bowl of plain porrigde. Give this stall a try if you want a simple but delicious meal. It's quite hidden at the back of Timesquare, opposite to Purple Cane Tea house.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ways to curb climate change

THE Earth has warmed by approximately 0.75°C since pre-industrial times. Eleven of the warmest years in the past 125 years had occurred since 1990, with 2005 the warmest so far. The warming is due to emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), from burning fossil fuels as well as releases of methane from livestock, agriculture and decaying rubbish.

Global warming is not a problem for someone else to sort out as we are all responsible. Everything we buy and use has a history of energy use behind it.

Choose climate-friendly appliances

An energy-efficient refrigerator can save nearly half a tonne of CO2 a year, compared with an older model.

Light up with less

Switch to energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFL). Being 75% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, they use less energy and hence, reduce CO2 emissions. If each Malaysian household replaces a 60W incandescent lamps with three 11W CFLs, this will save 1.5 billion kWhrs or RM400mil a year.

Turn it off

Leaving your television, computer, monitor and DVD player on standby mode can chalk up a hefty electricity bill. Switch them off when you go to bed.

Keeping cool

Set the air-conditioning at home and the office at a comfortable – not freezing – temperature. Raising the temperature by 1.5°C can save one tonne of CO2 a year. Keep doors closed to keep the cold in.

Put up a clothesline

Don’t use tumble dryers. Dry your clothes the way your mother did – by hanging them in the sun.

Power up with solar

It is now possible to install solar panels and produce your own solar energy. Find out more at ptm.org.my.

Buy green electricity

Lobby power suppliers to produce clean, renewable energy such as solar energy and biogas.

Not too cold

Keep the refrigerator temperature at between 3°C and 5°C so as not to waste electricity. It works most efficiently in a cool environment, so don’t place it next to the window or stove. A grimy condenser coil can raise energy use by 30%, so keep it dust-free.

Light up right

Use natural daylight instead of turning on lights. Switch off lights when you leave a room. Lighting accounts for 19% of global electricity consumption.

Give a gift of plant

Trees and plants absorb CO2. So, give them away for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and so on.

Share tools

How often do you use that power drill or high-pressure washer? Share electrical appliances with your friends and neighbours.

Seek out cotton

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are derived from petrochemicals and are made using vast amounts of water and energy. Replace them with cotton material, preferably organic, since cotton is often grown using pesticides and bleached to look white.

Support local produce

Buy locally produced food and goods whenever possible. Shifting goods all over the world burns up fuel, which creates pollution and worsens global warming.

Never dump, recycle!

A person throws away 10 times his bodyweight in rubbish each year. One kilogram sent to the landfill produces 2kg of methane. Reusing things spares the need for new materials and energy.

Think before you buy

Everything we buy sends ripples through the environment as its production and disposal exhaust energy and resources, and leave behind waste.

Buy second-hand

You will avoid consuming all the energy used in producing and transporting a new product.

Say ‘No’ to plastic bags

More than 500 plastic bags are distributed each year and less than 3% of them are recycled. Made from polyethylene, which is derived from petroleum, plastic bags almost never ever degrade and emit harmful greenhouse gases. Always bring your own shopping bag.

Smart cooking

A pressure cooker can cut cooking time by a third, hence saving energy.

Eat less meat

The meat industry emits about 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases, with much of it coming from nitrous oxide in manure and methane from cows’ digestive tracts.

Become a vegan

By eliminating meat from your diet, you can shrink your carbon footprint by up to 1.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Invest in a solar charger

It will power your rechargeable batteries with free, clean energy.

Abandon your car

Avoid unnecessary car trips. Walk or cycle for short distances and take the bus or train whenever possible. Have a car-free day once or twice a week.

It’s cool to car-pool

Fewer cars on the road means less traffic congestion, climate-changing gases and air pollutants.

Pump up your tyres

For every 6psi that a tyre is under-inflated, fuel consumption can rise by1%.

Ecological driving

Stick to the speed limit. Rapid acceleration and harsh braking leads to greater fuel usage. Have your car serviced regularly for optimum performance.

Lighten the load

Don’t use your car as storage space. The heavier the car, the higher the fuel consumption.

Be a green driver

Invest in electric, hybrid or hydrogen cars when they become available in the market.

Light up with the sun

Use solar-powered outdoor lights for your garden.

Work close to home

Less commuting translates to fuel savings. Alternatively, convince your employer to let you work from home once or twice a week.

Pay bills online

With e-transactions, you can avoid car trips and save paper, too.

Wasted power

Unplug your mobile phone as soon as it has finished charging.

Wash when full

Fill your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load – this will save you water, electricity and washing powder.

Green your flight

Each year, aviation produces as much carbon dioxide as is produced by human activities in Africa. So, travel by road or rail for short distances, or offset the carbon released each time you fly by supporting a tree-planting scheme (carbonneutral.com).

Live small

The bigger your house, the more electricity you will need to light and cool it. The production of building materials, such as cement, releases carbon too.

Cool homes

Design your dwelling, office or building to be climate-friendly by incorporating energy-saving features.

Ecological travel

Turn the lights and air-conditioning off when you leave your hotel room. Ask for your room towels to be washed every other day.

Guard the green

Forests are the world’s natural lungs. They purify the air and absorb heat-trapping gases. So, protect them and plant more trees.

Keep peat forests intact

Peat forests are natural carbon sinks and stores. Dig and drain them and you will release massive amounts of carbon, which lie buried in the soil.

Be carbon neutral

Corporations should audit their carbon footprint. After reducing emissions as much as possible, offset the rest by purchasing carbon credits for tree-planting or renewable energy schemes. Individuals should do the same, too.

Go for green energy

Lobby your company management to invest in energy conservation measures or renewable energy.

What’s your carbon footprint?

Measure how much CO2 your activities release at carbonfootprint.com.

**Taken from TheStar**

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Melting Ice - A Hot Topic?

5th June 2007

Today is World Environment Day (WED).

To read more visit http://www.unep.org/wed/2007/english/

Let's make the world a better place to live. We all can make a difference. Start from small little steps and spread the act and words around. Each little contribution means a lot.

Do get the DVD or CD for An Inconvenient Truth. You'll never know how severe some of the world environmental issues till you watch this.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

You'll never walk alone

Sounds familar? Fans of Liverpool will know...

Many things were running through my head during facial just now (though the pain is quite unbearable...again).

I guess, certain part of our life, certain paths and journey, we have to walk alone.

Certain situations, no matter how hard, we need to face alone to make us grow. It's part and parcel of life.

All who have walked with me in the past, our paths might not cross again but I do wish you well.

All who are still walking with me, I sincerely thank you. Mum, Dad, Sis, Bro-in-Law, my dear friends....,the ones who used to love me...You guys and gals have been part of my life. Thanks for holding my hands through some difficult periods.

Remember that I will always be here if ever you need a shoulder to cry on, lend a listening ear and offer a hand to walk together with you.

I should count my blessings...And I will from now onwards.