Tuesday, July 28, 2009

L-o-n-g-e-r weekends

I wish to have looooongerrrrr weekends -_-
I guess everyone wish for the same. Seriously, I barely have time to rest.
End of my shift Friday night, I reached home about 1 am. Barely seven hours later, I dragged my lazy ass up for a jog (I needed the stamina for the night run). I did some house chores (yes, I do house chores), washed some clothes (and yes, I do wash clothes) and then it's time to go makan makan and jalan jalan and watch movie with someone special. Rushed home near evening to have an hour or two of sleep and then off to Shape Night Run in Putrajaya. My first night run...
It was pretty crowded, pretty stuffy and pretty humid but I think I did pretty good. :P
And the night view from the bridge is beautiful.
Pic 1: Thorn among the roses
It's hard to sleep after the run although I am so tired, physically. So ended up sleeping at 1am again.
So the next morning, woke up early again (is 8 am early?). Washed some clothes (yes, even on Sundays), cleaned my room and then it's time to go out for some therapy - retail therapy. And so, I unleashed the shopaholic within, bought a pair of fairly expensive shoes from URS (and I don't even dare to tell someone special on the price, let alone the two blouses I bought, shhhh).
Pic 2: Pretty?
It's hard to control the temptations. With sales, sales and sales everywhere. Furthermore, I really needed a new pair of flats as the previous pair was beyond repair (and I threw it away in Jakarta). And I really needed working clothes. It's important to invest in your career. Agree? *blink*blink*
Pic 3: My accomplice
I promise myself not to buy anymore shoes/ clothes until...well..until HK trip end of the year...:P
And the beautiful Sunday ended with a dinner with a special group of people (no pun intended).
Pic 4,5,6:look at those happy smiling faces....

So, yeah, I really hope to have a longer weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

古巨基 - 友共情

love this song...
and it even has a 'fly kite' scene in it...WTH...
dedicated to all you out there...you know who you are..*wink*wink*

Sunday, July 12, 2009


There's is nothing more rewarding than having a warm bubble bath after a long work day. Add some bath salt, lots of bubbles, sit back and relax. Followed by some comfort food - chocolate cake (called Opera Slice) and a really delicious Orange Cheese slice while watching Discovery Travel and Living...
This is a pleasure...
If only I have someone to share the moment with...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

much ado about jakarta

Well, I am still not used to being called 'bu'...i know it is coutesy(a way to greet a lady) but it makes me feel so errmmm....old??
Anyway, I had a little historical journey through Jakarta today and learnt a lot...will blog about this soon.
I indulged a lot of good food these few days. Breakfast buffet in this hotel is excellent. They even serve sushi. I have 100,000 RP voucher each day for food. So dinner is practically free. I just have to fork out a little amount to enjoy a sumptuos meal. And I had a delicious traditional nasi padang meal for lunch today (full of curry and santan).
I don't want to gain weight before I go back so I FINALLY went to the gym earlier. The gym here is equivalent to any gym centers back home. And the swimming pool is really nice. Gosh, I can get used to this kind of living.
One thing I dislike is the traffic here. You need a LOT of courage to drive on the road. But still it can't beat the traffic in India. Earlier this evening, they were having a march/ campaign near the hotel (at the National Stadium) for this coming Wednesday's election. 'People mountain, people sea' to literally put it. Even little kids joined. The traffic was a chaos. People were holding flags and banners. But this is just a peaceful march. It's an experience as I was stucked in the van in the middle of all these.
I detoured to Senayan City and Plaza Senayan yesterday before heading back to the hotel. These two are one of the most luxurious shopping malls here (and they have a LOT of shopping malls). Senayan City is another version of Pavillion. Posh, luxury, branded goods. One thing I must ackowledge - the people here are actually quite good looking. Pretty girls everywhere and they sure know how to dress up.
More updates and pictures soon. Want to watch TV now. Good night Malaysia.