Monday, July 25, 2011

"'Til I Hear You Sing" [Taken from Love Never Dies]

Captivated by this song.

The day starts, the day ends
Time crawls by
Night steals in, pacing the floor
The moments creep,
Yet I can’t bear to sleep
Till I hear you sing

And weeks pass, and months pass
Seasons fly
Still you don’t walk through the door
And in a haze
I count the silent days
Till I hear you sing once more.

And sometimes at night time
I dream that you are there
But wake holding nothing but the empty air

And years come, and years go
Time runs dry
Still I ache down to the core
My broken soul
Can’t be alive and whole
Till I hear you sing once more

And music, your music
It teases at my ear
I turn and it fades away and you’re not here

Let hopes pass, let dreams pass
Let them die
Without you, what are they for?
I’ll always feel
No more than halfway real
Till I hear you sing once more

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Improvement please!

Since my bro in law had the operation, I have been driving on and off to work as my sister car pools with me in the morning and sometimes after work. I park near the MAB. It's about 10-15 minutes away from my office.
So, from my car to office, I need to walk through the bus/taxi pick up/drop off point in KL Sentral.
Now, I am not sure how many of you have been there. Walking through it daily, I just feel that someone should make that place more presentable. It's the hub for transportation in KL, for God's sake.
1. There is only ONE escalator going up and ONE staircase going down. So if the escalator malfunction, people will need to climb up the stairs. Imagine if you have a 15kg luggage with you. Now, imagine if you have TWO 15kg luggage with you. Or imagine people with physical disability.
2. Fine. If you have TWO luggage, you think you can just take the elevator. There is only ONE elevator and it's small, smelly and dark. And best of all, it has been down for like a month now.
3. OK so there is a signboard saying that porter is available. But of so many times I walked pass, there's no one standing nearby to offer any help.
4. You finally manage to get to the bottom of the staircase, to the sight of rude and loud bus conductor, asking everyone if they are going KLIA/LCCT. Taxis and buses waiting by the roadside, emitting smoke from their stalling vehicles.
5. Then you crossed the road to the other side of the walkway. A SMALL walkway, attempting to dodge people coming from the opposite traffic. Imagine a person, pushing a baby cart or lugging a big suitcase in front of you and you are rushing for time. Good luck on trying to overtake them. Also, it's very inconvenient for the blinds as the raised pathway for them is right in the middle of the small pathway. So everyone has to dodge and avoid bumping into them.
6. Sometimes, the roadside has pools of water, either by the rain or the construction. Better avoid the side of the walkway unless you want to get splashed by the passign taxis and buses. Oh, did I mention that it's poorlit lit as well?
Just hope relevant party will take action to improve the place. It's the first place some tourist see as they arrive from the airport. It's a shame to the country indeed!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Second half

Time flies...
We're already on the 4th day of the second half of the year. Feels like it's just yesterday that I had my year end trip to Taiwan. Still reminiscence the time we spent there.
For the first half of the year, I'm struggling to fit in the new environment, new work challenge, new colleagues and new culture. It's been an eye opener and what I've learnt is - to say no at the right time. There were times when I feel down and demotivated but I've always manage to kick myself out of it. But then after some time, it happens again.
I think it's a cycle. Sigh...

So anyway, these few days were pretty interesting. I've learn something new about somebody (eventhough I've known this person for few years now) and it changed my perception towards that person (positively).
I went to a Spa in Aman Suria and gosh, it was an experience...It's not recommended at all. I shall not speak about it more. Who knows I might get sued (you know with bloggers being sued over their bad remarks on food, etc).
Met up with some ex-colleagues last Saturday. It's always good to talk about old times.

At night, the gang and I decided to go 'ronda-ronda di Putrajaya'. It was not a disappointment. Putrajaya is actually really beautiful at night, with the lightings on the buildings and bridge. Wonder when the government will actually do more to promote it as a tourist attraction.

Sunday was 'Transformers' day. Sad to say, not having enough sleep for two nights in a row, I nearly dozed off in the first half of the show. (or could it be from the full Sakae lunch I had?)

Something funny happened today. I put a RM50 note in the KLIA transit machine and guess what...all my change are in coins...I feel like I hit a jackpot. But luckily, I had it changed to notes at the counter.
So, what have you been up to?
Whatever it is...ENJOY the rest of 2011.