Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

There we were at 4:30pm at Cap Square on 28.03.2009 to support Earth Hour.
Yes, it might be a publicity stint, it might be a hyped up event but nonetheless, it's still first of its kind in Malaysia. The crowd started to gather to collect the limited edition T-shirt about 5pm. It started to drizzle but fortunately, the clouds cleared up just before 6:00pm. After much waiting and loitering, TV host, Joey G...the handsome one...kick started the event. He did a great job as the host of the night. Fun and energetic.
The Walk of Hope started at 7:30pm after some marching band and cheerleading performances. It was an enjoyable 20 minutes walk around Cap Square. Met some TV hosts like Gary Yap, Belinda Chee and some well known figures in the entertainment industry like Yasmin Ahmad, etc. Buses and cars showed their support by winding down their windows and honking. At 8:30pm, we witnessed KL tower went dark, followed by Twin Towers. With darkness all around, the candle lights made a beautiful scene. It was an experience to remember.
For those who missed it especially CY), make sure you'll be a part of this event next year.
On another note, I am all out for energy conservation and saving mother nature but I must admit also that many organisations took this opportunity to make profit. So the best way to save mother nature still comes from each individual. Use less paper cups in the office (bring your own cup), re-use those plastic stirrer, do not print unless necessary and recycle used paper. If everyone plays a little part, it will make a big difference. Us with Joey G Start and finishing line
KL Tower before the lights went out
Candle lights

Friday, March 27, 2009

I wish...

Currently reading and enjoying :

I wish I to have the courage like the author. One of my dream destination is South Africa for the safari. The author tells on her journey to Zambia and all the adventures she went through. Loved her detailed observations and wacky way of writing.

And thanks to the special friend that gave me the 'book thong'. You are right - 'A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart'. Thank you my friend.

Monday, March 23, 2009

When life gets tough...

When life (or rather, work) gets tough, I can't do nothing but to psycho myself everyday. I know I can't complain. There are so many people jobless or on the brink of it. And yet, I am just expected to perform but the biggest problem is I can't find the motivation to do so. The only motivator is ...well, MONEY (I am sure this is the common thing with most employees). Sigh...I broke down and cried that day (and had my dear worried sick about me). I can feel the pressure. Not because of the workload but the expectations from the top. It aint' easy being a staff. So much different from last time.
I missed the time when going to work used to be fun. When we were sitting at that corner, talking and laughing loudly. I guess everything changes with time.
Talking about changes, we spent the whole Sunday walking around Mid Valley and I didn't even get myself anything. First, it's because I am on saving mode (really....). And then, I realise, that I am more picky and choosy nowadays. Does this comes with age? And that's not all. The most frustrating thing is, the items (be it clothes or shoes or bags) I have my eyes on, are blaaaardy expensive. Damn it...-_-".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lessons from the slum...

Slumdog Millionaire does not appeal to me when it was first opened in the cinema but due to all the publicity and all the attention it received from the Academy Awards, I can't contain the curiosity on what is so great about that movie.
I guess people nowadays like to watch something real (as in all the reality shows popping up), something that shows the daily lives of other people.
The movie depicts the life of the poverty stricken community in Mumbai where the children roams freely without enough to eat let alone have the privilege of education. Many begs but most will steal and cheat their way for some food. I've witnessed something similar in Delhi itself. It was not as bad but I've saw children begging and knocking on cars' windows at the traffic light.
I remember one incident when a little boy kept following us. He offers to polish my colleague's shoe with a small fee. He was very persistant, so my colleague decided to just give him some rupees but he refused. He said that he must earn his money and insist in polishing shoes before receiving the rewards.
I've been brought for a tour in the older part of Delhi. I've been in old streets, tasted roadside stalls and witnessed the lives of a normal mid-income family. It is so much different from what we are having here. We can learn more actually by witnessing all these. We tend to take things for granted. We tend to complain when we face some obstacles. We tend to grumble when things don't go according to the way we wanted it.
Anyway, back to Slumdog, the movie is not bad actually. Go watch it if you haven't...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


*cough*cough*Why can't this blardy cough go away...KNS...I hate this...
I've finished two bottles of chinese medicine, one bottle of cough syrup from the clinic,*cough*cough* some pills from the doctor and now on another bottle of cough syrup and yet I am still blaaardddyyyy coughing...*cough*cough*
I can't eat ice-cream, I can't eat the cendol we always pass by in Seri Kembangan, I always got nagged when I *cough*cough* eat some spicy/fried food and I have to blaaaarrrrdddyyy missed a couple of runs and 2009 Towerthon because of this. Even jogging a couple of minutes will make me cough like mad.*cough*cough*
Gosh...Any good and EFFECTIVE remedy anyone??

It's here!!

I was hoping
I was praying
that the date will not be coinciding with the trips to Bali and Cambodia.
One of the most anticipating event (aside all the trips) is finally confirmed.
Knowing me...and my kan-cheong-ness, I made sure I got the tickets first hand by regularly checking the forums. When the news was released, I was so excited (I know u don't understand why, my dear)...The VVIP tickets are much too expensive for me (in saving mode now) so I opt for the second most expensive. Anyway, I will be waiting for 02.05.2009 to come...