Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food Review: California Pizza Kitchen

Pop quiz: What do you mainly order when you go to California Pizza Kitchen? A: Pizzas of course...Duh....(i know it's lame)
Anyway, it's my first time to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). We only ordered a pizza and a pasta so we will still have space for dessert later.

We had
1) Portobello Mushroom Ravioli

Rosemary ravioli filled with Portobello mushrooms, herbs and cheese. Topped with imported Italian tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic or garlic-Parmesan cream sauce.
2) and I actually forgot the name of the pizza. (I think it's Hawaiian BBQ Chicken)

Personally, I really like the pasta dish. it's something different and and you can feel the cheese oozing out when you take a bite. The pizza is quite normal but I do like the amount of cheese on it.

Hot sauce instead of Tabasco sauce
Total damage: Forgotten....:(

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have I been a good daughter?

The other day, I went to the optometrist again. This time round, I managed to persuade my dad to get a new specs as his current is not good enough anymore for reading. My dad is very thrifty on things like these. As long as still can use, why get new ones? I often see him sitting near the light or outside when the sun light is bright enough just to read the papers.

Towards the end of the eye check, I felt a bit emo. The optometrist said my dad's eyes are weak, even the best glasses for him would not be good enough. As cruel as it might sound, it's a fact.

He doesn't have cataracts but due to old age, he would soon have difficulty in reading. This can be corrected by surgery but do I still want to put my dad through it? I felt selfish at that point. I spent a large amount of money on Lasik and yet, I never really cared enough for both my parents.

At that point, I ponder, have I wasted my money? Why didn't I give more thoughts on their well-being?

I do feel the stress. I'm scared that I can't take care of them well enough. All I cared most of the time was my next holiday. And all I whined about is my job. My parents are doing the same thing of half of their life and yet they never complaint. I feel very guilty and emotional. Sigh...
It's not easy to say sorry and it's not any easier to express how much you love your parents. Sometimes, words are not enough. I don't know how to continue this post anymore...just hope both my parents will have
a happy and healthy road ahead....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


19.09.2009 was no special day for ROM...Hehe...Wrong guesses my friends...

It was the day I plucked up enough courage to FINALLY go for LASIK. As much as I tried to denied that I did it out of vanity, that's my main reason (no la...it's for convenience-still in denial)

I started wearing glasses, when I was about 10 or 11. It is confirmed that I have short-sightedness when at that time, I couldn't see the numbers on the buses clearly, even when it's less than 3 metres away. My mum forced me to go to the optometrist and ever since then, spectacles has been part of my life.

At times I really loath wearing them. I envy people who has perfect vision. I hated it everytime I have to spend on glasses.

Almost 20 years of living with glasses, it feels so good to wake up without seeing everything in a blur state. It's also much more convenient as I always go for runs and hiking. And I can finally learn to swim...One reason that discouraged me to learn swimming is because I can't see clearly without glasses. Though it's no small amount of money spent, but I tried to console myself with all the pros.

The procedure itself is really painless. Just a bit if irrtation and a bit of tugging and pulling at the flap of my eyes and that's it. What tortured me was the waiting time and the pre-treatment hour. I was very nervous by the time I go in to the laser room and the nurses were kind enough to hold my hands to clam me. So much for pretending to be cool and calm -_-".

And thanks to dear who accompany me through it all.

Now, day 3 post treatment, I can see almost 90%. Just that my eyes will get tired easily and a bit blur at times. It's worth the money spent. But this also means that I have to be on a strict, i repeat STRICT budget for the next couple of months...*sighs*...

Monday, September 07, 2009


Another highlight of the year...
Hope everything goes well...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

That's my wallpaper for the moment...Lame?? Haha...


It's hard trying to be someone. It's harder trying to be someone perfect. And it's so much harder trying to deny that you are trying to be someone perfect that you are not and wanting to please other people in the progress.
I was feeling very emo on Friday. Not only Friday, I guess lately I've been throwing tantrums and getting angry easily. Blame it on PMS. Blame it on work stress. Blame it on someone else although he did nothing wrong.
At times, I swore to control my emotion. But it's really easier said than done. I might be good a few days then it will all start again. Why am I like that? In the process, I tend to say hurtful things and be rude to people I am close with.
Well, enough said. I'm going to stop blaberring. What done is done. So, I'm going to slap myself each time I feel like I am going down the same path again. Just so sick of trying to please everyone. hmmmpppphhhh...:X

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Two months ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Jakarta for work. At first, I was excited. Who's not when you get to stay at a 5-start hotel for free, eat for free and on top of that, you have travel allowances. But WTH, after 2 weeks there, my heart is yearning to come home. Not sure if it's a sign of getting mature (rather than OLD) and craving to have a stable (and BORING) life. Haha...
kinda miss my room
It was quite an experience I had there. Aside from the friendly people (well at least in the office), I'm actually quite surprised when I visited some malls there. Everywhere I turned, there are pleant of pretty and hot chicks. I'm impressed at the way they dress up and their styles. Hmmm...Maybe those malls I went were quite high class (similar to Pavillion).
Everyday, I took a taxi to and from office. Some taxi drivers are nice. Most think that they are 'King of the Road'. It's a mandatory to be able to weave in and out during heavy traffic. Talking about traffic, it's REALLY bad here during peak hours. But then again, I guess it's the same in all big cities.I had a short day trip around the city and visited the main tourist attractions.
Among them:
Muzium Gajah (their national museum)
small little symbolic elephant in front of the musuem
China Town (which is similar like our old Petaling Street- not the current state where it's dominated by foreigners)
Shops selling snacks of all kind in China Town
buah lontar, tastes like cocnut and very refreshing
Sunda Kelapa port (which I witnessed great balancing act of workers carrying heavy sacks across a tiny wooden planks between the ship and ground)
one slip and you'll be in the water
Taman Fatahillah (which served as anadministrative center of Batavia (Jakarta) in the 18th century).
a stone marker on one of the oldest building in town
a make shift tailor near the square
prison cell, gave me an eerie feel
It's a historical journey around Jakarta. I went to this Taman Mini also which is kind of like our Taman Mini in Melaka but this is way bigger and more well maintained. It features all the traditional houses in Indonesia as well as replicas of historical monuments. It was a huge park and I think I managed to burn some fats walking around it.
The hotel I stayed is a 5-star hotel and the service and facilities there are great. Staff will smile and greet you wherever you are, press the lift for you, send you fruits, etc etc. I sent 4 blouses and 2 pants to the laundry and it came back clean, fresh and well-ironed (and with a bill of RM 100+). Well, maybe I haven't stayed in many luxurious hotels so I am very impressed with the services.hotel lobby
view from my room, this was during the presidential campaign
ps: I'm still not used to being called 'bu' after two weeks there. Still makes me feel olddd...
pps: I'm disappointed I didn't get to visit the safari as it was a bit far from Jakarta. A trip to Jakara next year, anyone?