Friday, February 29, 2008

end of the 2nd mth

It's the time of the month to review what February has been for me. The 2nd month of the year has passed (well, still a few more hours of it anyway). This month I've:
-Sat through my exam with no sweat at all...studying hard and smart does pay off

-Joined Towerthon but a bit disappointed with the time clocked
-Celebrated Chinese New Year as per tradition every year. This year started not so well as whole family had diarrhoea...:(

-Be assistant chef to my mum during the preparation of a delicious feast on 2nd day of Chinese New Year

-Completed 2 books (1 fiction and 1 non-fiction)

-Satisfied my crave for pancakes @ Paddington

-Continue exercising more than 3 times a week and have been going to gym almost everyday this week
-Catching up with some long lost friends (namely Nash who has fell off the map for so long), meeting some new friends and had some good times hanging out with buddies....

-Got my heartbroken...:( (it's a sad and pity story) but life goes on

-Got myself addicted to editing pictures though I am just learning the VERY VERY basic- anyone can teach me more?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Ending - Mika

only one MV post this month....:P
love this catchy tune

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Take care

It has been a long time
Since I felt this way
Butterflies in my stomach
Heart fluttering
Beating furiously
Everytime you walk by

Though you might not have noticed
You stole my heart
With the warmth of your smile
With the sparkle in your eyes

It has been a long time
To have this feeling again
Giggling like a child
Nervous as ever
When you looked
And smiled charmingly
At me...

It's sad that you are leaving
My heart is broken
But how can it be
When it's never whole to begin with
When you don't even know
The way my heart feels

Wish you all the best
Wish you all the luck
And wish you all the love

Take care


P.S. I Love You - The Movie

Couldn't wait for it to be shown in the big screens so I kind of watched it on the small screen first.
But I'm a little bit disappointed. The book has left some deep imprints in my mind. The movie is not exactly as how the story has been told. I still love the book, the different characters in it, the relationship between Holly and Gerry and then with Daniel. Well, can't have too high expectations for the whole book to be retold in a short 2-hour movie.
Hilary Swank is an excellent actress though and Gerard Butler, with every bit of his muscle in 300, is extremely yummy yummy in the movie.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Food Review: Shogun

A sister branch of Saisaki, Shogun is located in One Utama New wing next to Esquire Kitchen. No photography is allowed on their food but managed to snap some photos. Has a huge variety of food, not only Japanese. Very common Japanese food like sushi, tempura, shasimi and Japanese desserts. Nothing that really catches my attention. The food tasted ordinary. Buffet lunch costs RM 43++.

Food Review: Sakae Sushi

Located in most major shopping complexes, Sakae Sushi has nicer settings than most of it's competitors like Genki Sushi or Sushi King. It has a screen at each table where you can choose and place your orders. Overall, the price is more expensive than other sushi outlets. The plates on the conveyor belt are nothing to shout about but I must give credits to their sets menu. Lots of variety and their sashimi set is very fresh. Costs about RM 90++ for a full Bento set, sashimi and some plates from the belt.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Food Review: Paddington House of Pancakes

Personally, I am not a fan of pancakes. But since I read from a few blogs about this place, I have developed this craving for pancakes since early of the month.
After tiring our legs in IKEA, we went for lunch in Paddington House of Pancakes. Located at The Curve, the environment is normal as any other restaurant. We had a tough time deciding what to eat as the menu is thick! Hungry and indecisive, we asked for recommendations from the waiter (who is kind of blur blur). We asked for iced water as well. Funny thing is, they do not have iced water but provided us with warm water and a separate cup of ice...=_="
So, we settled for 3 selections, Big Piles (nachos with cheese and dips), Tokyo (marinated chicken breast with vege wrap and mashed potato) and of course the famous Treasure Box (pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and lots of mixed fruits. )
Well, overall, I would say the food is very disappointing. The pictures displayed on the menu looked so mouth-watering but they actually tasted very bland eventhough we were starving at that time.
But despite that, I think I will give it another try. Just for other variety of pancakes and not the meals.
Total damage:RM63.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

P.S. I Love You

"My darling Holly,

I don't know where you are or when exactly you are reading this. I just hope that my letter has found you safe and healthy. You whispered to me not long ago that you couldn't go on alone. You can, Holly.

You are strong and brave and you can get through this. We shared some beautiful times together and you made my made my life. I have no regrets. But I am just a chapter in your life. there will be many more. Remember our wonderful memories, but please don't be afraid to make some more.

Thank you for doing me the honor of being my wife. For everything, I am eternally grateful.
Whenever you need me, know that I am with you.

Love Forever,
Your husband and best friend,

PS, I promised a list, so here it is. The following envelopes must be opened exactly when labeled and must be obeyed. And remember, I'm looking out for you, so I will know..." P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

(PS Thanks for this wonderful book. May we each start a new chapter of our own. May you succeed in what you are seeking in life and if you ever need a friend, I will always be here.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

La la la la....

Sometimes, workload in the office is so heavy it makes me want to puke...
And sometimes, I am so free that I practically cleaned up my mailbox, archived everything, deleted all old and unwanted documents from the laptop, documented the project that I am doing now, surveyed for Krabi hotels, read The Star online, read Homaniacs and surf till I do not know what else to surf anymore.
So, I'll leave you some nice photos while I go take my lunch break...

lee hom in laos

lee hom's new look....

(Photos taken from HOMANIACS)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It has been a tradition to have open house for relatives for as long as I can remember. Main highlight is of course, my mum's cooking.Every year we will think of something new to serve on the table. This year is no exception. Well, sad to say that so far I am only the assistant chef.

(from top left:'Ku Lou Yuk','Yee Sang',Mushroom with chicken feet,Vege,Crabstick with brocolli,'Lang pun' with century egg and prawn,roast duck,kuih muih,big small mandarin oranges,varieties of cookies and snacks.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My 'template'

Chen Bo Lin
Call me childish, call me hopeless, call me a day-dreamer but I still wish my future other half will look like him. That hair, that stubble, that bad-boy and arrogant look he carried out in his role in Kung Fu Dunk. Definitely my kind of 'template'. And I still like guys with that hair length.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Act of love, publicity or stupidity?

Billboard proposal: Ad man David Tan came up with a unique marriage proposal. He spent RM40,000 on a billboard and RM14,000 on a diamond ring to pop the question to his girlfriend Kelly Tan on Valentine’s Day. – KAMARUL ARIFFIN / The Star

At first glance, it's so sweet of him...But then with that amount of money, I could have done a LOT of things...Well, LOVE can make a man do many crazy little things...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Perhaps love

Some say it's boring, some say it's a slow movie and some didn't like it because it's musical.Despite all those, I cried when watching it just now. I've no idea why I haven't watch this movie till now. It's a great movie. No, not because of him...

But because the scripts and the lyrics of the songs.
Jacky Cheung really captured his role.
And the lyrics to the songs (thank God for subtitles)...They are meaningful.
Makes me wonder.
Is love really so complicated? Does loving someone means possessing him/her? What is the definition of love then? Why can't it be just the fairy tale everyone hope for? Does it have to be so bitter at times?
There is no real definition of it...Everyone has their own meaning of love.
Well, it's not good to start the year with tears but I can't help it...I cried so easily nowadays when watching movies like these.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Like thousands around the globe, I've seen the pictures...
And honestly, they seem too real to be a hoax...Or the culprit doing this is damn good at photoshop'ing the pictures...
Anyway, here's a video taken from EDC's blog itself.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

It's a tradition every Chinese New Year. The year will not be complete without this. It took a lot of hardwork, cutting up kilos and kilos of vegetables, soaking them in vinegar, draining them and squeezing them dry, grinding the chillis, nuts and sesame seeds and a whole lot of processes involved. Well, this year I didn't manage to help as I was working when mum and dad made it. So, my job - to fill them into bottles. :)It's given to relatives and friends and some ordered it from my mum. My mum's delicious acar....

Another of mum's specialty is hand-made 'keropok udang' or prawn crackers. Not similar to those sold in the market. These are real prawn crackers. Lots of prawns and lots of hardwork....Hopefully, next year I will be able to make it instead of mum...This year, I took the initiative to fold ang pows and hang them. It's been years since I've done that.And the outcome? Totally lift up the mood of CNY...

Anyway, I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone celebrating CNY a happy (x100) new year....Abundance of luck, joy, wealth and health....Gong Xi Fa Chai....

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Woke up at 540 am...less than 6 hours of sleep....
All for:
2,058 steps up
288 metres above ground level

Initially, was getting cold feet as my category will only start 1 hour 15 minutes after the guys' (Andy and Terence) and it was raining...WTH, have to wait for so long. I was thinking of going home after they completed the race. But in the end, I waited and went for it anyway...And not regretted every single bit of it. Wet and tiring....but worth the experience.
And trust me...It was tough when going up the stairs....