Sunday, March 28, 2010

On a hot Sunday afternoon...

(the title is unrelated to this post)
Felt like the whole week just passed by like a dream...Reached home late on Sunday night (or was it early Monday morning?). Could not sleep much and woke up early the next morning. Texted my boss to work from home as there are so much to wash and unpack. Went to work the next day and amazingly, managed to pull off the whole week without much issues. Next couple of days, Mr Flu and Fever paid a visit. H1N1 did cross my mine, but luckily, after some panadols (the doc said panadol is good for flue also wor) and clarityne, felt a lot better now, except for this hacking cough. Even went for a jog yesterday and a hike this morning. Not so much of an eventful week. Oh oh oh and I manage to watch Alice in Wonderland. Love Johnny Depp...Will blog about China trip, if I can find the inspiration to blog about it:
I'll end this with my 10 ten things I don't likeyyyy about packaged tour:
1. visits to places where you are forced to sit a room and listen to people trying to brainwash you to buy things
2. time spent in no 1 resulted in less time to enjoy the beautiful scenery
3. stuck with people that you do not enjoy their companionship
4. queue up each time we visit the toilet
5. no freedom to wander far
6. limited time to pose and capture beautiful shots
7. forced to sing on the bus
8. food has been pre-arranged:10 course meal everyday-I would not complain if the food is nice...but sadly it's not
9. time wasted waiting for everyone to be on the bus
10. no chance to taste local snack, by the road side

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I *heart* Subway

I love I always go for Parmesan Oregano bread and with all the toppings and mayonnaise and thousand island...
And i love it better when shared with someone special...Muaksss...

Friday, March 05, 2010

Food Review:Delicious@Dua Residency

What captured our attention to Delicious @ Dua Residency was the environment. I nearly booked the wrong outlet as there is anothe one @ Marc Residency near KLCC. With the lush green settings of the place, you'll barely notice that you are actually in the middle of hectic KL.
The food was not disappointing.We had:
1. Salad (I forgot the name) with crispy bacon and grated cheese. It was not heavy and the amount of sauce is just nice. (chargrilled chicken is optional).
2. Four cheese macaroni - I love this (I think I like everything with cheese in it). Best eaten fresh from the oven when it's still hot. The macaroni oozing with cheese just melts in your mouth.
3. Breaded chicken tenders with honey mustard dip. Nothing special about this. I guess we had too much chicken that meal.
4. Homemade pesto spaghettini (another favourite). It was the first time I tried pesto sauce and I fell in love. Pesto is made from basil leaves and pine nuts and mixed with many other ingredient. It taste refreshing and not too heavy. (chargrilled chicken is optional).
5. Pan-seared crispy skin salmon served with coriander relish, asparagus and fried potatoes. Salmon is well marinated and not over cooked thus, it is still juicy. Served with the side dishes, it is not bad at all.

The desert is quite disappointing though. Not to say really bad but not as satisfying as expected.
1. Mango cheesecake with mango salsa. We expected real mango in the slice but there's none.
2. Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova - a meringue-based dessert (type of dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar). It melts in the mouth but it's a bit too sweet. I don't remember the chocolate-y taste, only sweetness.
3. Macadamia cheesecake - best of the 3. With macadamia nuts on top, nothing could go wrong.