Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sg Lembing weekend

That's the ungodly hour we started our journey. I have tried to get some shut eyes earlier but just couldn't bring myself to sleep, in fact feeling wide awake at that time.
Saw this poser cat in one of the rest stop...Couldn't resist taking a shot.
Reaching Sg Lembing at 3am plus is way too early for us to hike up Panorama Hill. So, the next best thing to do, sleep...
Began our hike up at 5am. Way too dark to see anything on the journey up. Looked up and saw so many stars. The view on top is amazing eventhough we did not get to see sunrise as it was too cloudy.
I really love the sea of clouds.
Breakfast was at the only market there. Cheap and good food.
Me and CY was feeling restless after checking in to Sg Lembing resthouse while the others dozed off. So we went around and snap silly pictures.
We saw a film crew and the locals even thought that we are part of the crew. LOL...
Around noon, all of us headed to the musuem and Sg Lembing mines. For those who are not aware, Sg Lembing is a very popular mining area back in the 19th century. It has one of the longest tin mine in the world.
RM30 is a rip off, but luckily it was 50% off.
The way mining was done, I can't imagine working underground for a a long period of time. Gives me the chill.
We wanted to venture to Teluk Cempedak, but due to rain, we detour to a mall and had more food instead.
Dinner was prepared by the resthouse. We had fun chatting with the aunties and uncles who BBQ-ed our food. And not to mention, it was delicious.
After dinner, as we were walking around, one of the shop owner recommended us to visit an uncle who roasts pork. So, without much hesitant, we agreed. She brought us to to one of the houses and voila, we had fresh roast pork. The owner is very chatty and his dog is super cute!
We decided to turn in early to rest but in the end, we had the longest UNO game. It lasted for almost an hour for one game!
The next morning turned out bad as our planned trip to rainbow waterfall has to be cancelled due to rain. So, we were up at 5 plus hoping the rain will stop but it never did until mid morning.
So off we went for early breakfast and continued with our game of UNO.

After check out we decided to head to Gua Charas before continuing our way back. It's quite an interesting cave with a statue of sleeping Buddha in it.

I still can't forget the smell of cow dung in the car! And we got Febreezed!
That pretty much sums up the short weekend getaway. It's a bit disappointing that we didn't get to go to the waterfall but it's a n enjoyable trip. I miss the times when we frequently have trips like this. Now, with each of us busy with work and family, it's hard to find the time anymore. *sad*
Oh ya, nearly forgot how we got ripped off at a durian stall in Bentong....So lesson learnt, always ask and bargain first before digging in....

Friday, July 19, 2013

Excitement begins

Part of what I like about vacation is the planning involved. I love putting an itinerary together and researching for places of interests. It somehow sets the excitement and the mood right.

But part of me somehow yearns for an adventure. Just pack my bags and go to a foreign place unplanned.....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Food Review:Seoul Korea, Taman Danau Desa

If you are looking for a good, affordable Korean BBQ, Seoul Korea is the place to go. It's located on the first floor of one of the many shop lots there. As early as 530pm, people starts to queue up.
I love all the condiments. All of it but especially the anchovies and peanuts. They can be eaten on it's own of served with rice.
I didn't manage to take pictures after the meal started as I was busy eating. 
But do try their Kim Chi rice cake (ddeokbokki). The spicy stew tofu (sun du bu jjigae) is not spicy enough.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Running Man Craze

As much I as I love watching them on TV, to spend that much to go see them live is just crazy....
I don't mind some sponsorship though....Why la so expensive? And la no race in Malaysia?

If I were to choose my favourite character/s, it would be JongKook and JaeSuk. Gary is nice to watch only when he pairs up with Ji Hyo.

Saturday, July 06, 2013


I went for my annual eye check up in Optimax on Thursday. Sitting in the waiting area, I can't believe it has been 4 years since my Lasik. I don't remember blogging about it. So here it is, the day I went specs-free, which I still remember vividly.
So, we went early one Saturday morning to TTDI Optimax. I chose optimax because it was highly recommended by friends who've been through it. I have no idea if I would be able to get the surgery done on the same day as I need to go through a thorough eye test to see if I am suitable for Lasik.
We were whisked into a consulting room and an optometrist explained in detail about the procedure. After the crash course on Lasik, I was then brought to a room with several machines to check my eyes- the pressure, the thickness of my cornea, etc. I was given a few eye drops to numb and dilate my eyeballs. It stings! After a couple of minutes, my vision began to blur (I can't even read a magazine) and the lights are so glaring that I had to wear sunglasses.
So after another counseling session, we decided to do the Lasik on the same day. I know if I wait another day, I might chicken out. I was pretty nervous at this point but I put on a brave face. We even went to have KFC as we need to wait a couple of hours until my pupils are fully dilated.
As the hour closes in, I was getting more nervous and anxious. What if the procedure went wrong? All sorts of thoughts crossed my mind. I think I might have a million butterflies in my stomach then. When my name was called, I was brought into a room, had the surgery suit put on me and then Dr Stephen, who will be doing the procedure, explained to me again what will be happening in the next 15 mins.
I think I was pretty freaked out at that moment but I tried to remain as calm as possible.

As I lay on the table, my eyelids are taped and clamped so I won't get to blink. Dr Stephen was telling me gently to just relax and focus on the light. There were red/green lights and some bright white spots. After about 5 minutes, I was told to sit up and a nurse helped me walk to another room with different machine. After another 10 minutes of staring at bright lights, it's done! Yes, I was surprised that it took less than 20 minutes. I can open my eyes but my vision as blur as without glasses. NO pain or any sensation at all.
I was told that I need to rest my eyes as much as I can and I will be able to see clearly the next morning.
I was glad that I went through Lasik. I don't have 20/20 vision (I was told that nobody has 20/20 vision) but my astigmatism and shortsightedness are reduced to a minimum.
One thing for sure, I didn't smell any burnt smell. :P

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Alert alert!

Blog in critical condition!

Actually, it's been critical for quite some time...LOL...*slaps self for ignoring it*

This is year has one of the least blogging entries since I've started blogging. I blame it on work. But truth is, it's not all because of work. Laziness, lack of inspiration, laziness, occupied with personal stuff, laziness...

It started since 2004...8 long years! There's so much that has happened throughout all these years. I remembered I blogged most when I was at one of the lowest point of my life. It's an outlet for me. Eventhough I don't expressed much in my blog but each entry has a significant meaning back then.

Then life became busy and poor bloggie is eventually being ignored. I did make a resolution at one time to try to blog everyday, but as with most of my resolutions, it didn't work out...well, it did for the first few days/months...

I've actually contemplated to close down the blog but it still hold dear to my heart. *yes bloggie, I still love you*...Even if blogging is not the "thing" anymore. People are shifting to other trend like twitter, instagram, etc etc. I still find blogging the most convenient way to share thoughts and happenings.

So here I am, trying to reignite the spark. Hopefully, I don't give up half ...again...