Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Food review:Lookout Point Western Food

Lookout Point, situated in Ampang, is a place also known as little Genting. 
Situated 300m above sea level, it has a fantastic view of the city and one can enjoy a beautiful sunset with the backdrop of Twin Towers.
There are a few restaurants here but we headed to Western Food because of the voucher we bought. 
I would not say the food is great but it's not too bad either. I guess the view and the yummy-licious carrot milk compensate the rest.
I had Lamb with sausage. The lamb was well marinated but too much fat to my liking. Half of it is wasted because it's too fat.
He had Cordon Bleu which is more expensive and more delicious. Cheese was practically oozing out.
It was a hazy day thus, the view earlier was not too good but it got better after the sunset.
 The place was crowded when we left. So it's better to go early and secure a place for good view. The road going down is poorly lit so be extra careful.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I hate archery

I don't like archery. Period. 
Imagine how ashamed I felt when an aunty next to me (and yes, it's her first time too!), have better on-target hits than mine. My arrows are all over the place.
And by end of the 20 minutes, my arms are sore and I am sweating like mad. It doesn help when my partner has a few bulleyes and I have none. Hmmmppphhh!! ><
The trainer said I didn't pull the string tight enough. The more I tried, the less energy I have. And the more I aim, the more off target I have.

So that's it. I don't like archery. Period.

Friday, June 03, 2011

As usual

As I sat here, time approximately 7.25am, I'm surrounded by peacefulness. One look across the floor, I can only see one or two early birds like me. Not many people bustling around, no phone ringing, no keyboard typing sound.
The cleaner lady is vacuuming while humming a song. She's always so cheerful despite the hard work that she's doing.
In a few minutes, after my cup of morning coffee, I will be starting my 'hard work' too. Not physically demanding, yet, mentally exhausting.
Sigh, I know I should not be complaining as there are many out there in a worse position than me. But yet, I need to vent it out sometimes. The only way to help me stay focused is to think about the things I like to do. Traveling and photography, food and blogging, reading a good book while listening to Lee Hom. Those are a few of my favorite things.
Day in , day out, work is beginning to be so 'as usual'. I need something to put me at the edge, something to excite me again. I've been involving myself with the company's newsletter team and also putting an initiative in a small improvement project. Will this be enough?
I don't know but I know what I don't want to do.
I need courage and I need the support. How do I even start?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Designer phone

If you are filthy rich, and I repeat again, FILTHY rich, how much would you spend on a luxury phone?
Guess the price of the phone above.
It's RM15k above. Yes, you read it right.>RM15,000.
That's the price for the phone above. Don't believe it?
Walk into a Tag Heuer shop and you'll be amused! Even a blardy bluetooth headset costs near to RM1,000.