Monday, June 13, 2011

I hate archery

I don't like archery. Period. 
Imagine how ashamed I felt when an aunty next to me (and yes, it's her first time too!), have better on-target hits than mine. My arrows are all over the place.
And by end of the 20 minutes, my arms are sore and I am sweating like mad. It doesn help when my partner has a few bulleyes and I have none. Hmmmppphhh!! ><
The trainer said I didn't pull the string tight enough. The more I tried, the less energy I have. And the more I aim, the more off target I have.

So that's it. I don't like archery. Period.

1 comment:

cy said...

I'm sorry but LOL !!!
I'm sorry but it's so funny !!!
Ok, i shut up liao :P

p/s: et punya pasal, shldn't bulleye in front of u...