Monday, December 20, 2004

Beautiful Saturday

It was a beautiful morning. Woke up early, do all the normal weekends chores and then quickly get ready for a day of......SHOPPING!!! Yes, have to shop for Christmas presents. And our (me and Derek) destination is IKEA->IKANO->Curve and 1U. Have to get presents for my sis and bro-in-law,Aunty Elaine and Uncle Chong, Kenneth, James and m parents. I went to his house and hang out there for a while before going off to our first place IKEA. It's still early so there's not much people/cars. Lots of empty parking spaces but still people like to park at places where it's clearly written 'No Parking'. Sigh...just for their conveniences. Bought half of the gifts here @ IKEA. We had lunch here. Expensive meatballs and Swedish sausages. The Curve has nothing much in it as it's still new. Then went over to 1U and bought the rest of the gifts. It was so jam- packed that we had to park @ the rooftop. After completing our mission, we went back to his place for some rest and then went out again to catch a movie- Ocean's Twelve. Good movie because it has Brad Pitt in it.....he he he...Grab some burgers @ McD before heading home....That's a great Saturday spent. Wish I have more days during the weekends. 2 days is certainly not enough.....Don't you agree?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Things we do...

Sometimes we do things eventhough we know it's totally wrong and illegal. Things that are spontaneous, dangerous, fun and risky. Things that can jeopardize us, our relationships or career...Yet, despite all that, we still do it. Yes, just admit it....Bet all of you have done something that you can't share with anybody else except your partner-in-crime (if there's any). It's totally cool to do something outrageous once in a while. Quoting one of my close friend, 'We need to be rebellious sometimes. Break the rules, break free.' So, do not worry too much if you've done something illegal, just be smart enough to cover the trail....he he he....


Oopppsss....Typo in one of the blog entry's subject. Instead of Raya 2005, it should be Raya 2004....

Monday, December 06, 2004

Bukit Merah

Had a trip to Bukit Merah Laketown resort on Saturday. Started our journey around 730 am and reaching there 1130 am. Exactly four hours, as planned. The Palm View apartment is small. Not really comfy and definitely not recommended. It was not a good room also as we had noisy neighbors who slept late at night and woke up early in the morning. Well, the first day we went to Ecopark and Orang Utan Island. Had lots of fun. I got up close with orang utan and had my pic taken with a snake. Food there is expensive and it totally sucks. Second day, went to waterpark which is so small. But it’s suitable for people like me who doesn’t know how to swim as most of the water level is below 1.5m. Had rashes on both my arms again (just like when I went to Sg Bil) and I found the source of this- my sunblock lotion. I’m allergic to it. But the first time I used it (during the Pangkor trip a year ago) was ok. Hmmm…..maybe kept it for too long….Anyway, RM 100 per pax is worth the trip, minus the crappy food and accommodation.
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Raya 2005

It’s a tradition that every year we go to Mai’s house for Raya. This year is no exception. Most of us reached around 8pm on Friday night and immediately started munching on various types of kuih/ biscuit while waiting for the main course. It was a fun night with good food and lots of laughter. Thanks Mai and minta maaf for making a mess with all the bits and pieces of kuih on your carpet….he he he….
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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Busy busy busy

It's been a while since I update this blog. Have been quite busy lately. I changed job again! No surprise, I guess. Have been with 3 companies since leaving ALSTOM and finally I think I've found one that I like. I'm with IBM now in Cyberjaya. IT job and the environment is good although a bit too far from home. Travelling alone is so boring.....
I was in Singapore last week for training. It's a great exposure as I went there alone-my another colleague went and came back on another day. Staying alone in the hotel is errr....ok....I slept with the radio on all night though….Colleagues there are very nice and friendly. Brought us around and introduce great places to eat and hang out. Not that ‘kiasu’, it seems. Had a nice trip and experience.
And then, every weekend since he came back, I was out most of the time. Traveling here and there to hang out and makan. Arrrggghhh…I going to get fat…..Going off to Bukit Merah this Saturday. Sigh….my mum is mumbling that I do not spend much time at home. So, will definitely update more when i have time.