Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013


The topic for lunch the other puke'y we were when young. LOL...
I am glad I found someone who has similar experience as me.
When I was young, I get motion sickness very easily. Well, actually, I still get motion sickness until now la. Some people say that it's all in the mind. But I have really tried to not think about it but maybe my mind is not that powerful.
I remember my first few days in primary school. Though a short distance away but once we were stuck in the jam (i was carpooling then). I know it's going to hit me already. The dizziness/nausea. Couldn't hold it back and I puke in the car, all over my school uniform. The aunty driver had no choice but to send me back home. And this goes into later years when I am taking the school bus. I always have plastic bags ready and will try not to move around so much onboard.
Even now, when I travel, I will pop one or two motion sickness pill. For me it helps tremendously. Yes, I get motion sick when travelling on planes as well (especially long haul ones). At times, I really wish to not have this 'problem'. I wish I can read more when stuck in jam or in moving LRT/trains.

Dizziness, fatigue, and nausea
Cause (from WIKI):
In laymen terms, brain and eye does not agree. The brain senses movement, but the eyes doesn't. Brain thought it's hallucination and caused by poison. So as  a defense mechanism, brain will induce vomit to clear the supposed "poison".
1. Wear a device that block motion outside a moving vehicle. Honestly, not sure how this works.
2. Look into the horizon of the travel destination.
3. I find fresh cool air helps me a lot.
4. Chewing gum
5. Take medication - my best travel buddy. Can't fly without it.
6. Taking ginger ale (should try this next time)

So, when I am unusually quiet when in the car/train/plane, please don't talk to me. I might be fighting back the urge to puke....and it's not going to be a pretty sight/ smell if I do.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy birthday cheeky boy...

Happy birthday to little cheeky boy....Don't be mad at yee2x for always posting cheeky photos of you ok? Muakkkss...
 yee2x's fave cheeky look... that my cake?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The weaker side...

For those of you who know me well, you will know that I am not someone who falls in the extrovert side of the chart. I can be friendly, but I am not someone who will be the life of a party. I am more of a listener. I like listening and asking questions but when you put me on the spot to talk about myself, I will be tongue-tied. And it happens even in a small group, let alone in front of a crowd. No matter how much I practiced  or how much I prepared, when it comes to presenting, my mind just goes blank. This is one of my biggest weakness.
I do envy people who can express themselves well. I look at the CEO, the managers and even some colleagues and secretly wished that I can talk like that. Throughout years of labor in the working world, it's no rocket science that those who speaks well, tends to go up the organisation chart faster. Don't get me wrong, I am not aiming to go up the ranks, I know I am not into management roles. But it does help tremendously if I can convey my thoughts well enough to make people respect me a little bit more. To make them to listen to my ideas and what I got to say and be persuaded by it.
So, I will try my best from now onward, to learn the art of communication. I plan to join toastmaster or take up personal training to improve myself. But I guess, most importantly, I need to start taking small steps daily.

PS: Having said that, it's so tiring to try to stay on top of the game.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Foodie's:Renoma Cafe Gallery

Hmm....let me see how to start with Renoma Cafe Gallery. There's so much hype about this place and it is blogged by many bloggers. Pictures posted and reviews are oh so good that I cannot resist the temptation.
So, as you might be aware, Renoma is a well known label in the fashion industry in Malaysia and Singapore. From menswear, leather bags and accessories, men's and ladies' shoes, inner wear.
Recently, Renoma ventured into the F&B business with the new opening of Renoma Cafe Gallery at KL, the first outside of Paris.
While the ambiance is nice with unique decorations and art pieces, the food is rather disappointing. Not sure if we made the wrong choices from the menu as most blogs gave a good review of it.
So, we had:
1) Air-dried Muscovy Duck 
House-cured Duck Breast with Salad Leaves, Heirloom Tomato, Soft Poached Egg, Ginger Flower Vinaigrette & Asta Peppercorn
Verdict: Too salty smoked duck, not tender and a bit rubbery. Sad looking salad leaves. Poached egg is good though.

2) French Onion Soup Gratinée
Caramelized Cream Gold & Red Onion with Beef Bouillon, Red Burgundy Wine, Toasted Brioche & Melted Gruyère Cheese
Verdict: Wine? What wine? Not much onion taste and too watery.

3) Hokkaido Scallop Pasta
Pan-seared Sea Scallop, White Wine Vongole Style, Avruga Caviar, Malaysian Clam, Italian Parsley & Basil Oil
Verdict: Best item on the table. Fresh scallop, tasty pasta but not enough ingredients.

4) Croque Madame
Classic Grilled Sandwich with Gruyère Cheese, Black Truffle Egg Béchamel, Air-dried Duck Breast, Turkey Ham & Beef Pastrami
Verdict:Just disappointing...
And we had two bottles of Evian which costed RM38...@@...most expensive plain water I've drank.