Friday, October 24, 2008

Love line....

Your love line, also known as your heart line, relates to all the emotions and situations that are associated with love. This line is above your head and life line. It begins under your index or middle finger and extends toward your pinky. How to read your love line:
If the line starts directly underneath the index finger, then you are content with your love life.If your line begins right below the middle finger, this indicates a selfish and materialistic outlook when it comes to love.A line that begins between the middle and index finger signifies that you give your heart away too easily.
Is it accurate??

Friday, October 17, 2008


My name is Mek. You can call me Mek Mek...I am a cute, lovey dovey sheep...
I am offering free hugs for all...Please contact my owner, keef for more information.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Review:Food Republic and Toast Box

This is a way overdue review but anyway, here it is...:P
Food Republic is a foodcourt chain originated from Singapore. They have a branch here in Pavilion, KL. I have tried several of the stalls here and the food is up to par. My favourite being the Taiwanese Cuisine. You do not have to fork out a bomb to enjoy delicious Taiwanese food and snacks. I forgot the name of this set that we ordered but it is definitely worth the price. I really like the bread with fillings of mixed vege inside it.

We had our tea time at Toast Box. A disappointment. We all agreed that Oldtown's toasted bread and coffee taste a lot better.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Docs,Superheroes,Angels and Conspiracies

Friends and colleagues are all hyped up on TVB series nowadays....I used to be an addict too, many years ago. Now, I am more into the western type of drama series. And yes, they are back after the looooooooooooooooooong break. Heroes, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and Prison Break. Waiting forward to new episodes each week. :P
Which one I like best? I would choose Grey's...Worth watching...Seriously....

Friday, October 10, 2008


(this was written a couple of months ago)

The trip to Mulu few has been an eye opener and a unique experience. It had me thinking and reflecting on my life - past, present and future. Climbing Gunung Api to witness the pinnacles had been one of the toughest physical challenge for me. I had underestimated the difficulty. But that was not what bothered me most.
When we were descending, I was not strong mentally. I kept thinking that I am too tired and my legs are hurting like mad and I cannot go on anymore. I really felt like giving up. And this frigthened me a lot.
Maybe to many, I live a life without much hardship. But to me, that is not the reality. My parents are not rich, not even well to do but we always managed to get by with a decent living. My dad is very money-wise and when I was young, I was taught to save, save, save and save. I never really had the luxury to own things I like and I never demanded much. Going to college at that time was a big step but luckily I got a scholarship which definitely lessen the financial burden.
I always thought that I am an independent girl. When I was 5, my parents wanted to send me to kindergarden. I was reluctant to go. I told them I will go when I am 6 yrs old. And I did. The first day, I still remember, I asked my dad to go home after sending me to the kindy's doorstep. I never cried nor asked my dad to accompany me. It was the same when I first stepped into Standard 1. Even during college registration, I handled it myself as I do no want to trouble my parents.
That's me. Or that's how independent I thought I was.
However, when I think back of certain incidents in the past, it scares me. Some of them, I never ever thought I will do in my life. Impulsive behaviour and did things I consider very stupid and very despicable once. Yet I made a mistake by doing them and hurting people who loves me.
And how this all link to the Mulu trip? I never thought that I am someone who gives up easily but I had that very feeling in Mulu. Many things were going through my mind at that time. I realise how fragile and weak I am.
Maybe it's time to do some soul searching. Have some quiet time to think of the past events, the things I have learnt and to plan for the future. I have always yearned to be someone care free. To be independent emotionally. And that is something I failed to do in the past.
All my life, I have met many people. Fallen in love and never regretted the relationships I've had. Every incident is a learning point and I am really glad to say that my opinion and view has matured through these points of life. I made a vow starting this moment, I want to be who I wanted to be and not what everyone expected me to be.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The unexpected

When I least expected
Something good happened
Something that lets me see the world
In a completely different light

When I least expected
You become the angel
Guarding me, guiding me
And catching me when I fall

When I least expected
I feel real glad
To have you beside me
To have your shoulder to cry on
To have your hands around me
When I am cold

When I least expected
I feel real glad
Just because I have known you
Just because I have you
To love me