Monday, May 05, 2014

Mad woman

Something pretty funny happened the other day. I was helping my mum with some gardening work one fine morning. I was happily pulling all the weeds when I heard that so familiar awful sound. A bee buzz.
Now, those who knew me well, knows that I have this phobia for spiders and bees. Yeah, I cringe at the sound of bees and at the sight of spiders. When I heard the buzzing bee sound, I can throw away everything and rum a mile away. Seriously, I am not joking you. When I see a spider, no matter how small, I will want to be as far away as possible from it. Maybe that explains why  don't really fancy Spiderman...(hmmm...)
So back to the story, as soon as I heard that sound, I quickly sprint up the middle of the road. Imagine my fear when I feel the buzzing sound is following me and it's just right that the back my head. Honestly, I feel that it was sticking on my hair. I pull the rubberband and began to spin my head round and round, trying to shake off whatever that is on my hair.
Imagine something like this but in all directions.

The funny thing is, a car was coming up the road. It actually slowed down. And the driver was staring. At me. With my wild hair and behaviors, she must be wondering, what is this mad woman doing??? Is she ok?? It was so embarrassing! I quickly ran back into the house without looking back.
When I told my mum, she was laughing her ass off. So yeah, that was one funny, embarrassing experience.