Saturday, March 31, 2007

Current fave song- Wo Ke Yi by Evan Yo

What captures me most is the first line of the chorus:-

~我可以 陪你去看星星~

Someone jokingly asked if I will fall in love if a guy approaches and said that line to me. I might feel touched but it takes more than that to fall in love.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just want to share

Where has humanity gone to?

Please make this world a better place to live in. Love nature, love the living things and strive to become a better earthling.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I've been a great fan of Smallville since the first season. For those who have not heard of the series, Smallville is the story of young Clark Kent before he becomes Superman.
Why do I like the series so much? Maybe because of Tom Welling who potrays the young Clark Kent and Kristin Kreuk who plays his love interest during his teenage years, Lana Lang. For me, they are the perfect couple on screen but then, sigh......throughout Season 1 to 6, their love life is like i-love-you-you-love-me-but-we-can't-be-together for the million reasons in the world.
Clark left Lana because he is afraid he will get her into trouble, Lana left Clark because she feels that Clark does not trust her (by not telling her his superpowers). There are many close encounters where both gave each other a chance, and the secret is revealed but in the end, Lana will end up having amnesia.
Now, way into Season 6 (spoiler ahead), Lana got married to Lex Luthor, Clark's nemesis. She did this to protect Clark as she was blackmailed by Lionel Luthor (Lex's father) because Lionel knew Clark's only weakness, kryptonite.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Current fave song....and band

天使 by 五月天

beautiful song. absolutely agree with Chai Yee...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jacky oh Jacky

Was it worth the wait? Braving the drizzle now and then,the traffic jam, those UNCIVILIZED people and the hungriness (as we all have not had dinner)? Was it worth those feel hours of tiredness?

Answer is : ABSOLUTELY 100% WORTH IT...
He came on stage at 9 pm, an hour late due to traffic congestion. The crowd screamed and keep calling his name. A few games session and some small talk about his album, he sang his newest hit- By Your Side. Had clear view of him as we were quite near the stage.
Then, autograph signing session. And I got to SHAKE his hands when he signed on my album. Gosh, he was so sweet and polite (he even said thanks). Really a good guy and a good dad to his 2 daughters. I was listening to his interview on radio earlier and he really loves his family.
Really sad also as cannot make it to his concert on 14th Sept as I will be away on that day....Sigh....Arethere any chances that it will be earlier or it will be postponed? Keep our fingers crossed.
Well, there are some bad experiences during those few hours. Some people actually do not know the meaning of NOT PUSHING and QUEUEING UP. Young or old alike.....Someone fainted and one aunty just tried to slip her way to the front while the crowd was distracted. Hmmm.....but really happy as it was an experience.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Melaka Trip 2007

Journey began at 0600 hour. First stop- Projet Tmn Connaught for some tidbits.
Journey continued all the way to Ayer Keroh rest area and stop for toilet breakies and lepak-ed for a while because it was way too early to reach Melaka.
Reached Ayer Keroh at about 0800. Undecided to go Melaka town for breakfast or not as someone wants to go for Zoo Melaka in Ayer Keroh which opens at 9am. Then, someone pointed to McD across the road, and off we went to McD. Everyone trying not to eat so much for we are to have brunch in town.

0900 hour, went across the road to the Zoo. Then someone decided to go Night Zoo. So off we went to Mini Malaysia. Being ripped off like what Andy said. But it serves as a good exercise for us to burn off the McD meal. Went to Bee farm as well and unlimited free testing of a variety of honey- including one called bee venom.
Reached Melaka town at 1100 hour. Headed straight towards Chung Wah shop for the infamous Chicken Rice Balls. Yummy....
Then it's time for some sight seeing. Though I have been to Melaka countless times, it was still an experience to walk around the church, St Paul and A Famosa. And in the process, took a lot of photos.

It was hot and definitely all of us are waiting to have Nyonya Cendol. Delicious......
Then, it was time to locate our hotel. At first, we wanted to check out the place Camilla mentioned in Melaka Raya. After a few turns here and there, it was decided that the place has closed down. So off we went to Straits Meridien.....Guess everyone was tired and all was sound asleep the moment we check in except for me and Chai Yee. Had some quiet time to read the novel I brought along.
At 1900 we were all seated at the Portugese Settlement. The last time I have been here was like 10 years ago. The place looks so different and the food suckssss.....So many stalls and competition. Only thing that is so memorable is the Mango Juice and dining at the seaside. Not any typical mango juice, this stall sells sour mango juice. It was so delicious and can't find in KL.

Next destination, Night Zoo. Well, let's just say that we are like young children, making a hell lots of noise, disturbing the animals and playing 'Let's spot the animals'. It was fun. After about 2 hours of fun, we headed towards Jonker street again. Hang out at Geographer Bar and met a quite unique man. Young at heart although he is oredi 60 years old (as he claimed). The environment is nice- live band, beers, 'Ah Kuas' doing some hot dancing. It was almost 1 am when we left for Satay Celup.The night ended at 3 am for most of us. The rest who stayed up, read about what they did in Su's blog. And this is the result the next morning.
The next day, it was food and more food. Cendol Durian at Tan Kim Hock and Nyonya Laksa.It was a good trip. Good food and good friends. Really enjoyed ourselves. I guess our annual trips will be Melaka, Genting and Penang, right? Can't wait for our next destination.....

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Congrats to a close friend who got engaged last Sunday. Sorry I could not be there. Wishing you a beautiful journey ahead with the person you love.

Congrats Mai and thanks for always being there.


Another low cost carrier for Malaysia.......called FIREFLY...errrmmmmm....cute name, isn't it? Well, guess now EVERYONE can afford to fly....Good news for us.

Movies and more movies

For me, watching a good movie gives me a sense of satisfaction, just like having a good meal. A good movie will need to have that impact or effect on me after watching it. There are movies I have watched and totally forgot about it the next day but there are those that teach me a few lessons and indirectly made me see the truth that is out there. Depends on whether we want to accept it or not.

An Inconvenient Truth
Everyone (especially our generation) should watch this movie. It's more to a narrative documetary. And the narrator- Al Gore. I have always been passionate about conserving the environment, protecting mother nature but I know that I have not contributed anything. Watch this movie, my friends, though many will find it uninteresting but it shows what is happening to our earth now. We might not see the consequences of our actions yet but the next generation will. Visit for more info. So, start now by doing our own little part- print less, use less electricity, recycle.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Good movie, great cast (Daniel Wu....can't get enough of him) and simply shows us the real world of drug addicts and drug lords. Andy Lau gave a superb performance. One part of the script caught my attention- the part where Andy Lau said that no one forces the drug addicts to take drugs and it's not his fault to be a drug lord. If the demand stops, the supplies will. So, who is to blame, the people selling drugs or the people taking it? And I do agree that the part Daniel Wu screamed like a girl when he found the body is a bit over-reacted. Read this in Hilarious. Overall, really a good movie.
Rating: 4 out of 5

Pay it forward
A must watch. Not a big budget, hyped up movie but just a simple movie that is trying to reach out to the people. You will know the meaning of pay it forward after you have watched this movie. Haley Joel Osment gave a fantastic potrayal of a simple little boy from a broken family, trying to do something to change the world. It started as a class assignment and he came out with the idea of helping 3 people, any 3 people and hope it will be passed on from these 3 people to 9 and then to 27 people and so on. It's just a simple deed that we can do each day and pass it on to the person we help. Imagine if everyone embrace this idea. The world will be a much better place to live it. Very touching movie and I have learnt a lot from it. Special apperance from Jon Bon Jovi as well. Tried to find the VDC or DVD but it's quite an old movie so not able to get it. Wish to share this movie with everyone.
Rating: 4 out of 5

Typical superhero story. I like Nicholas Cage. He can look so timid and innocent one moment and turn into a fearless superhero another moment. But his bike is supercoollll.....
Rating: 3 out of 5

Other movies to watch if you need some laughs...Norbit, Lovewrecked and Casanova.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Food and more food

Chinese New Year is long over. To many, it's the season to over-eat and gain a few pounds. Hehe....Including me I guess. But who can resist all the good and yummy food, right? Need to lose those extra weight gained...It's has been quite long since I blog about food.

Zang Toi lunch sets and ala carte (Sg Wang)
I can say that they do serve some of the better food in town. I had the chicken chop and it was satisfying. Heard that their nasi lemak set is very nice also. And all prices are affordable. Still the best is the melted choc and banana cake.

1920 and Luca's pizza- Curve
Both are Italian restaurants, I think. Nice environment but not recommended unless you are rushing for time and you can't get any other place to eat there. One thing good - their service are better because they seldom get any customers....

Hau Kee (Cheras) and Tak Fok (Kepong)
Typical chinese restaurant that offers variety dishes and seafood. Had salted egg prawn and salted egg crabs and it tasted great. Tak Fok is very well known for their cheese crab but to me, nothing beats Wong Poh's butter crab.

Ah tuan Ee (Penang Nyonya food) - Curve, Timesquare
Well, someone wanted to eat 'joo hu char' and I thought it's some special Penang food. Turn out it's the dish that my mum always make. And my mum's better that Ah Tuan Ee's. Nothing special here and the price is quite expensive.

Venezia (Taman Segar, Cheras)
One of the best Italian restaurant I've been to. Favourite dish - pizzas and risotto. Yummy....Reasonable price and they used to have a handsome 'Mat Salleh' waiter....:P

Best Cheese Naan in town (Taman Mayang, PJ)
It's the best Cheese Naan I have ever tasted. I used to think that the mamak near my palce serves good cheese naan but wait till you taste what this place have to offer. Melting cheese inside, dipped with 2 different curry and sweetened condensed milk.....Gosh....really nice. Thanks to a friend that introduces this place. It's one of SS2 Murni's branch according to him. They serve very good seafood spaghetti in carbonara sauce. I am willing to go all the way there just for the Cheese Naan.

Sushi king 'yee sang'
We brought Mai and Imran to try 'lo sang' for the first time in Sushi King. Not bad at all.....It tasted different from the normal yee sang but it's nice...with salmon too...:)

Well, it's definitely a satisfaction to have a good meal with delicious dishes and with people you care and love. Leaving you some pictures of the dishes me and mum prepared for the CNY...

And I was in Penang for the weekend and I had lots of BBQ.....CHICKEN BUTTS....hehe....never thought that I will try them but I did not regret. It was tasty....Will definitely go there again the nest time I go Penang.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wang Lee Hom - Julia

Gosh.....he still look so amazing though it's a bit gayish....Nice butts...Kekkeke....Ok ok...this is the last post on Lee Hom..I promise...Enjoy....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wang Lee Hom- Ai De Jiu Shi Ni

Ok ok....I am still madly obsessed with Lee Hom.
Can't really sleep yesterday and decided to go out and get his concert DVD....Indeed he is a great performer.....I like him with longer hair....

Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm still happpyyyy.....

Still very happy......From last night...
Nice pic for a tattoo eh?

I am poisoned.....


I am totally so deeply poisoned. And I know it will be deadly (to my wallet at least).

It was a blast and it was worth the money spent.

He belted out all my favourite songs. And the duet with JJ (That's what friends are for) was so heartwarming. And highlight for me is the part he played the violin and the drum. It was fantastic....He can play so many musical instruments. Really talented lad.

Yes, you guessed it.....none other than Lee Hom.

It was a superb performance.

I never am so crazy about him but now I am basically drooling. And I have been watching YouTube on his MV all week long.

I am so happy now.Still feel the adrenalin rush....Pictures coming soon(thanks to Poh Wai for taking so many nice pictures).

Thursday, March 01, 2007