Wednesday, May 23, 2012

feeling like shit

I am back from yogya...
Not feeling refreshed but instead feeling more demotivated. Sigh....going through that phase again. Please give me strength to go on...
*posts on the trips coming soon....that's if I hv the mood to blog about it*

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 we come...

Less than 24 hrs, we'll be in Yogya...A well-deserved break for all of us. So, sunrise in Borobudur and sunset in Prambanan, here we come. Hope the thunderstorms as per forecasted will go away.
(pics are borrowed from the web)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bundle of joy

Zhe Ming @ 1st week

Zhe Ming @ 2nd week

Zhe Ming @ 3rd week
Happy fullmoon Yap Zhe Ming...:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Count my blessings

I count my blessings to be able to see and experience this, although not daily, but still it's a blessing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Running man

I've just recently started watching this and I am totally hooked. The show was first aired in 2010 but I only got to know about it recently, thanks to a colleague of mine.
The show is very funny lor....with the exaggerated expressions and subs in English. It certainly relieves stress after a long day at work.
If anyone wants to copy, get it from me! :)
More about the series here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Point and shoot

I kinda like these few randoms shots taken at the backyard......

Monday, May 07, 2012

Best porridge in the whole wide world my mum's home cooked porridge.
Be it peanut and osyter porridge, salty and century eggs porridge, chicken porridge, pork ball and ribs porridge, you name it, it's the most delicious porridge.
Eat it plain or with 'yao tiao' or with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, it's a pick me up food anytime.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Maternity hospital house is the maternity hospital again...for cat/s that's it. they're almost a month old now and looking for owners. Any takers?

Saturday, May 05, 2012

50 day challenge of random things

1.A picture of something you hate.
2.Write whatever it is in your head right now.
3.Write with your elbow.
4.A picture of you doing something weird but funny.
5.A picture of your friends being silly.
6.Write a paragraph to somebody - it could be anybody you want, even someone you haven’t met yet.
7.Write something deep.
8.Write something stupid.
9.Post an audio of yourself talking some random.
10.Post a song that you can’t stand.
11.Post a song that you used to love.
12.Post a picture of you smiling.
13.Put 10 things you want to do in the year.
14.9 reasons to love you.
15.8 reasons to hate you.
16.7 things you have in your bed.
17.6 things you can’t live without.
18.A picture of the thing you love the most.
19.A picture of the person you love the most.
20.Pour your heart out in two paragraphs.
21.Your favorite book and why?
22.5 movies you recommend.
23.4 ways to win your heart.
24.2 pictures of you - one doing a funny face the other one being serious.
25.How you see yourself by the end of your year
26.Do you believe in love at first sight - why?
27.A song that makes you cry.
28.1 thing you want to do before you die.
29.Favorite type of music.
30.To go to a party or to stay home - why?
31.Give 15 tips to your followers to get through life.
32.The worst thing that has ever happened to you.
33.A picture of the happiest moment of your life - if you don’t have, explain that moment.
34.Favorite store in the whole planet.
35.Are you bored of this challenge? yes no, why?
36.Favorite tweet.
37.Favorite tumblr post you have ever seen.
38.A picture of your family, are you close to them, yes, no?
39.Write a letter to your future husband - wife.
40.Best experience you have ever had - the one that you have learn the most of.
41.Favorite trailer.
42.Favorite planet of earth.
43.Recommend 10 blogs to follow.
44.Recommend 5 songs.
45.Recommend 8 books.
46.Recommend 2 websites.
47.Write a paragraph to your followers.
48.Post a picture of you, 3 facts.
49.Talk about the most awkward moment in your life.
50.Do a list with ALL the things you want to do before you die - ALL OF THEM!

Friday, May 04, 2012

What an eventful day..

I had my many firsts today....

- first time being dolled up by a makeup artist and wearing fake lashes!
- first time crossing a puddle of water, bare foot in a wedding gown
- first time climbed atop an old abandoned pipe in my gown
- first time changing in a car
- first time being in ulu yam and totally fell in love with the scenery
- first time avoiding 'land mines' aka cow and goat dungs while holding up my gown as high as possible. imagine the smell....

totally enjoyed it...but I think we sort of frustrated Steven (our photographer) with our unnatural poses in front of the camera. Funny how he said we did well when doing funny poses but failed at the serious poses.

All the while, I had this urge to take out my camera and starts snapping away because the scenery is so beautiful. To all my beloved friends, we MUST go there one day! I know some of the secret locations for good photos now. LoL...

Thursday, May 03, 2012


I gave up.

I gave up my attempts to lose those extra pounds. I'm just thankful that I am not gaining any.

I have always been plump since young. Born 3.5kg, I looked very chubby as a baby. When I was still inside my mummy's tummy, she has this ravenous appetite to eat just about anything. No morning sickness, no loss of appetite. I guess that contributed.

As a baby, I quit drinking formula milk at the age of 1+. Shifted to Milo instead. Yes, I am a Milo baby. My favourite food as a kid, cheese with bread. And Ribena.

In Primary school, I was among the ‘fat’ kid. Looking at pictures, I was plump and to tell you the truth, I do have low self-esteem because of that. It got better in Secondary school but weight is still an issue for me.

I was the slimmest when I was at the low of my life. Few years ago (about 4-5 years ago), I was feeling so depressed, I lost the appetite to eat. And I can’t believe how fast I shed the extra weight.

I am trying hard to get back to that size but to no avail. Cutting down food, exercising daily and even visiting a slimming centre as the last resort. I can’t go on a strict diet as I can’t resist the temptations to eat good food.

So yes, I gave up.

I’m trying to convince myself to be in love with my body. :P

Wednesday, May 02, 2012



It's raining cats and dogs outside.
Sometimes I just have this feeling of going out and walk in the rain.
When was the last time you've done that? I know what you're thinking. Siao meh? Crazy ar? Sot jor?
I remember there was once in Secondary school where we had to run around the lake near our school. It rained half way and there was no shelter along the way. We were drenched from head to toe.
There was this other time when I'm in a middle of a run when it started to pour. And the most recent, was during Lee Hom's concert. Luckily at th concert, I had on my trusty yellow rain coat.
Anyway, I am so bored now. Another 10 mins, I have to give an induction. Least favourite thing to do. Some people are born to be influential and can pull off an interesting session even if the topic is super dry. I, on the other hand, can make an interesting topic very dull.
I do feel envious on those who can speak so confidently in front of a large crowd.
I hate public speaking. :X


Rain has stop. Time to go home...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy Labour Day!

Starting the month of May with a song from one of my fave Taiwanese band....