Monday, December 31, 2012


YEAR END post!
Whoooshhh....What a year it was. Recap in a glance:

Happy Birthday! to me :P Yay....congrats to me for being a year older... (and wiser...)
Chinese New Year - it's the time to get together with friend n family

Fo Guang Shan
Brought my parents jalan jalan around KL and Selangor...

and to Macau
Tanjung Sepat with the gang
Food hunting - a lot more to come throughout the year..yes exploring new food is my passion...

Lee Hom!...*still drooling*
US - worst flight experience when coming back as I was so sick I KO the whole 14 hours....
Arrival of my nephew - Zhe Ming : cheeky and so naughty now...

Had my wedding shoot - so tiring but it was fun...

Our gang's overseas trip this year to Jogyakarta
My last run for this year...SCIM
Nothing interesting this month..LoL

Officially a MRS now...ROM

Pre-wedding dinner organised by the gang...thanks all...muakkss
My bachelorette trip to the lively island of Penang
Finally the BIG DAY

Join our first and last Fabulous Food till wanna vomit...
A solo trip to Sydney..well, not really solo la..since my sis is there for work...
Arrival of niece - Abigail...
A month to wind down...but so bogged with work and weekend family activities...

Overall, 2012 is all about family and friends...Career wise, I don't see much of achievement. Just day in day out tasks. I need to find my passion and interest, and need to do it FAST.
I resolve to not make any new year resolution for 2013 as it does not take a new year to have new resolutions. :P


Saturday, December 29, 2012


Down with slight flu...:(
What better way to relax and recover than reading a book...

Recent BBW damage...
Well, not that much compared to a lot of people. Witnessed some people gone crazy with few luggages of books...Seriously.
I've not read much books compared to a few years back. It's hard to find time to read...:(
Wanna cultivate back that interest. And I these books will last me through next year.
CY: I still haven't got the books I want leh...*wink*wink*

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Food review:Hainan Tea Garden

New found hang out place during tea time...Hainan tea garden (at Viva..tried the one in Aeon Maluri...not that nice!)....
Their food is surprisingly quite good!
Loving their 3-layer tea - besides Pak Hailam, this place serves good 3-layer. But could do better with less ice.

Curry laksa is packing oommphhh with enough coconut milk in the soup. 

 The kaya+butter brown toast (with a thick slab of butter, just how i like it). 

The BBQ chicken roll is not too bad either...Needs more gravy though.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Of Sydney...

1. Culture-I find people here are more relaxed. Take a walk on the beach on a good day, you'll be amazed to find so many people sunbathing or jogging even on working weekday. On weekends, the harbour side are crowded with people and there are some pretty entertaining street performances.
2. Places to go-Explore the city on foot. It might take a couple of days or more but nothing beats walking for hours, taking in the beautiful scenery and observing the people and culture. Wait for an upcoming post on 'Must do in Sydney'... 

3. People-One of the perks of travelling alone, you get to chat up with more people. It might just be to ask for directions but you'll be surprise at the friendliness that the locals showed. I met a kind old lady who offered me a banana when I was waiting for bus with her. Met another old man who offered me valuable information on the nooks and corners to explore in town. Well, aside for some rude teens, I find that the people here are polite and passionate about their city. 

4. Food-Hmmm...I keep comparing the food here to Melbourne's. Maybe I'm not dining at the 'recommended' places. Compared to Melb's, the food here are pretty bland. Nothing really shouts out - not even the famous Pancakes on the Rocks.

5. a breeze. It's so convenient to go anywhere with the public transportation. And they are all scheduled and on time, I mean really on time. All the public transportation are very friendly for the physically challenged or for a parent with stroller. They even have buckle for the stroller or wheelchair on the bus. Something that our country should really learn. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Food review: Ko Hyang

I fell in love with Bibimbap when I had it in Melbourne last year. And since then, I've had this craving for it now and then. And I found that Ko Hyang do serve pretty good Bibimbap. To be fair, I have not tried that many Korean food except KoHyang and Daorae.
No Korean meal is complete with the famous side dishes and kimchi of course...

Rice that comes with the Soon Dobu Ji Gae

Soon Dobu Ji Gae - Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood and rice

Kal Guk Su - Spinach handmade seafood noodle

Dol Sot Bim Bim Bab - Stone pot rice mixed with vegetables, chili paste and beef / chicken

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12.12.12

So, what if the world is going to end the coming next 10 days?
Heck, I still need to wake up early and drag myself to work. -_-" *yawn*

Sigh, a lot on my mind. A lot I wanted to pen down here but yet, a lot have to remain P&C. Life is no bed of roses.

This is a filler post, obviously. Since it's 12.12.12, I must have a blog entry, right? LOL

Woke up feeling so sluggish this morning. Washed clothes with eyes half opened. *double yawn*

But I feel better now as I am writing this. Had a wonderful breakfast of 'chu cheong fan' with dear and it made my morning. Nothing beats enjoying breakfast by the roadside at the market. The hustle bustle, the sound of laughter and the interaction of the aunties and uncles.

A colleague went to Nepal again on missionary work. They went up a mountain village, went 3 days without taking bath as there is no water nor toilet, slept at tents and braved the cold (-ve temperature at nights). It was indeed hard but somehow I wish that I can experience it. But before that, I have to survive a 5-hour long jeep ride through off beaten, winding roads (with my motion sickness gene, I'll be vomiting all the way).

Life is hard to many. The villagers have to carry water (journey about 30mins) daily to have fresh drinking water. They don't have enough to eat, let alone to enjoy a little bit of luxury. Maybe, luxury comes differently for them.

Well, nuff said. I should be thankful really.

So, happy 12.12.12 peeps.

*PS: For those who haven't watched Life of Pi. Go watch it!

Monday, December 03, 2012