Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12.12.12

So, what if the world is going to end the coming next 10 days?
Heck, I still need to wake up early and drag myself to work. -_-" *yawn*

Sigh, a lot on my mind. A lot I wanted to pen down here but yet, a lot have to remain P&C. Life is no bed of roses.

This is a filler post, obviously. Since it's 12.12.12, I must have a blog entry, right? LOL

Woke up feeling so sluggish this morning. Washed clothes with eyes half opened. *double yawn*

But I feel better now as I am writing this. Had a wonderful breakfast of 'chu cheong fan' with dear and it made my morning. Nothing beats enjoying breakfast by the roadside at the market. The hustle bustle, the sound of laughter and the interaction of the aunties and uncles.

A colleague went to Nepal again on missionary work. They went up a mountain village, went 3 days without taking bath as there is no water nor toilet, slept at tents and braved the cold (-ve temperature at nights). It was indeed hard but somehow I wish that I can experience it. But before that, I have to survive a 5-hour long jeep ride through off beaten, winding roads (with my motion sickness gene, I'll be vomiting all the way).

Life is hard to many. The villagers have to carry water (journey about 30mins) daily to have fresh drinking water. They don't have enough to eat, let alone to enjoy a little bit of luxury. Maybe, luxury comes differently for them.

Well, nuff said. I should be thankful really.

So, happy 12.12.12 peeps.

*PS: For those who haven't watched Life of Pi. Go watch it!

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