Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Can you believe that it is already April?

And I have been absent here for so long. So much for the resolution to update this blog diligently this year....

So, the past few months...has been...interesting. Some of you might know that we (hubby and me) are TTC. TTC = Trying to conceive (the amount of jargons in the mummy and babies world is amazing). Maybe its God's will, but it's not an easy journey for us. Numerous visit to the doctor, 2 failed IUI cycles. The disappointed is inevitable but I will always remember what my doctor said - Disappointment will be there but do not be discouraged. We are thinking of trying IVF but still toying with the idea.

Sometimes it creeps up to me. Do we really want this? Are we ready to go through the challenges and bearing in mind it will only be a 50% success rate or less. It's a dilemma at times.

Family matters took a turn early this year. It was really disheartening at first but like what hubby always says, it is not as bad as we think. There is a silver lining in every cloud.

Work wise, I can be considered lucky to still have a secure job but honestly, motivations are slipping away. Need time out and re-evaluate everything.

SO, the past few months has been a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Yet, one thing I am proud of is we are getting stronger as a couple everyday. I am glad to have someone to soothe and give me words of encouragement. Without him, I would have maybe give up and run away from the challenges. Run away and hide.

So, I am not giving up yet. Bring it on.