Saturday, January 22, 2005

Fun time

Had a fun time Thursday night @ dinner. Venue: IOI mall, Shakey's. Free food is always the best!! Great bunch of people to hang out with. So, to all you leng chais and leng luis, hope you all had fun too....To those who missed out, we'll have a next time, don't worry....

Say cheese

Dessert- always the best

Fun time after work

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Beautiful Thursday morning...AirAsia flight delayed for 1 hour. They cancelled the earlier flight and combined it to the later flight due to too little people. Talked to a dear friend whom I missed so much. It's a good start to a good day. When I called home from Langkawi, heard that the whole of KL as well as some other parts of the country had a power failure. So, good day to be out of KL, right? Kinda lazy to elaborate much so will post pictures and meanwhile, here is a summary of the trip....

13th Jan
11.00 am-Took KLIA transit to airport
12.50 pm- Board plane
1.50 pm- Arrival in Langkawi-pick-up waiting @ the airport and sent us to AWANA PORTO MALAI
2.30 pm- Ushered into a boat for island-hoppings

1. Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden's Lake) (largest lake in Langkawi): Put on a life-jacket and jumped into water. It carries a legend of a fairy princess who married an earthly prince. Her first child died shortly after birth and was buried in the crystal clear water of the lake. She blessed the water so that any childless maiden who bathed in the lake would conceive thereafter. We got our feet 'massaged' by ikan keli. Lots of them.

2. Tanjung Rhu: We did not actually land but stop by the mangrove forest, only nearby it and then our guide tossed chicken skins on the water. Within minutes, lots and lots of eagle swoop down and grabbed the food. Amazing sight. Must be more than 30 eagles circling above us. Cool....

3. Pulau Beras Basah:
White sandy beaches, 'kwai loh' in skimpy bikinis and parachuting are the main highlights here. The whole beach is totaly deserted except us and some 'mat sallehs'. A couple of people went parachuting and i'm very tempted to but chickened out the last minute. What a wuss, right? Ha ha...Anyway, it was an upclose an personal experience with a wild boar...Three of them lingering around the beaches, sniffling my towel...Goddamnit...Went for dip in the cooling water and then started our journey back to Langkawi Island.

6.00pm- Finally got to our hotel and time to relax before our dinner.
8.00pm- Went for dinner @ Seagull restaurant facing the sea. Food is ok. Expensive but the service is good.

14th January
9.00 am- Pick up our car and started our journey. Circled around the same place because we missed some signs to our destinations. Among the places we visited the whole day:

1. Makam Mahsuri
2. Laman Padi
3. Telaga Tujuh - climbed the stairs all the way up to the top. Lots of monkeys at the top and the view is magnificent. They have a trail to hike up to Gunung Mat Chincang, the second highest mountain in Langkawi. Descended halfway and stop by the waterfall.
4. Cable car ride to the top of Gunung Mat Chincang- bird's eye view of Langkawi.
5. Underwater world- too expensive and nothing much interesting. It's not worth the money.
6. Kuah Town - where we visited the Lagenda Park and Dataran Lang.

7.00 pm- Circled around town looking for food but most of the restaurants are really empty and deserted so we decided to eat @ Seagull again. Had desert too and it was nice....

15th January
10.00am- Pool time. Spent two hours in the pool and sunbathing. Got really tanned. We had the pool to ourselves. Cool...
1.00pm- Circled around Pantai Chenang to look @ the worst tsunami -hit place. Pelangi Resort's pool is completely flodded with mud on the day the tsunami hit. Saw many wrecked fisherman's boats and jetboats on shore.
2.00pm- Shopping time. Bought some chocolates and souvenirs. Nothing really cheap here except liquor and cigarrettes.
5.30pm - Air Asia flight delayed again.
7.00pm- Reach KLIA safe and sound.

It was a really quiet in Langkawi since the tsunami. It's good for a relaxing holiday. Not much poeple and you can almost have the sandy beaches to yourself...Definitely an enjoyable trip...**thums up**

Notes: Some of the pics are tilted. No time to rotate it...

View from plane


Seagull restaurant


Big big bird

Her # 2

Big big fish


Paddy field

Mahsuri's well


An eagle in action

This dude can dive and swim

Awana Porto Malai

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Orchard Road with lots and lots of people Posted by Hello
View from my room. Was lucky to have stayed in executive lounge with view of the harbour.  Posted by Hello
Sunset @ KLIA Posted by Hello

Singapore pics....

I was in Singapore for training back in Novemvber 2004. Was lazy to post pictures till now. Just a couple of pics....


About two months ago, I curled my hair and it look like shit. Last weekend, I straighten it and now everybody says I have nice hair... :P. Will post a picture soon. Me and my new hairstyle...He he he...Anyway, I'm off to Langkawi tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Luckily my leave approved. It's quite a critical period in our project but luckily the manager let me go off...Pics of Langkawi coming soon....

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Arrrgggg!!!! Fell very stressed today. It's hard to be a leader. It hurts when your team members doesn't really listen and respect you. True of what a close colleague said that 'never take up the role if you can't live up to it'. I can go through this. I know I can. I just need some time to prove it. It's a great job and i will not give in just because of a few people. I must be strong......I must earn their respect...
I've been working quite late these couple of weeks. Not quite used to it as previously, in my last job, I leave on time. But I guess it's ok since we have OT to claim...Muahahaha.....
Thanks to those who have been nice and given me support. And guys...I'm not a fast driver so stop teasing me.....

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Goodbye 2004

A thousand opologies coz I didn't update these few weeks. Been busy and lazy...he h ehe...

Wow...What a year it was!!!! Yes, 2004 has been an eventful year. For me, the greatest achievement for 2004 is landing myself a great job which I am enjoying now.....:P. With lots of travelling, spending time with friends and family, polishing up my driving skills, spending a lot money on my hair....2004 has been a year of self improvement. Looking forward to 2005 and it will be a even greater year....I did not make any resolution this year....Why? Because i always never been able to keep up to it. So I'll leave this year alone and just do my best and most importantly....enjoy myself....

My heart goes out to the tsunami 2612 tragedy. Indeed a sad ending to this year....

Anyway, Happy New Year!!!!!