Sunday, November 25, 2007


I got a comment the other day...

That I am IMMATURE particularly when it comes to relationship...

I FOLLOW MY HEART too much...In other words, I don't think much but act based on my EMOTIONS...

Am I?

Well, honestly, I've been through some ups and downs in relationships and I think I've sort of grown up or learnt my lessons...Hmmm...Will blog about this in my year end blog entry.

But, I will be careful not to get myself burnt. :P...

I do admit that I am selfish in a way. There's this side of me that only want some thrills and excitement and just want to have fun. I've not thought of other parties eg. my parents. Sigh...

Lately, many people have been asking me one same question...What do I look for in a guy? My standard response -> tall, dark (ok, ok, maybe I should change it to TANNED), handsome, with 6-packs, loves me more than I love him, has that rugged bad-boy look and rich is definitely a plus point. Am I IMMATURE for asking too much? Kekeke...

Of course, I am just joking. When it comes to the matter of the heart (yeah, there I go again, always following what the heart tells me), it's very hard to be certain. When you like someone, you will learn to accept his flaws (or maybe he seems flawless to you).

Watched Enchanted yesterday...I do believe my Prince Charming is out there somewhere..Am I IMMATURE for believing in that?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

On fire

Many things happened since last weekend and I think I am playing with fire once again....
Some of the times we thought that certain things happened that were really not in our control but come to think of it, we could be in control if we want really want to....Hmmm.....What am I mumbling about.....
Can anyone hand me a glass or even a bucket of water to douse the fire? Please?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me

Love this fact, love all the songs from Bon Jovi....

Monday, November 19, 2007

My diet for the weekend..

My 'DIET' plan for the weekend:-

17th November (Saturday)

1. Nasi lemak with Rendang Chicken for breakfast
2. Complete 10 course meal lunch at Pantai Seafood in Kelana Jaya (the seafood is very fresh)
3. Ikea curry puff and ice cream for teatime
4. Famous PJ oldtown Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh for dinner
5. A flavoured greentea to end the nite

18th November (Sunday)

1. Coffee (coz I only got about 5 hours of sleep) - then it's off to Melaka (supposedly for my project but ended up as an eating adventure)
2. Wan Tan mee for breakfast in Wan Tan mee shop in Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock
3. Chendol in Jonker88 in Jonker street
4. Hainanese Pork Satay in Jalan Laksamana (after wandering and walking for miles)
5. Chicken rice ball in Chung Wah
6. Tai Chong homemade ice cream in Jln Bunga Raya (but sadly they are not making it anymore so I had ABC instead)
7. Malacca white coffee (really need it as I was feeling so tired and sleepy at that time)
8. Mobile famous popiah stall in Jonker
9. Nyonya dinner at Nyonya Makko
10. O'chien in Jonker street (the ochien is so tiny)
11. Magic Ice in Sarsi flavour
12. A Geographer's Delight special in Geographer before heading home for the night....

So, for the next two weeks, before my Singapore run, I have vowed to take less meat and more vege and have a HEALTHIER diet than the above...But, it was a satisfying weekend, despite all the calory and sugar intake....I really don't mind to do have a guilt-free eating adventure again....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do you have any SECRETS?

I absolutely love the song by Jay.
And finally watched the movie. Love the movie too. It's not bad for a directing debut from Jay. And I love the duel scene on the piano, where Chopin was played...Really mesmerizing.
Another thing that captured my attention is the way the girl expressed her affection towards the guy that she loves. Seriously, I think she's a bold girl.
Despite the unusual ending for this love story, I think it's worth a watch. It has a similar concept to Lakehouse, which I didn't expect before watching it. For all those helpless romantics out the movie...
ps: Do you have any secrets you want to share with your loved ones? Or you prefer to keep it as a secret?

Common thing

One common thing between me and Kenny....

The colour of our shirt!

"OMG, they've killed Kenny!!"

"You bastards!!"

Friday, November 16, 2007

A change?

I am very tempted to change my hairstyle after reading our "short-hair advocate". Should I?

Should I go short?
Straight (again) but stick straight? Or wavy?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Muscle sore...

Genting Trailblazer registration - RM 178 per team
Reebok sports bra for the event - RM 89
'Sang har' Yee Mee lunch after the event - RM 46
Thrown-away socks (as it was too muddy to be washed) - RM 15
Handyplast (for the scratches, kekekeke) - RM 5
Sweat, muscle pain and EXTREME satisfaction - Priceless

We started the journey to Awana at 6 am....and reached KL about 4 pm....
It was a first experience and it was fun (though tiring) all the way!! We climbed up hills (slopes, muddy and muddier slopes) and basically slided our way down hills, crossed streams (washed our shoes only to get mud all over it again), climbed across big fallen tree trunks and most challenging of all, went through the man-made obstacles towards the end. Jumped down to muddy water pits (many of them) higher than our waist, climbed wooden planks 60 degrees up and down, overcame many sand-hills 3x as tall as us, crawled on our knees and elbow through the rough ground and waded our way through mud water with mud as high as our knees below....That's where I got my bruises and scratches....

Despite all that, I will definitely be back next year.

Thanks Andy for hauling me up the slopes many times....Else, I wouldn't have made it through....
And now, me having muscle difficult to walk up and down the stairs....

Chicago, The Musical

Stress and tension was running VERY high as I know I will be extremely late for Chicago due to the roadblocks by police all along the way. And they really know how to choose "locations" for the blocks (eg. on Federal, just after the cable bridge towards KL, which caused a MASSIVE jam all the way to LDP.)
I can't stop myself from KNS'ing those people....And I really HATE (I repeat, HATE!!!!) reckless drivers and bullies...Just because I am a girl, doesn't mean you can cut into my lane WITHOUT signal, FORCING me to the next lane...At that point, I really was so furious I gave a deadly look to the driver and showed my middle finger...I hope that's the first and last...
All that aside, Chicago The Musical is really enjoyable. It was a great experience. My first time entering Plenary Theatre in KL Convention Centre. Seatings were arranged in a way so we were able to view the stage clearly. So, can't wait for Beauty and The Beast musical next year....Anyone wanna join?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chipmunks alert!!

Guess who we bumped into the other day...
Theodore, Alvin and Simon!!
Cute eh....Can't wait for the movie....

What would you do?

Prior to Lee Hom's showcase, had an interesting topic with a friend when chatting.....

kf : dun know wor....but open air... already bought raincoat....hehehe...learn from experience the last time
stingray : ..................... siao if raining im at the first one to run home.. i think lee hom wouldnt want to come out also ..i dont understand why the heck go through all the trouble to see a guy only
kf : hhmmmm can't be explained.....:P
stingray : eh if u got a bf right, n ur bf doesnt allow u to go n see lee hom.. what will u do?
kf : errrmmm....then ar.......hmmmmmmmm ...rationally, i won't go lorrrrr
stingray : hahah orhhhh....... but u willl :( worrrrrrrrrrrr
kf : u know guys avoid any arguments and not to hurt their ego....
kf : hmmm..but then the next time lee hom comes for a concert, i'll make him promise to get me the most expensive tickets
stingray:wahhh sounds like u understand guys very well ...haha...hhhmmmmmmmm then i think i rather let u go
kf : cheapskate
stingray : eh expensive u know lee hom tickets
kf : not really lorrrrrr at most few hundres only......maybe 500+? hey...if u really love the gf, u will buy lorrrr
stingray : 500 i can buy a very nice fish oredi but but just for one night show not worth it lo
kf : to make ur gf happy and for her to love u more ma......
stingray :hahahha...hmm paying 500 bucks for ur gf to see another man.. i dont think i will spend lor
kf : hmmm...kek sim if your gf likes lee hom and u said this to her
stingray : hahahah i think any bf would say the saame thing lo... siao.. pay 500 bucks to let ur gf see another guy stay home n see me better
kf:hmmm....let me do survey and let u know.....
stingray: i will telll my gf u slowly n slowly dream stay home n watch tv

IMHO, even if the guy does not think that it's worth it, but then he should think of how happy his gf will be. Not to say the gf can't afford it (no monetary issues here), but it will mean a lot more if the bf bought her the tickets and even better, accompany her to the show/ concert...If you are the guy/ girl, what would you do?

Friday, November 09, 2007

What will you say?

I am so so so happy and excited....Though some will say that it's a bit crazy (siao ar) but to me it's worth it....It's worth because I just met Lee Hom...Yeah, together with thousands more....
This is the closest I can get to him, got his signature and looked at him close up....Gosh, he is so f***king handsome (quoting one of my friend)....And what did I say when it's my turn for signature? Hehe....That's between me and him....(let me dream a bit le....)
Let's say you got a chance to meet your favourite idol and say one phrase to him....What will you say?
And oh...I am a member of HOMANIACS...

back of the shirt

front of the shirt


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Girl's night out....

If I were to describe briefly about the Bukit Tinggi Trip I had with the girls last weekend:
Chai Yee went rabbit photo-snapping crazy (so many rabbits photos)
Foong Ling re-learn (is there such a word) swimming
Mai errrmmmmm first timer in...oppsss....actually she wants to kidnap the clown and bring him to our room...(i shall leave it to your imagination)
Su is the rabbit playing addict (though all the rabbits seem to be running away...kekeke)
Me? Crazy about driving up and down the winding road (but I practise caution, of course...)
But most of all, ALL of us enjoyed the time together. Laughing like no one's business, making lots of noises, ate a lot of junk food and talked about many things.
To Mai...May you have a happy happy marriage ahead. Hope to have more trips like this...
It's a norm we always take pictures in weird places....

Am I ready?

It's going to be muddy, wet and most of all, FUN!!!!
My partner is none other than him...


Hmmm...I've figured out why I am posting this....So I can keep track of movies I've watch...(duh...)

Hairspray - Just a so so movie...John Travolta's character does not stand out as much as expected
Bourne Ultimatum - 3rd installment of the Bourne Series...Doesn't appeal to me much...Though Matt Damon is really suited for the role
Lust, caution - Expected it to be a boring 3 hours but surprisingly the movie is not bad at all. Superb performance by the lead actress and of course, I love Lee Hom
Knocked Up - Very poor performances from the cast and full of foul language
I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - Funny movie...
Resident Evil
Triangle - leaves me puzzled and it's like not watching anything at all in the end...
Poor movie eventhough it's directed by 3 well-know n HK's director
Blades of Glory - had me clapping my hands in the end...Really like the skating scenes...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I just need to say...

I really should be working my ass off now as there are tons and tons of work...Tons...Seriously...

But...i just need to say one thing...

ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.............................I NEED MORE HOLIDAYS.............................

There, I'm done...

Guang Liang - Di Yi Ci (光良 - 第一次)

Will you sing this to me?