Monday, October 31, 2005


Can't help feeling disappointed. Sigh...but it's ok, try to console myself every way possible. Life is really too short to feel negative for too long. It's hard to understand someone and it's hard also for others to understand you...Sigh...but really can't help feeling disappointed...That's life.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The different one....

Wich i can keep him

Six black and 1 black and white


So damn cute

What can you ask more than to come home greeted by 6 cute puppies? It was a Saturday afternoon when I came back from the office and my mum told me there are 6 little puppies behind my mum. The mummy is a stray dog. The puppies have not even open their eyes. It really brings back a lot of nice memories. Six little cute puppies. How I wish I can keep them all....Till now there are still there...I plan to call SPCA and see if they can take the puppies...

Calm and beautiful



Dutch Fort

Teluk Dalam Resort


Sandy beach in Pangkor

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday morning...

Here I am on a rainy Saturday morning in the cold cold office...It has been an eventful month till now...I took a lot of annual leaves this whole month. My OT is going to be a lot less...hehehehe...

I was down at Singapore last weekend. Had an enjoyable trip and most memorable is the Night Safari. Not bad at all thoughI thought that it will be more adventurous. A lot of things happened during the trip that Has enlighthened me in many ways. Mostly is on human to human interactions. Sometimes I just wish I can be more friendly and 'expressive' as someone said. I will try to improve. It's true that life is always about learning and improving. Sometimes you cannot see your own weakness until someone points it out. Then it is up to us to improve or to stay the way we are....

The past few days I was in Pangkor. Eventful trips. Well, to start off, we missed the bus to Lumut at 9am. Went on a taxi chase that is not successful. So, we decided to drive there. It was raining most of the time. So no chance to get a tan. But there are a lot of first times for me there. First time playing pool, first time riding a motobike (up and down hills)- it was exciting. The most important is to spent some quality time with the one you love. It really doesn't matter if things go wrong here and there. It makes the trip more memorable.

Pictures will be uploaded later.....Now, time to cover up all the work I left for me to do...Sigh...

Monday, October 03, 2005

MyFM 7th anniversary

Darling and I

MyFM 7th Anniversary

Went to the event at Genting a couple of weeks back....Was a great event with lots of nice songs and great entertainers....Didn't really get good pictures coz my camera can't really zooom up close....:(


Was browsing the net and came upon this AI. Funny....

Try this:

I am on leave today. Feeling is just so nice. Thinking of all the people at work and you actually is relaxing at home.....Muahahah....These days have been good....No more moody feelings or hatred. Just peace and happy times. Was watching footbal yesterday night with my darling. Hmmm...Never actually sit through a whole football match before.....