Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Been a bit unhappy lately. Out of my comfort zone, I guess. Struggling and feels like drowning. But have to push myself. Nothing in life is easy. Keep distrating myself so I will not over-think and make myself feel more demotivated. But luckily, Mr Teddy is always by my side...

I should count my blessings...and no more whining!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Review:Sakae Sushi (revisited)

We serve only what we eat...That's the tag line for this sushi joint. I prefer Sakae Sushi than Sushi King for a quick fix on my crave for japanese food that will not burn a hole in my wallet. The items here are more expensive than SK but they are worth the quality and taste.
California Temaki (buy 1 get 1 free with Citibank Card)

Chicken and salmon teriyaki bento set

Something blossom ...

Salmon cheese maki

Forgot the name but this is really good...

Ebi fry maki with floss-my fave

Salmon sushi with a lemon slice....

California makimono

Fried hotate

Chawan Mushi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


*Note: For girls (who likes Lin Dan) only....
No offense to M'Sia...I do support my country's team but personally, I think Lin Dan really set the game a notch higher with his performance recently (now i know why my dear idolizes him). And obviously, many girls will agree with me that he's hot!! He might be arrogant and LCLY but hey, that's what makes him the more man, hor?? Anyway, pics below are yummy...can't resist to share it...
he look like Jay Chau meh?

Friday, May 14, 2010

When the lights go out

What can you do on a hot, crappy week day, when there is no electiricty and it is to early in the evening or too hot to sleep?
Venture outside with your trusty camera and snap away~~
Pretty flower 1

Pretty flower 2

Kitty...he has the blue-est eyes i've seen for a cat

It amazes me-the effect of sunset

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Food review:Kaki Corner

Kaki Corner reminds me of my college years. Used to be a favourite place to makan makan and relax (and ermmm dating...back then la)...The place didn't change much after so many years. It had a bit of facelifts and it's a nice little neat place now...(and the ambience inside is still dark)...
Visited the place few months ago. The menu is almost the same as last time. And they still have the infamus 'giant' glass of fruit juices.
Some berry shake-i like this....

Mushroom chicken chop- the fries are nice...Chicken chop- ok la.....not bad...

Soft shell crab-i don't always take soft shell crab but this one surprises me: crunchy and tasty dipped in mayo...

Love this chicken cheese strips with mash potato and coleslaw