Saturday, November 28, 2009

Food Review: Nagomi, Menara Hap Seng

Not so long ago, I participated in a walk hunt around KL. It was organised by Menara Hap Seng. We were given food vouchers and so we ended up in Nagomi Shabu Shabu, a Japanese restaurant for lunch before the hunt begins. Four of us ordered different Bento sets.

Hmmm....I've never really had much of Bento sets before but I think mine tasted quite ok ok only.

Each set includes a miso soup, some preserved vege and salad.

I guess the best is the unagi set as its sauce is just nice to be eaten with rice.

 We ordered a mango salad also and I highly recommend it. Topped with a bit of wasabi, the sourish mango+crabstick+vege+some special sauce tasted good.

For dessert we ordered icecream made of black sesame with soy milk and green tea.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rang Wo Qu Nuan - Wang Lee Hom feat Cass Pang

Dear, I won the bet...Don't forget my reward..LOL...(don't challenge me on Lee Hom's song again ya....)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wet month...

Life is unpredictable. One day, you are all high in spirit and motivation, but the next day, it will all be down the drain. Last year, I got a big big Christmas gift but this year, I think Santa decides that I am way too old to receive anymore presents.
Sigh, we can do so much as plan, until the very minute details, and getting all excited and anxious to start working on the plan, but overnight, it can just turn into a piece of crap.
Well, that is life. What we can do now is to make full use of the time left...It will be challenging next year, but hopefully, there'll be sunshine after all the rain...What a wet wet November....

Recently, a stranger approached me for some advice on personal issues. I am a very good listener but if you ask for my advice, I might not be able to give you a good one as I am a rather emotional person, at least as of late, I am...But in terms of writing, I think I can be a pretty good 'Dear Thelma'.
When I write, I have time to digest and think with my mind and not my heart. It's weird exchanging feelings and experiences with someone I've not even met. So, if you are reading this, all the best, girl. It's a big world out there so go out and explore it. Allow yourself to be sad for a while, wipe that last tear and pick yourself up again.

Counting down to my HK trip!!! These few weeks have been bad and I just want to enjoy the last month of the year. Then, I will make a new plan, build the foundation again and work it up.

Wish me luck.

Monday, November 16, 2009


End of the world in 2012?
Watched this movie last saturday. It's not bad...worth the money spent. Somehow, it's like a modern version of Noah's Ark. On how God punish all the people who have sinned by sending the Flood that drown most of the earth's population. Survivors are those who got on the big Ark together with a pair of each animals species.
I wanted to highlight one of the cast member-Nima.He has very minimal screen appearance but somehow, he left a big impression on me. I find his smile very heart warming and he's cute. Got to know his name is Ostric Chau after some googling. Never seen him in any movies before but hopefully will get to do so in the future.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Food review:Korean food

After having Korean meals twice in the time span of 1 month, I realise that I am not a big fan of Korean food.
First attempt was at Garden's,one of the stalls on the supermarket level. Food there is averagely priced so it won't burn a hole in your wallet. I guess the taste is quite ok. Here's what we ordered:

I like the Barli drink

Korean noodle-big prawns,tangy boodles,not spicy enough

Kimchi-the middle is anchovies and it tastes like sambal ikan bilis

Glass noodle (Japchae)-noodle is not too soft but tastes too salty

My fave-Korean pancake (Bindaeduk), crispy and taste

The lady boss here is a Korean chic and she is VERY PRETTY. Comparable to Korean actresses.

Second attempt to like Korean food was at Daorae, Sri Hartamas. The mere mentioned of Korean BBQ, I was eager to try. Furthermore, I guess we were quite famished at that time. Daorae has made name for itself, specialising in Korean BBQ. We ordered:

Panchan and kimchi dishes

Korean noodles-tastes good, spicy, sourish and salty enough

Slices of pork-wrap it  in lettuce and garlic and sauces-not bad at all

Seaweed soup for started

Fascinated with this

Recommend that you choose the marinated meat as the non-marinated meat is quite bland.
At the end of the meal, you'll be left with a hole in your pocket (actually it's not that bad unless you go for the better quality beef) and the smell of smoke in your hair/clothes. But nonetheless, it was a good experience.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

hunting 2009

pay to be tortured mentally...tiring...disappointed coz didn't win anything in most of the hunts (except J&J), will I do it again? YES...and many more YES to come.
i still love treasure hunting...:P
1. Elken's Beginners hunt (around KL-Bangsar)

my bao bei

team 07

water girl @ the water drinking challenge
2. Johnson's and Johnson's hunt (KL-PD)

team 24

cindy's car

3. HapSeng KL Walk hunt

@menara hapseng

cotton clouds in the mid of KL

i love this band
4. Top Gear hunt (KL-Kemaman)

work the brains, girls

team 30

dinner @ kemaman