Friday, May 04, 2012

What an eventful day..

I had my many firsts today....

- first time being dolled up by a makeup artist and wearing fake lashes!
- first time crossing a puddle of water, bare foot in a wedding gown
- first time climbed atop an old abandoned pipe in my gown
- first time changing in a car
- first time being in ulu yam and totally fell in love with the scenery
- first time avoiding 'land mines' aka cow and goat dungs while holding up my gown as high as possible. imagine the smell....

totally enjoyed it...but I think we sort of frustrated Steven (our photographer) with our unnatural poses in front of the camera. Funny how he said we did well when doing funny poses but failed at the serious poses.

All the while, I had this urge to take out my camera and starts snapping away because the scenery is so beautiful. To all my beloved friends, we MUST go there one day! I know some of the secret locations for good photos now. LoL...

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