Monday, December 20, 2004

Beautiful Saturday

It was a beautiful morning. Woke up early, do all the normal weekends chores and then quickly get ready for a day of......SHOPPING!!! Yes, have to shop for Christmas presents. And our (me and Derek) destination is IKEA->IKANO->Curve and 1U. Have to get presents for my sis and bro-in-law,Aunty Elaine and Uncle Chong, Kenneth, James and m parents. I went to his house and hang out there for a while before going off to our first place IKEA. It's still early so there's not much people/cars. Lots of empty parking spaces but still people like to park at places where it's clearly written 'No Parking'. Sigh...just for their conveniences. Bought half of the gifts here @ IKEA. We had lunch here. Expensive meatballs and Swedish sausages. The Curve has nothing much in it as it's still new. Then went over to 1U and bought the rest of the gifts. It was so jam- packed that we had to park @ the rooftop. After completing our mission, we went back to his place for some rest and then went out again to catch a movie- Ocean's Twelve. Good movie because it has Brad Pitt in it.....he he he...Grab some burgers @ McD before heading home....That's a great Saturday spent. Wish I have more days during the weekends. 2 days is certainly not enough.....Don't you agree?

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