Tuesday, April 05, 2011

bundle of joy

I find myself rushing back home after work nowadays. Rushing home to a bundle of joy....Just before I left for Australia few weeks back, mummy cat gave birth AGAIN. Not that I'm complaining as I have fieve little kitties to play with. Watching them grow day by day is a joy.
For the past week, I've been diligently cleaning them alternate days. They have flea. And cat fleas are not easy to get rid of. Every other day, I have to spray them with anti-flea spray which is mild enough for kittens. Their eyes are infected as well causing them to be red and swollen. I have to clean them with mild antiseptic.
Now, they're beginning to grow into a healthy bunch. They can eat rice. Watching them playfully running here and there, I really feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness.
Soon, I'll have to put them up for adoption. It's not going to be easier this time. I felt so attached to the last batch, it's hard letting them go. But I'm glad they found good owners.
Pics to come soon.
So, anyone wants to adopt a kitten?
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