Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Smarter flyer, I am

Smarter flyer, I am.

How many of us actually pay attention to the air steward/stewardess (unless they're pretty and handsome) when they do the safety briefing? How many of us will actually know how to operate the aircraft door in case of emergency and the cabin crew is not available? How many of us actually know how it feels like being in pitch dark environment filled with smoke?

I had the privilege of experiencing this today through the MAS smart flyer safety training. It was well worth spending the whole day at the MAS training academy.

The day started with a couple of hours of classroom training where we were briefed on all the safety precautions on board. We were then ushered to a room where we got the chance to perform CPR. Do you know the 5 basic steps of CPR? Just remember DR ABC.
D- Danger : make sure that you and victim are not near any danger
R- Respond : call and tap on shoulders of victim - if there is no respond, immediately call for help
A- Airway : Tilt chin back, push forehead, check for breathing
B- Breathing : Pinch nose, maintain head tilt, give two full breath
C- Circulation : Place one heel of hand in the middle of the chest, lock hands and give 30 check compressions

After CPR, we head down to the 'smoke' house. This is where we got the chance to extinguish fire. Two very important things to remember - aim at the base of the fire and do not hold the gas cylinder as you risk getting your hands frozen. After the 'hot' session, we then have to find our way out through pitch black and smoke.

The most interesting and fun part is jumping out of the aircraft. Yes, with the inflatable slide of course. We were taught on how to open the door in case of emergency. And then jumping out. It was really scary looking down the slide but after a couple of times, it is fun! Well, of course, you do not want to be in a real situation where you have to actually do the slide.

Last session is the swimming drill. We learnt how to inflate the life jacket, how to stay warm in a group in the water and how to attract attention when rescuer are near.

It was a very good training (with our pretty and ever so funny trainers) but of course, I hope I will not be in the situation where I have to apply what I have learnt. After all, they say flying is the safest mode of transportation. :P

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