Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nasi Lemak 3.0

I've always like nasi lemak. I know I know...it's fattening but it's not too much to eat it at least once a month, right?
My mum can cook a kick-ass nasi lemak. I still remember when I was a very young kid, she used to open a stall selling nasi lemak but unfortunately, it was not successful because she didn't apply for a license, thus, always have to be on the 'run'.
Last weekend, I managed to coax my mum to teach me how to make her kick-ass nasi lemak.
My mum is a firm believer that making it the traditional way - no using the ready made chilli boh and no blender. So, I have to manually grind everything *muscle sore*...
 This is the first time I heard of buah keras (candlenut). It's suppose to make your sambal thicker.
I'm not going to do a step by step (come to my house and I'll teach you!). And this is the finished product! It was hard work but worth all the effort.
Not bad for a first timer, right? (of course with mum's supervision, nothing can go wrong).
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