Friday, May 20, 2011

Good and Bad

Quote of the day:
I would rather do the right thing and be cursed than do the popular but wrong thing and be applauded ~ Tun Hussein Onn, third Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There's good news and there's bad news. Good news is I won't be traveling in June due to project testing delayed, bad news  is I wont be able to see Melbourne in Autumn (well at least the end of autumn)...
I've been there in summer, will be there in Winter and spring, so the only season I missed out is autumn...:(
I love autumn, though I've not actually experienced it. Falling leaves which sets the perfect scenery for some photography shots and the cool weather (not too cold). Sigh...
 Photo: Craig Abraham
And I am going to be away this year on someone's birthday in August. *sob*
Well, on the bright side, I'm expecting my new toy this Saturday. Any guesses what it'll be?
*hint:I have the talent but don't have the right tool*

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cy said...

yeah!! our nz memories got hope la!!!!