Sunday, June 01, 2008

Love? Naiveness? Ego?

Guy: If you have not met and fallen in love with me, you could be living a better life.
Girl: Why no one understands us? As long as we are together, we can face any problems and difficulties.

In the situation above, guy and girl is madly in love. At the beginning, everything seems to go smoothly. Every moment spent together was wonderful. Then, reality sets in. Girl has bright future. Opportunity is right in front of her. But the guy is poor. Nevertheless, he is very determined to be able to provide for her. But soon, he begins to doubt this. He loves her too much to let her suffer with him. To let her go through the difficulties with him. Girl, on the other hand, does not care. She is prepared to go though thick and thin with him. Even if it means letting go of that opportunity to a brigther future.
Being in love is a complicated thing. It is wonderful yet, it can break our heart into a thousand million pieces. Will you let your loved one suffers and sacrifices for you? Ego in the guy-makes him feel like a failure as he can't be a good provider, naiveness in the girl-to her, love can overcome everything.
What will happen to the girl and guy? It will be posted soon. In the meantime, what do you think of the situation above?
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ykw101 said...

simply ask each other, are we happy together? if yes, nothing is impossible then. :)

on a longer note,if the girl is happy with small little things the guy does for her, the guy will have the confidence that what he does will be good enough for her, no matter big or small. with this, the love have chance to grow, and they will understand each other more. Both need to know how to support each other in the journey.

Su said...

i think the girl may need to find out as to whether the 'reason' given by the guy is genuine or a better way of saying 'we are not meant for each other' without hurting the girl.
(you know like those "it's me. I'm not good enough for you" or those similar lines)

"Guy: If you have not met and fallen in love with me, you could be living a better life" - i believe everything happen for a reason. No matter whether 2 person is together or not in the end, god made them meet & fall in love for a reason although we may not know the reason as of then.

imho, love and future is not exclusive of each other. It's just how do we prioritize and how do we achieve a balance of the 2 (and many more things in life)

A person who's not a good provider now may be a very good provider in future. Everyone just need to be given a chance to grow.

Doesn't the marriage vow say something like 'we'll cherish each other for better for worse, in health and sick, for richer for poorer ....

I also think what anehoic say is true. Understanding, support and communication are crucial.

LOL... sound like a love counsellor eh when in fact, I don't really have much experience in the arena of love =p LOL