Thursday, September 12, 2013

Caught my attention

Do big balls make for bad dads?

Taken from The Star.

"A new study suggests that men with larger testes are more built for a mating effort strategy, and as a consequence, are less built for nurturing children. 
A US study measuring fathering habits and testicle size suggested that bigger may not be better when it comes to the day-to-day raising of small children.
The research involved 70 US men of varying ethnicities – most were Caucasian, five were Asian and 15 were African-American. All were the fathers of children aged one to two.
The larger the volume of their testes, the less the men were involved in daily parenting activities like changing diapers, said the study by researchers at Emory University in Georgia.
In comparison, men with smaller testes showed more nurturing activity in the brain when shown pictures of their children, and also were more involved in their children’s upbringing, according to surveys answered separately by both the fathers and their female partners."
LOL...Do you even need to read more?

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