Monday, January 02, 2012


My dad sprained his ankle about a week ago. Being a stubborn person, he wants it to be treated the traditional way. I am nothing against the traditional 'urut' or massage but often wonder how effective is it. I accompanied him a few times to this shop in Pudu Pasar. The exterior of the shop is plainly decorated with a few wooden chairs for customers and a counter for payment. There are old wooden cabinets and on it are jars among jars of traditional medicine.
When it was my dad's turn, we were brought to a room. The 'doctor' rubs the chinese medicinal massage oil on my dad's ankle. I thought he is going to use a lot of pressure and strength but he said that is not the correct way. Instead he uses a big handheld spot light which emits heat and points it at the injured spot. I am still a bit skeptical but then my dad can walk again after two treatments.
Bottle of own made traditional massage medicine

Anyone who knows my dad, knows how he cannot be house-bounded. He must go to the market every morning and he must take his walks, either morning or evening. I can feel that it's a torture for him to sit all day at home. When I went to the market with my mum, many people asked about my dad because they missed his jokes and humour.
During this period also, I felt the pressure to really take good care of my parents. I admit that I took them for granted. Small details like knowing what pills they take daily, paying attention when they mentioned that they feel pain anywhere, and even my mum's cracked heel problem, are all very important. 
So, another resolution this year is to spend more time with my parents. I hope they'll stay healthy and happy always.
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