Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I know it's not auspicious to start the year with complaints but I can't help it! The condition in KL Sentral is getting worse and worse everyday! To add on to my disgruntles from last year:
1. It's blardy flooded when it rains! And because of all the contruction going on, the buses have to move very close to the pedestrian walkway, causing splashes of water on it.
2. The lights are turned off before 7 am. It's still dark at that time making it feels unsafe to walk.
3. Narrower walkway for two way traffic causing inconvenience especially for the blind. It's tough to navigate as when I am rushing, I need to dodge people from the other direction! Not good at all....
4. The elevator is still not working. Not to say that I would use it, but I really pity those who are carrying heavy luggages.
5. Poor air ventilation. I think I inhaled a lot of fumes from the buses and taxis for the past few months. :(
6. The pedestrian crossing light turns too fast. Imagine old people/the blind crossing the road.
7. Bus drivers shouting, trying to lure passengers. Come on la, if we want to take your bus to LCCT, we could have just ask or read the big sign on the bus. Worse is when they call me ah moi!


Lawsh said...

call you ah soh worst right???

Unknown said...

walau eh...if they call me that, i'll mengamuk liao....