Thursday, September 16, 2010

Made with love

I've been having itchy hands lately...I wanted to learn baking and making snacks. So, whenever there's free time at home, I'll search for some simple recipe to try out...
Mixed fruit cake - didn't really work out. Too dry.
Death by chocolate - too sweet and moist.
Fried bread with fillings - yummylicious. Filled with butter, cheese, mixed vege, cheesy hotdog, mustard and tomato sauce.
Sui gao - mum thought me this...her cooking is always delicious.
Serradura - nice but not yet perfect.

Everytime, I realise, I failed to clean up. Thanks mum for always washing and cleaning up the mess I made in your kitchen. I guess i fulfilled one of my resolution for this year. This is a life time learning. My mum is always a good cook. Gotta spend more time and learn from her.
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