Friday, September 17, 2010

1Malaysia day

As I was standing in line, waiting for my turn to pay, two incidents unfold. It was at Tesco on 1Malaysia (holi)day. There was a system malfunction, so the scanners at the counter weren't working resulting in long queues with many impatient customers. I was queuing near to the display rack.

Incident 1:
An aunty about 50-ish came up behind me (left side)and queue up. At the same time, a man in his thirties queue up on my right as well. The man is with his wife and a small kid.
I didn't notice anything at first until the lady suddenly said to the man that she was there first. And then all hell broke loose. The man said something like "My ass you're here first. Stupid lady. Don't think you are elder than me you can cut queue. Idiot lady. Stupid 'X@*%)^&."
I was quite surprised. From his appearance, he seems to be a well-educated man. Buy boy, he was rude. And his wife just stood quietly there. I mean, come on la...It would not cost you too much time to give in to the lady. There's no one else behind here anymore.
Personally, I think the lady came first. Just that she's standing on my left and people starts queuing up on my right. I wanted to say something but no use arguing with such a rude man.
So in the end, the lady left as he won't back out. There was a foreign guy behind the rude man. He even offered her to queue up in front of him but she declined. I'm not sure how his wife felt as I heard her trying to cool her husband...saying that he's too bad tempered.If I am the wife, I would be embarassed.

Incident 2:
There's a bitchy lady a few places in front of me in the line.
Her husband (I presume) wanted to go into Cosway (one of the shops in front of the cashiers) for a while. She loudly objected, not allowing him to go and instructed him stand there with her.
The husband went anyway, and walau, she was fuming mad. I can her her sulking and she whipped out her phone and called him I think. When the husband came back, she was scolding him loudly and with both hands on her waist. And this couple is younger than me.
I cannot understand how the guy can stand such a bitchy girl. I hope I am not like that in the future. Well, having said that, it all boils down to tolerating each other when you are in a relationship.

Maybe I am being prejudice...
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